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  1. Yeah, hard to blame him for the fumble when he got nailed in the head.
  2. 5 wins 49ers LOSS 2. @ Packers (MNF) LOSS 3. Ravens LOSS 4. @ Bears LOSS 5. @ Vikings LOSS 6. Bengals WIN 7. @ Rams LOSS 8. Eagles WIN 9. BYE 10. @ Steelers LOSS 11. @ Browns LOSS 12. Bears (Thanksgiving) WIN 13. Vikings WIN 14. @ Broncos LOSS 15. Cardinals LOSS 16. @ Falcons WIN 17. @ Seahawks LOSS 18. Packers LOSS
  3. I sure hope you're right but imo the offense is going to stink and the second level of the defense still needs significant upgrades. Until/unless Goff can prove he can throw the deep ball, and our unproven WRs can actually get open and catch them, opposing defenses are going to stack the box and double Hockenson.
  4. I was sure this was Johnny Dangerously, but I was wrong.
  5. From a FF perspective it's going to really suck if he's not listed as "Out" since you can't even stash him on IR or anything.
  6. Not trying to be a jerk or anything, but since there is already a Sony Michel thread shouldn't this just go there?
  7. Once the capability is there someone will misuse it. It's inevitable
  8. I wouldn't care so much, but when the car turns off, so does the AC and it starts blowing warm air on me. Stupid car.
  9. I'm really not sure where this is going? What makes it a big deal if it isn't? Like how can it be a "big" deal otherwise? Big implies that it isn't minor.
  10. The fundamental problem here is that you can't imagine yourself in a situation where you feel threatened by that kind of advance, so it seems like no big deal (not that you condone it, but just that the situation is one that should be easily shrugged off). I'm saying that for women it isn't that easy, just from this thread alone you can see that people don't believe you, or think you are just trying to go for the money, or are just trying to bring a successful man down. The women themselves say they were concerned about their reputation and how it might impact their businesses. They have to deal with and think about way more than you or I would if someone made creepy advances on us when we're trying to do our job.
  11. The difference is that you don't have any clout or power to impact the dentist's business. If afterwards you are pissed off that the dentist wouldn't unzip you then there isn't much you're going to be able to do. In Watson's case he has/had immense influence and could definitely impact a massage therapists business. Not to mention the physical factor of him being much bigger and stronger than these women. This is most definitely worthy of a civil trial, it remains to be seen if it is worth a criminal one.
  12. I create a coverage plan where any meetings or project areas are covered by someone, they are informed of course. Then I don't look at work email until I get back. If I get a text or a direct message via Slack or something I will generally respond to those, but unless it is a dire emergency it is just to respond that I'm OOO and will return on X date.
  13. Actually entertaining the idea of selling my 2019 M3 LR RWD. I could potentially get almost what I paid for it. {47.9k} Because the used market is insane. I'd put it towards a performance MY. I can wait the 2 - 3 months it would take.
  14. I think he's thinking he'll be able to flip one, it seems like his whole approach is about trying to catch teams desperate situations and trying to capitalize, but teams are finding other solutions.
  15. Yeah, I think he overestimated having lots of cap space. There were enough other teams with enough cap space so those in salary cap issues weren't just locked into Seattle.
  16. Agree, not sure if it was just Francis being overly conservative, teams being smarter about the rules of the expansion draft, or Francis asking for way too much pre-expansion draft, but I agree seems like there was likely a lot left on the table that they didn't maximize.
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