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  1. Bowles canceled his interview so that's not going to be it. Reports are saying Dan Campbell is the favorite.
  2. I hate the guy so I hope he's more like Nick Saban in the Pros than Pete Carroll, but really hard to say where he's going to fall.
  3. I think Bienemy is going to end up as the Chargers next coach. If I were him I'd certainly pick that situation over the one in Detroit. Just read a nice article about Daboll and how he's grown as a coordinator, but I tend to agree I don't want to jump the gun on him just because of a great Bills season this year. Not a big fan of retreads like Lewis or Bowles. If they end up with Staley then I'm going to feel like "same old Lions" in going with the guy the GM knows instead of looking at the candidates independently and picking the right guy. That might be giving Staley short shrift as he
  4. Some all time great defenses they lost to with the exception of the Rodgers loss and this latest Browns loss. But really after they were down 14-0 you knew it wasn't going to be easy at all.
  5. Seems like this would incentivize teams to talk up their coaches of color and potentially put them in a position to fail. I'm not sure what the right approach is, because there is clearly a problem with not enough minority coaches, but I'm not sure that's the best approach either.
  6. I obviously hope he does a great job, but I was also hoping for Rick Smith.
  7. @Adam Harstad I knew of him from being on the forums a long time, and have had a few interactions with him, but didn't really know him. I do have several friends that I've only met from coming here though, so I feel for your loss. RIP @Man of Constant Sorrow and my sincerest condolences on your loss.
  8. I don't know that I'm that impressed with the way the Rams are run from a personnel/salary cap perspective.
  9. It was the same team? No player turnover? I'm not a Steelers buff so maybe there was very minimal turnover, but it is absolutely "what if" to imply that Cowher would have gotten the same or better results than Tomlin.
  10. You're playing the "what if" game with coaches 🤷‍♂️
  11. Is he a HOF QB because of their sustained success? Put Philip Rivers on the Steelers for his career instead of Ben, do you think there would be that significant of a drop off if any?
  12. Have a good QB doesn't guarantee success, you all are seriously undervaluing Tomlin.
  13. I wouldn't be unhappy with Lance, Smith, or Parsons. I'd probably be fine with Chase too. Trading back for more picks would be great but not outside the top 15 as we just need playmakers.
  14. Being from Michigan and a Red Wings fan I can tell you it's because they're in Columbus.
  15. Miami seems like the only possible destination as they have picks and could potentially throw in Tua as well, but saying that I agree he's not going anywhere.
  16. I feel bad for this guy. Gives his heart and soul and plays well enough to be a starter in the league. He's not going to be a top tier guy but he's definitely more towards the middle than the bottom of the pack.
  17. Saints and Colts have low 1st round picks so if it was going to them I'd want multiple 1st rounders. At the very minimum 1st and 2nd, plus maybe a mid round. We're talking the most important position in football.
  18. Stafford most likely not going anywhere. They'd have to get a real premium for them to move him and I don't think that happens. They absolutely need to figure out a succession plan for him though. They need a lot of pieces but if one of Fields, Lance, or Wilson are there at #7 they better be taking a hard look. It's not like they are contending and need a final piece.
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