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  1. I've also watched this like half a dozen times in a row, so, you know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miomuSGoPzI
  2. I just watched a whole show on youtube trying to figure out how the guitarists stay in tune for more than a song at a time.
  3. I assume you are referring to Brown Sabbath, the greatest Tex-Mex Sabbath cover band of our time.
  4. I didn't say that, nor do I think that "sophomoric" is necessarily a pejorative when it comes to rock music. The Ramones, The Modern Lovers, and about a hundred other great bands could accurately be described as "sophomoric". I was summoned, like a malevolent spirit of snobbery, to a post about the Plimsouls. And lo, I find them boring as hell, which I didn't really think was a controversial opinion. I listened to your 2017 playlist. I'm not into Dirty Projectors, Elbow, Japandroids, and a bunch of the other stuff. But Sleaford Mods are awesome (and playing Seattle soon!), the new Slowdi
  5. It isn't snobbery if the Strokes actually do suck. Which they do. Herzog agrees.
  6. Haven't listened to this yet, but there is almost no way they can suck as bad as the three bands to which you've compared them. The Plimsouls are the best of lot (certianly better than the other ones, though not as good as The Only Ones) in a post-Bob Stinson Replacements kind of way, but are pretty weak tea compared to Game Theory, Dream Syndicate and other bands of the Paisley Underground scene. The Strokes are "pop music" in the sense that it is music that both fails to "rock" and aspires to popularity. But no reasonable person would use the word "power" to describe any aspect of t
  7. Does Bartolo Colon play another sport professionally? No? That's because baseball is the best sport.
  8. Mostly wore his Beastqueef shirt, and his Nitty Kitty shirt. Lamented having no more shirts with wolves on them. I wore my Unlucky Ducky ("My aces always get quacked!" Shirt.
  9. A bunch of us were in Vegas for our friend Russ's birthday. Guy in the towel is a poker player called "Shut Up" Andy Kosinski. The "life is like a box of eff you, Forrest" is Steve Albini. Other two are related to Russ. None of them, as far as I know, are aware of this board's existence.
  10. My wife made me do this when I went to Las Vegas last weekend. Learned two things: 1. Some people are very, very reluctant to tell GM to eff off, including a midget who dresses up like a leprechaun and pours creme de menth into bachelorettes' mouths at O'Shea's. 2. Others are weirdly enthusiastic about telling GM to eff off. https://youtu.be/Bf2m6IssRZQ
  11. I came in here to give you five stars. I think that got your average back up to five.

  12. Oliver Humanzee = respected by snob jerks everywhere.

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