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  1. Crazy shot. And to close out the biggest match/point of his life. Roger and Peyton going out the wrong way.
  2. The Matt MacConahey commercial where he didn't buy the Chrysler to be cool, but because he felt like it, is the greatest worst commercial ever. Jim Carey.
  3. I think it was when she farted doing squats that I really began to appreciate her. Big fan.
  4. Wait, so my V plan is going from $110 a month to $60? Nice. And the phone was "only" $300, not including whatever I get for turning in my 4s. Sweet.
  5. People that keep saying you'll want the bigger one may be going too far here. That's been the case for the last 5 years or so, sure, but at some point, it's gotta just be too big for a phone. Certainly, convenience-wise. I have a feeling we've reached that point. I mean you gotta be kidding me, needing two hands to use your phone (tablet)? I understand it for gamers and movie watchers, sure, but if you don't do that stuff, then I'd rather not carry a typewriter around.
  6. No way I read all that. But did someone really claim he was wearing them down?
  7. The Titans had a very large turnover to start this offseason and at the end of camp got rid of 3 more that were expected to be depth and had been. None have made the teams that picked them up. Whisenhunt has had a rough time with the WRs he's given, but no one making a new team seems to indicate he's accurate. They basically have three WRs and Dexter McCluster Say what?
  8. You couple that catch radius with his ability to high point the ball, and the sky is the limit. Watch the tape on this kid and you'll see.
  9. You say he can high point the ball...but does he HAVE A LARGE CATCH RADIUS?
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