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  1. Last cat just recently passed away. Time to get new flooring.
  2. My concern is that people with mad amounts of money go "oh yeah, WSBs? Watch this" and gives all retail investors a kick to the groin. If I'm Gamestop management, I try and issue a ton of new shares at a guaranteed price to get liquid.
  3. There is a lot of housing choices in a 20 minute driving radius. Expensive like Dublin or Upper Arlington. Hilliard has all levels. Country living in Plain City or Marysville (taxes are 50% lower than Dublin).
  4. Used stacked workouts today for warm up, ride, cool down. It was nice to have it all lined up. It may help me to get beyond just bike workouts.
  5. 2MD Football is fun. The roller coaster game and Ultrawings gave me some motion sickness.
  6. That’s the best punch to Clemson’s mouth since Woody swung at Charlie Bauman
  7. Jacksonville questioning if the #1 pick is a slam dunk.
  8. I respect all of you too much to lie to you that I'm even attempting this. Cheers... or whatever.
  9. I have the i10 with adjustable base and headboard w/ surround. Pricey, but I would buy again. The adjustable base is a must IMO. I have not had any issues for the 7+ years that I have owned one.
  10. Taking things out of context... that's the first sign of having disease X, isn't it? OMG, @NorvilleBarnes HAS IT! Sorry buddy, it was a great run. Lupus! Is it Lupus?
  11. Check for cheaper games purchased through the Oculus app for the Rift. Some games are cross buy with the Quest (buy the Rift game, and it makes the Quest game "free").
  12. Some insurance companies offer this as a rider to some of their policies. Also, your bank or credit card may offer this for free.
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