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  1. Just signed to practice squad with Baltimore after Gus Edwards went down. I don't think he has much left though.
  2. The photo on CNN showing Chasten and Pete sharing a hospital bed while holding their children tells me that they have horrible health insurance. Couldn't they have their own hospital beds for such a difficult delivery of twins? Wait. Why are the non-birthing people taking up a hospital bed? "Tell that COVID patient to wait for the hospital bed until we get our photo op." Serious congrats on having the kids, and I'm sure they will make a wonderful family.
  3. Make sure you have INTs set for negative points and not positive points. That's the only way Winston is a 1st rounder.
  4. I was just watching the edited video of the presser on CNN website. Whoever edited and/or approved that piece of garbage needs to be shown the door. Cutting in pictures to match up with his speech to make it seem normal is well, very bad. If Chris had any influence over that, he too should be gone.
  5. On an exit interview, why would I want to become an unpaid consultant to HR to give them information to fix their company. Continue doing the job they are paying you to do until you walk out the door. They want more than that, then pay me.
  6. You have to get some feathers to leave around or in his pool. Also, get him an airhorn to blast whenever he hears the bird to "scare it away". And finally, get something for home defense when he finds out what you have been doing.
  7. So this is kind of like getting a participation trophy?
  8. Add fiber supplement and stool softener as maintenance. Add Miralax once or twice a day to start clearing things out then as needed. Could also add mineral oil. ETA: magazine subscription.
  9. Apparently they were delayed in getting enough water on it to put it out quickly.
  10. Sporting events are for entertainment purposes only. Just like a Broadway play. The athletes are the entertainers, and the sporting venues and organizations are putting on shows for profit. If one of the entertainers is doing , or likely to do something that reduces the profit of the sponsoring event (Olympics, NFL, NBA etc), then they have every right to bar the entertainer from participating in the event. The entertainers also have the right not to participate in the event (boycott) if the sponsor does something they don't like.
  11. Who here hasn't rolled up on a fatty? I'm sure Rosie O'Donnell is happy he's not dropping names.
  12. Praying for you SLB. Keep up the fight, and live in the hope that everything will be alright.
  13. I will NEVER understand people. They're the worst. I've cut this down to just "People. They're the worst."
  14. Whenever I get a song stuck in my head, I fall back to George's answering machine song. Believe it or not, George isn't at home, leave a messssaaaaaggee at the beep. I must be out, or I'd pick up the phone. Where could I be. Believe it or not, I'm not hooooome. beeeeeeep. Sorry.
  15. Jimmy's new in town. I let the expletives fly If I have some injury, cut, nick, or bandage, whenever anyone asks what happened... Raquel Welch
  16. I just upgraded from a 12 year old 50" Panasonic plasma to 65" Sony A90J. Big improvement. The picture is great, but I'm not real sure it is worth the premium over an LG OLED.
  17. Just great. Now we need to change our rhetorical question to "does a bear poop in a hot tub?"
  18. Last cat just recently passed away. Time to get new flooring.
  19. My concern is that people with mad amounts of money go "oh yeah, WSBs? Watch this" and gives all retail investors a kick to the groin. If I'm Gamestop management, I try and issue a ton of new shares at a guaranteed price to get liquid.
  20. There is a lot of housing choices in a 20 minute driving radius. Expensive like Dublin or Upper Arlington. Hilliard has all levels. Country living in Plain City or Marysville (taxes are 50% lower than Dublin).
  21. Used stacked workouts today for warm up, ride, cool down. It was nice to have it all lined up. It may help me to get beyond just bike workouts.
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