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  1. Matt Stafford fits the bill. 2006 - 52.7% 2007 - 55.7% 2008 - 61.9% Career 57.1%
  2. Adam Schefter‏ @AdamSchefter 14m Former Jaguars’ WR Allen Robinson intends to sign with the Chicago Bears barring any last-minute snags when free agency opens Wednesday, source tells ESPN.
  3. I know he wasn't a superstar, but Steve Smith (NYG) was on his way to being a very good NFL and fantasy WR before his injury.
  4. thanks coach. Because ypc in a very limited sample set is the only determinant for assigning RB duties. Good call. That's what is really shocking to me, assuming the people on these boards are football fans, that anyone actually thinks an NFL head coach is going to look at ypc averages for two backs who have less than 50 carries on the season (and who faced different teams) and make any assessment based on that - all while throwing away what was achieved in the passing game. I'll stand by what I said earlier - if both backs played a full NFL season, with feature back carries, my guess is the
  5. This is pretty good news, especially the blitz pickup bit. Now all we need is Reid to get out of his own way and relinquish some play calling duties. Insert Chase Daniels. How many?
  6. It not whether anybody "thinks he should be able to" and more about what does the new agreement allow. Give the lawyers and agents a few days and they'll see if there is any opportunity to do so. (very doubtful, but w/o reading the fine print...) Based on the NFLPA announcement it simply states that players currently serving a season long ban for marijuana use will have their suspensions reduced to 10 games. This would appear to be why he cannot appeal. It appears that they are not applying the new policy to the old threshold, rather they are simply reducing the suspensions by agreement. It s
  7. Again, you don't KNOW what the agreement says, so you are assuming. Assumptions of fact do not make anything impossible.
  8. I seriously doubt this is true, but if it is, he's going to fail.As has already been noted in this thread; he went through the appeals process. I highly doubt the new policy will include a loophole that will allow for a 2nd appeal. As has also been previously noted in this thread, he has NO legal basis for a lawsuit, either. So you are saying I'm lying. Ok. So you post about something that is impossible, you know it's impossible, so you preface your post by saying "I know people are going to jump on me," provide no link/support/anything to back up your claim, then get irritated when som
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but if the USA Today terms end up being agreed to by the NFL, it would seem that Gordon would be in line for a fine and no games suspended or at worst, a 4 game suspension. Assuming they use the old threshold for the test and the new policy to determine the punishment.
  10. Interesting logic. Since we haven't heard "from a source" that Gordon would be out of luck, that means he probably would get off because of this proposed settlement.Yet we haven't heard "from a source" that those players currently suspended would have their suspensions lifted; it's been pure speculation, with no named sources. So, no source saying Gordon won't get off is good for Gordon, but no source saying suspension will be retroactively lifted is also good for Gordon? Lack of something isn't proof, which I said, but the 'this might not affect Gordon' thing was speculation from Breer I
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