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  1. Gabe the babe from Buffalo is a repeat from last week but another good game, still only 5% owned. They say TDs are variable but then again some guys have a knack for being playmakers. Very impressed by Davis. Helps he plays with a stud and a very capable possession receiver - something’s gotta give.
  2. I’ll take Chad Hansen for my last FAAB dollar Deshaun could grab a couple guys from the parks department and throw for 350 rn
  3. If thumb replacement surgery were a thing, I’d opt for two new ones. Supposedly opposable thumbs is a great advantage. Not for this guy.
  4. I’m contemplating Godwin in a juicy matchup (on paper) v Coutee in a tough matchup (@ CHI.) Or rather I’m looking at an old QB who can’t throw deep v a young guy supporting multiple 100 yard WRs against one of the allegedly better defenses in the NFL (Indy) now facing a “tough Bears defense.“ Said tough defense just gave up 402 passing yards to a team giving 65% of its receiver snaps to people who should be working for the parks department.
  5. I tend to agree. He looks like the reincarnation of Michael Thomas. Total mismanagement by Eagles coaches. Very good skillset IMO. Has a lot of tools for a guy without much experience. Great release, precise route runner. Couple brutal drops over the last three games but I remember the first Alshon was back they yanked Fulgham on the third snap. Wentz overshot him on a deep pattern - probably because Jeffery couldn’t get separation from a MAC cornerback at this stage - and my buddy and I looked at each other thinking the same thing. “What are these Philly coaches thinking?”
  6. Who do we like for Week 14? I’m dumping Carlson who I’ve used the last two weeks (6.0 & 8.0); top 4 candidates on our wire: • Meyers v NYJ (gives up the most FFP to Ks) • Slye v DEN (3rd most) • Succop v MIN (2nd most) • Hopkins @ AF (5th most) Seems like no wrong answers here. I like Hopkins and Meyers based on recent form.
  7. If the NFL would take this stance then I’d be assured the Lions make the Super Bowl #justoncebeforeidie
  8. Thank you for not mucking up the kicker thread. 😉 Matt Prater (do over bc I cannot add. which is pretty ironic for a CPA) 20.3 points* Long FG prediction = 59 *4-4 FGs from 31/39/44/59 plus 3XP as the Lions upset the Packers 33-31 to climb to within one game of .500 and vaulting Darrell Bevell to a 2-0, 1.000 record as Interim HC - the highest winning percentage in the club’s 91 season history. Bedlam in Motown. That’s my pick. FINAL ANSWER
  9. The Hall of Fame hockey linesman died? Well thanks for ruining my day, Mr Sunshine. 🌞
  10. Thank you for not mucking up the kicker thread. 😉 Matt Prater 18.3 points* Long FG prediction = 59 *4-4 FGs from 31/39/44/59 plus 1XP as the Lions upset the Packers 33-31 to climb to within one game of .500 and vaulting Darrell Bevell to a 2-0, 1.000 record as Interim HC - the highest winning percentage in the club’s 91 season history. Bedlam in Motown. That’s my pick.
  11. Yep. I’m 10th in points. #4 seed. The guy who lead our league in PF is 7th and in the Toilet Bowl. SUCK ON THIS, FAIRNESS!
  12. Yeagermeister? Look Bro, it’s a joke. Maybe one that’s only funny in my own head. It doesn’t matter if Neil Armstrong is the most famous aviator/astronaut of all time. My money is always on Chuck Yeager. When you needed the best test pilot you could find, you called Yeager. ”####. Another dead pilot. Now who’s gonna want to fly our death trap?” ”Get Yeager.”
  13. I love this idea! I’m going to put it up to my league for an offseason change for 2021.
  14. Just imagine what the last 40 years would have been like if we excelled at finding running backs*, linebackers and edge rushers instead punters, kickers and long snappers. We’re seriously great in all the areas that aren’t part of building a winning football franchise. *drafting a Heisman winner with a Top 3 pick isn’t “finding”
  15. That’s pretty sweet. Our league has the last spot coming down to total points, and fittingly they’re H2H this week. Team A currently leads Total PF Season by 2.78 with Hollywood and Ravens DST left. Team B is behind but has Lamar and Amari left; projected to get 6.40 more than his opponent but who knows. Our top 5 scoring teams are separated by 15.39 points! Love a league with good parity. Sunday morning I noticed our last place team making a couple three lineup changes. Love that I play with guys who wanna beat each other’s brains out until the end of the end.
  16. Weird coincidence, Neil Armstrong passed yesterday Update on which one was first? My money is on Yeager.
  17. They actually have a good O line now. Ragnow is a Pro Bowl level C who just dominated Akiem Hicks. Jonah Jackson is the 2nd highest graded rookie G of 2020. LT Taylor Decker has allowed 2 sacks all year and is in the upper quartile at his crucial position. Obviously they overpaid for a career backup in the most recent offseason but O line is one of the few areas Quinn got right. Stafford got hit three times (3!) on Sunday and the last two TDs were straight up “my guys are going to overpower your guys and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.” We could ##### all day about what’s wrong with this team but I’m not sure Oline would be on the first five topics.
  18. The draft. Every draft. Most Lions thing ever was watching Martin Mayhew strut up to the podium less than 30 seconds after they went on the clock for the Tenth Pick. You think we need more time when there’s a generational talent waiting for us to pick him? OBJ? Aaron Donald? Nope. Droptimus Prime, TE, Maryland
  19. If Swift catches that ball week one we are 6-6 and tied for the last playoff spot. As it is, we’re a game out. All we have to do is win four straight against opponents currently inside the brackets. We’re 1-4 versus that cohort, how can you not like our chances? GB (H) TEN (A) TB (H) MIN (H) Three games at home. Granted, they’re 1-4 at home this year, but still gotta love our chances when we’re eating home cookin’. We are so close to mediocrity and another road playoff loss. How can you not be excited for the near term future? Come on guys! Let’s sing Forward Down the Field! Who’s with me? {looks around, realized everyone has left)
  20. Without a search firm or consultant. They will however utilize the available league resources. ”To fill the vacant CEO and COO positions, we’ll be posting on Craigslist and contacting the Department of Labor to identify the best possible candidates.” Got me feeling all warm & fuzzy.
  21. Yeah, he was a pretty thoughtful guy who came up with some zingers. This probably reads as pedestrian stuff today but man an athlete who was outspoken and witty in the 60s/early 70s was something of a rarity. "Baserunning is an art and a skill. If I'm on second, one ball on the batter, I'm going to try and get a big lead to distract the pitcher. My job is to help get ball two. Now the pitcher's got to throw a strike. Batter knows that. I know that. He's in a position to get good wood on the ball. He gets a single, I score. That's good baserunning." "I'll play first, third, left. I'll play anywhere — except Philadelphia." "I never worry about it (knuckleball pitch). I just take my three swings and go sit on the bench. I'm afraid if I even think about hitting it, I'll mess up my swing for life." "I once loved this game. But after being traded four times, I realized that it's nothing but a business. I treat my horses better than the owners treat us. It's a shame they've destroyed my love for the game." "I wish they'd shut the gates, and let us play ball with no press and no fans." "St. Louis is baseball all american style. Not like Philly, not like New York, not like anywhere else. In St. Louis the fans care about the game. Here they talk strategy, the hit-and-run, the squeeze play, the defensive alignment; the fans didn't care about off-field controversies." "You gotta be careful with your body. Your body is like a bar of soap. The more you use it, the more it wears down."
  22. WFT is like 19th in FFPA in full PPR. Their D is legit - love Chase Young - but I’m starting Raheem. Then again my options to pair with Carson are Hines, McKissic, Edmonds, Murray, Williams... I’m living a charmed life over here, no idea how I ended up a #4 seed. The idea I own a RB who might get 10 touches has me salivating.
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