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  1. I tried this once. As enticing as it sounds, I don't suggest it. 1/10 wouldn't recommend. :luckytobealive:
  2. Cowboys: Overall I'd say a C- They reached on a lot of the players(third round CB was graded as a 7th round/undrafted prospect for example). The only thing saving them from a D or an F is 8 of their 11 picks were on defense. That was a serious need, and they at least seem to take it seriously.
  3. Exactly. It is 8:26 PM, and it just now came in? Stupid drama. They took notes from Mtv for the last 30 years.
  4. Sitting here waiting for the 15 minutes 'self monitor' time after my second shot. Nurse saying lots of younger folk not wanting it. When they started they were administrating 2,000 a day. Currently at 700 per day. Crazy.
  5. Garlic Confit Several bulbs of garlic, broken into cloves and peeled but left whole(I'm talking 30-40 cloves of garlic) Enough Olive Oil to cover all ingredients Fresh rosemary or Thyme Fresh chili of your choice, chopped coursely Bay leaf Put all ingredients into a sauce pan and simmer over low heat for 30-40 minutes. Let cool and store in fridge for several months. Great on toast, mixed with roasted potatoes or mashed potatoes, so many uses for these little cloves of gold. If you are a fan of garlic, you've got to do this. So easy, and oh so tasty.
  6. The Crawling Eye is on at 8 tonight(channel 'MeTV').
  7. If you had to pick just one song from the 80's that would best represent that decade of music, what would it be? What one song is the 'quintessential' 80's song and why would it be 'The Safety Dance'?
  8. 4 year, $160 million with $126 guaranteed and no trade/franchise tag clause. Like it to not, he's here to stay!
  9. Angry Orange pet odor neutralizer is great for other things too. Not sure about shrimp though...
  10. For health reasons, I have moved towards plant based diets. Here is one of my favorite soups I've come up with: Spicy Black Bean, Kale, and Sweet Potato soup 2 large onions, chopped 1 can no sodium black beans 4-5 cups chopped Kale, ribs and large stems removed 2 smallish/medium sweet potatoes, diced roughly to size of a black bean 1 quart vegetable stock(may need more depending on preference) 2 tsp garlic powder 3 cloves garlic, minced ½ tsp turmeric ½ tsp cumin ½ tsp paprika Dried/dehydrated chilis of your choice(I used Gu
  11. I know, it is a bit of a stretch. BBQ would be the real representation. My weber rusted out over the winter though, so I have no real way to smoke the beef.
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