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  1. Totally agree. I didn't see that first death coming at all.
  2. Looks like $36 remaining in slush. Spend it all?
  3. It's been raining off and on all day here and only a high of mid 50's tonight FYI.
  4. That sucks. I would’ve been like #### you come back in 11 days.
  5. @comfortably numb just sent venmo payment, same numbers please.
  6. Add me if needed for drunken stream. I'm on NA EAST PS4: fake15
  7. I was in the exact scenario first time through. Probably took me two hours to get passed without a Molotov. If you do have a Molotov with a direct shot you can just keep moving and let it burn and it will die. Without you need multiple shot guns to the head. Let it throw its first fireball. Shotgun in head. Let it throw fireball again and move while it’s in the air, shotgun in face and repeat. You’ll probably run out of amo but that one guy will drop more as you stick and move.
  8. Over by a mile. I just did this with our dishwasher. Came down to the second last one.
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