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  1. Did M. Brown even play today?? I can't figure out what's going on down there.
  2. I just passed on picking up on Collins in one league because of the Wilson injury. I just see at least a semi-collapse for this team on offense with Smith at QB (with an already poor defense). Dumb idea or do you think Collins is still a good play? P.S. I'm not looking at trading Metcalf, but I am worried there too.
  3. Wish I had sold "semi-high" after he had a few catches last week. I'm still gonna try this week in case someone still thinks he's "elite".
  4. Good to see all the replies, I thought of Barry before opening this.
  5. Yes, dropped them this week. Will be going by committee going forward. So far, failing, as Cincinnati was a bust. But they scored about the same that Pitt had been.
  6. Even more people lost money on that pump and dump.
  7. JJ is 5'6". How many 5"6" RB's have had a lot of success in this league? Maybe Stevenson ends up with all the gold, after all. Although he doesn't play special teams, so that's a factor. And he got zero snaps after White went out, and I think he was active, but not sure, anyone know where to check that? Edit to add Stevenson was inactive for weeks 2 & 3 after the week 1 fumble, but Belicheck will be forced to give a chance now. Source - NESC.com
  8. He's mostly a special teamer, so not much mileage. He's only 31. He also outsnapped Taylor 33-10 after White left Sunday. I'm not saying I know anything, just wondering abut the possibility that it could be Bolden over Taylor. Can Taylor pass block?
  9. Why would Bolden play 40 snaps if Harris is carrying the load with a sprinkling of the others (I guess Stevenson will be active with White out, but I'm not running to the waiver wire in either a redraft or keeper league).
  10. You think Harris will carry the whole load plus receptions or you think the WR/TE's will be involved more?
  11. Anyone's guess who would take over the James White role? Bolden or JJ Taylor? Both?
  12. I noticed him in preseason and he has virtually no competition in front of him. Not worth holding in a 1TE redraft, but dynasty for sure.
  13. Yeah, he's really helping me in a 2nd flex position on one team. He scored as much as my #1 WR today (Theilen). I don't expect it to last all season, but I'll ride it as long as I can.
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