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  1. Oh, wow, that's obscure, I never noticed that before! Why so buried/hidden FBG's??
  2. This entry is interesting....all spread out among teams, except no Chiefs or Packers! This entry is still alive. 18 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Philip Rivers $12 27.35 Jonathan Taylor $11 15.40 Stefon Diggs $32 24.80 Tyler Bass $14 13.00 J.K. Dobbins $15 10.20 Justin Tucker $8 10.40 Derrick Henry $16 6.60 A.J. Brown $13 20.30 Baker Mayfield $13 31.45 Nick Chubb $13 22.50 Chris Boswell $6 6.90 Pittsburgh Steelers $7 0.00 Cooper Kupp $8 11.80 Jason Myers $6 12.20 S
  3. This was my first try at this and I had no idea what I was doing. Oof...barely scraped by with 2 points to spare.....and that's with my Bills players, one of my projected SB teams. Eeek. I'm guessing the people at the bottom did not expect there to be more than 4000 teams as many only picked KC & GB players. Looking at the top entries, they all have players from every team and so will be losing players each week....maybe they expected they could pile up enough points (they do have 3x as me) in the first week that they could hold on from there with just a couple of SB players? Dunn
  4. He retired because he wanted to, not because of injury. He could have played a lot longer. We are getting off topic now, so time to end this part of the debate.
  5. Don't be stupid, no one compared Barber's career to Henry's. It was about "running style", you know, the punishment of defenders type, doesn't shy away from contact, plows right into it. As opposed to those that evade contact and even run out of bounds to avoid it, but it may prolong their career. Barry Sanders strikes me as the avoider type - he probably got tackled hard twice in his whole career.
  6. To argue the other side, that means he is older than the usual 2,000 yd rusher - "fresher legs" or not, as you get older, you get slower and your body breaks down, especially with his type of bruising running style. Didn't someone compare his running style to Marian Barbar? (loved him) But he didn't last more than a few years.
  7. So when does Henry start to fall off a cliff because of high usage - do you think he has 2 or 3 elite years left? I remember when Chris Johnson died, of course that had as much to do with getting paid and getting soft. Adrian Peterson is a fluke. Most of the other 2000'ers don't have a good long-term record after that.
  8. Trying to work and watch this game - WTH is Sudfield in the game??? Also, is Goedart playing?
  9. I wouldn't say that. Time-sharing position, sure, since very few teams have one bellcow. But he'll likely get a strong role somewhere.
  10. Wow, we're talking Manziel level of maturity and intelligence here. Bye bye, NFL.
  11. Today was about what I expected. Probably rolling with Goedart going forward if I can hang on for the win this week. Alternatives of Cox, Schultz, Arnold, Kmet just aren't better, although you have to admit Arnold is making it interesting, but he can't score every week while averaging 2 catches.
  12. What do you all think Hurts will do for Goedart's value? Does anyone know where to find the % of snaps and targets split between when Wentz was playing and when Hurts played? I'd be surprised if his value did anything but go down.
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