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  1. Juwan is listed as a WR/TE in Yahoo leagues, which makes him a little more interesting.
  2. He played pretty well last year when Sutton was out iirc
  3. I ended up dropping him - I do have good RB depth though. I was going to drop Zack Moss to pickup a K, but I decided to just drop Edwards. Sucks still. All while drinking a beer. 🙃
  4. Nope, determined to stay off-topic. Start a new topic to discuss the service speed a**wipe.
  5. I'm getting lost in discussion about FBG service rather than discussions regarding Edwards. Would anyone just drop Edwards right this moment or would you wait?
  6. So, I didn't draft a kicker in one league and haven't known who to drop. Should I drop Edwards?? Yahoo only has him listed as Doubful (🤬🤬) so I can't IR him.
  7. email me with details - scoring, lineups, who the keeper would be for me and what round i give up - venhaj@mailpoof.com and time of draft including time zone
  8. I drafted the Steelers, but I've already picked up Carolina for week 1. 😜
  9. I'm sure the top guy will do 20+ years, the others a few. Can't get any scummier than ripping off your fellow retirees, most of who are as desperate as you are. And probably in worse health. And very, very few former players are multimillionaires (or even $1M).
  10. I've hopped on the wagon the past week and a half or so. He's looked really good. The Jets are still bad, but he could throw a lot and has decent receivers. He's a good late backup and he's on my subscriber contest team!
  11. Well, I'm targeting CeeDee everywhere as I think he has top 5 potential, but I would have no problem taking Cooper a round or two later.
  12. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/32140636/new-york-jets-wide-receiver-jamison-crowder-positive-covid-19-source-says Crowder positive.
  13. Thinking I may have been too high on the Cinci offense - I have Burrow, Higgins, and Boyd all over the place. Offensive line is still horrible. Nervous. Burrow is a back-up, but obviously he matters everything to the WRs.
  14. There's a thread - should be easy to find but I've got to go soon.
  15. That's a primary source my professors encourage us to use.
  16. Hey, if you can spell "freedum" correctly, I think you can figure this one out.
  17. I have Brady in a few places - he kept falling to the 8-10 round range and when I was waiting on QB, I just couldn't resist even if I do worry about the cliff year. AJB though, yikes. He's a bad hour from being out of the league.
  18. Me too. Not nervous at all (and not counting on him for at least the first month or longer). He's going to be great by the 2nd half of the season.
  19. Hopkins is not vaccinated so is likely to miss a game or two or three.
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