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  1. Good teams are built through the draft, not FA.And getting FAs Randy Moss and Wes Welker didn't do anything for the Pats, either.Teams are built around both draft picks and FAs in today's NFL. Having more cap space gives a team a competitive advantage (if it didn't, the Skins wouldn't be being penalized right now). TB had the SAME outcome from what they did in 2010, they just went about it a different way. A way that would have been just as much of a violation in a capped year as what the Redskins did. Pats acquired both via trades.
  2. Not for WRs though. You still have to be great, like Ward, to gain entry.Art Monk and Lynn Swann being the glaring exceptions. In the fantasy world of Ward getting into the HOF, he'd be in their company. But, he's not getting in. Not even by the veterans committee.Please. Swann was the most feared of receivers.I know Steelers fans cling to this romantic belief. In no way was he worthy of entry to the HOF because of 2 highlight reel catches.Once again you prove that you are clueless when it comes to real football.
  3. She is beautiful now, but she will be sloppy in 5-10 yrs. Signs are already there.
  4. Its his first offense so we'll see.BTW what do Tech fans think about pulling the scholarship?Your story only has half the real story. Player was told several times he needed to get his test scores up. He never took the SAT/ACT again. How do I feel? It's frustrating because he's supposedly a smart kid but with limited English. He's from Ivory Coast. This is the reason Ga. Tech can't compete consistently with Clemson, FSU, and the SEC for recruits. Our administration will never let us be great in football. So "good" is great for us.Hell, we're waiting for a defensive lineman to commit to us after he finds out Alabama can't make room for him in their 25. He'll be our 3rd best recruit. It's just a different playing field.So, what is the requirement for getting into GT exactly? Straight A's and nothing lower than 1600 on the SAT? I don't know the answer...just wondering. The follow up question is how do the academic standards at GT compare to the rest of the ACC?Jonathan Dwyer played there if that tells you anything.
  5. I'm no expert, but back when I was buying the difference was:Canon for sports (higher fps ~ continuous drive)Nikon for image qualityI think the gap has been closed since then and it comes down more to lens preference.All the stuff I've read says Nikon for still picture quality and Canon if you plan to shoot a lot of video because it's more adjustable in video mode.I don't think anyone getting their first DSLR or non professionals for that matter, will be able to tell the difference in a photo what camera manufacturer it came from. They both make great cameras. Lens system is what sold me on Canon when I had to make the choice. At the time Canon offered a bigger variety of lenses and were also cheaper. Not sure if Canon is cheaper today or not. There is also an awesome Canon forum that everyone is really helpful to noobies.
  6. I just got off phone with Directv and landed this deal Free ST Free Redzone and other To Go pkg Free DVR & HD for a yr Another $15 off my monthly bill I just have Total Choice pkg with no movie channels No contract and customer since 98'
  7. Ward has been every single bit as good/great as Carter for Hall of Fame consideration.12.3 vs 12.6 Career 1042 (4.75 per game) vs. 1164 (4.7 per game) catches. 0.43 TDs per game vs 0.56 TDs (admittedly this is Carters claim) to fame. Meanwhile consider Wards leadership/play-style (claim to fame) and non-receiving assets that Carter never brought (he admits to being a problem player). I'd also say that Ward is far more "famous" then Carter, as an ambassador to the NFL and his team. Thanks for all the stats. These are very helpful. Since you seem to have each of their respective stats handy, would you kindly help flesh this out a little bit. Given that you certainly know your football and appreciate how the style of football has evolved over the years...could you also list how many times Chris Carter finished in the top-5 compared to his peers in receptions and TDs in his career? Likewise, how does that compare to Hines Ward's top-5 rankings in those categories in his career. I'm sure they're equivocal, but I just thought it would strengthen your argument a bit. To, you know...demonstrate the relevancy of these data in the context of the respective eras in which they played. TIA Oh, and one last thing, Chris Carter won the Walter Payton Man of the Year award. I think he has the "ambassador" thing down ok. Get his name right before you go off spouting about players. It will help in your credibility or lack thereof in this case.
  8. There is probably some truth to your post, but we also have to factor in how much non Steeler fans hate seeing the Steelers win and/or Ward knock the snot out of their favorite teams' players.
  9. DB hit receivers all day long without them looking. You make Commish Roger proud.
  10. So true, I've always thought he was a dirty player. And he's not an elite player IMO. Rings aren't everything, I wish someone could explain to my roommate .Keith Rivers and Ed Reed beg to differ.Try again.I'm a fan of Ward, but those were cheepshots. If you have ever played organized football then you know your coach from pee wee football on up has told you to play till the whistle and keep your head on a swivel. Anything between the lines and within the whistle and rulebooks is not cheap shots. It's called physical football.
  11. So true, I've always thought he was a dirty player. And he's not an elite player IMO. Rings aren't everything, I wish someone could explain to my roommate .Keith Rivers and Ed Reed beg to differ.
  12. Adorama is heavily back/ordered on both D7000 kits & body-only - and is guesstimating a 2-3 month wait for this itemSonny - Have you looked at the Canon 60D? I don't mean to start a Canon/Nikon war as both make excellent cameras, but if you don't have any investment into Nikon lens system then you should take a look at the Canon 60D. Popular Photography mag did a test between the two and they opt for the Canon. They claim the Canon has higher resolution, one stop better noise control and focuses slightly faster. Just thought I'd throw that option out there as it appears the Nikon D7000 is not going to be available for a couple of months.
  13. I would forget getting the Canon 75-300 as they are not very good. I would instead recommend getting the Canon 55-250 IS to pair with your Canon 18-55 IS. You wouldn't need the Sigma either. The Canon 55-250 is a very good bang for your buck telephoto lens and is best used outdoors.
  14. I'm just beyond the phase that you're in. Just upgrading from a P&S to a DSLR. I did some research and ended up looking at it like I look at buying a driver in golf. You can buy the hottest, newest model driver for $500 or you can buy the hottest, newest driver from 2-years ago for $200--and it will do 99% of what the current models can. So, if you want to save a few bucks you can get a pretty good deal on the second-to-last generation. Also, from what I understand, if you want to spend the extra money you should spend it on another lens rather than incremental capabilities on your camera body.You make a good point about being able to get another lens with the price difference and that is certainly a selling point. However, I think with technological advances you are underselling it a bit if you compare it to performance advances with sporting equipment. Technological advances happen much faster and are much greater than performance advances. I am usually of the mindset to buy the best computer/camera that you can afford because there is a noticeable difference. You are going to be able to get pictures with the D7000 that you are just not going to be able to get with the D90. Having a higher ISO range opens up the possibilities so if you are serious about shooting pictures this is a pretty big difference. The comparisons are already in with the D7000 matching up pretty well with the much more expensive D700, to me this is a huge selling point. But to get back to your original point with having versatile lenses, that is very important too, which is why this hobby can get so expensive. Did enough research tonight to decide on the D7000, thanks to you and JOJO, so thanks. The water issue is big for me - most, if not all, my sports shots are surfing; then skiing, so this is a better choice for sure. The price difference in stepping up another level, which is as far as I need to go, is worth it for what I'm doing. ETA I can wait a few weeks if there'll be any kind of deals to be had... I don't know if things have changed in the last month, but you may be waiting a couple weeks for inventory.I believe Adorama has them in stock.Adorama
  15. I've also been lookin at the D3100 and will likely be purchasing it for a gift for my wife. With Nikon and Canon being equals in what they offer I'd recommend going with a Nikon since their camera body warranty is 2 years and lenses are 5 years while Canon only offers a year on both. I've done a ton of research on the D3100 and it appears to be the most bang for your buck. Good luck!You can't go wrong with a Nikon or a Canon. One thing I would advise though is that if you think that you are going to get serious about your photography and buy multiple lenses than Canon offers a bigger variety and in general are cheaper than Nikon glass.
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