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  1. In the article is specifically states that GMG had a networked grill in 2015 and MAK had one in 2012.
  2. Same, phone wallet case that looks good too. Has two cards and my DL. So much better than a wallet for me.
  3. Well by the time there is mainstream 8k content the features and function of this set will be way outdated.....so it really boils down to how long you're going to have this TV and if you're going to be pissed you dropped 2k if you want to buy a new set in 2 years.
  4. We pretty much know at this point. Two places where both the Tibia and Fibula were shattered and broke through the skin as well as major ankle breaks. They essentially had to put his right lower leg back together and they performed a fasciotomy on the muscles in the calf. Very significant injury, way more than just broken bones.
  5. I think you may be overstating Traeger's ability to mop the floor as there were wifi and networked connected grills prior to their patent application. And not to mention that the they seem to be overly vague in their complaint in a connected world. Would love a patent lawyers take on it (@Otis)
  6. Not really wild hair theories as Mephisto is speculated to be the main villain for Phase 4, especially with the multiverse and multi-dimensions being introduced.
  7. Can be anything really but my spine surgeon told me that, outside of a traumatic incident, you're either going to have them or not. And your discs are like jelly donuts, once the jelly squirts out (herniation) it's over. Bulging may not mean herniation so things like epidural steroid and PT may be very beneficial. Personally, I had a fairly significant herniation in L5/S1(right above the pelvis). Tons of left sciatic nerve impact and no relief from the epidural or PT so I had a discectomy.
  8. They were really good but not at the level of Cox, Brenthal and D'Onofrio IMO. I think those three should all be coming back, and honestly Ritter has been rumored to be coming back as well and Cox and Brenthal. I just really hope they bring D'Onofrio back, he would be great for both the big screen and small screen.
  9. D'Onofrio should come back as Kingpin. He was excellent in that role. Charlie Cox, Jon Bernthal and Vincient D'onofrio should all come back IMO.
  10. With the ties to Dr Strange and the multi-verse this seems more like a cross universe than the same universe since her Pietro is already dead.
  11. This wiki on fandom does a really nice job of describing, in detail, all of the powers she has had over time. She really is capable of doing most anything.
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