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  1. ES typically isn't. I have a preference for Denon and Marantz but if you like the way a particular brand sounds than I'd stick with it.
  2. Never been my thing but my BIL loves doing that, he also really likes it from a value perspective. ETA he has used Parts Express a bunch and is pleased with the end product.
  3. If you liked your old Sony why not stick with them and get a new ES?
  4. Personal experience on a jury, with only circumstantial evidence, it would be very hard to get a unanimous decision out of a jury. You are given clear instructions on all of it, it would be a very difficult case to prove IMO.
  5. It really depends. My BIL has bought the enclosure kits and then bought the crossovers and speakers from an entirely different place, saying that the all in one kits don't always have the good electronics or drivers.
  6. bump 1. Yes. 2. It depends on the mesh unit, but mesh systems will have 2 or three to start with. The main unit and at least one satellite. 3. It depends on what type of wifi you have today, it is possible that it will be faster. It should have better coverage.
  7. Have you built speakers before or are you very handy with electronics/woodworking? If neither then I'd stay away from build it yourself kits. I don't have any experience with them so I can't comment on GR-Research quality.
  8. None that I've found, doubtful it'll ever work for me as the cards I use regularly are metal so I just gave up trying.
  9. Aren't you the guy that is planning on becoming homeless in less than 30 days? How are you going to run a non-profit out of a sleeping bag?
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