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  1. About the same frequency as yesterday, might even be a bit worse now.
  2. Please don't bring politics into this....thread will get out of control and moved to the political forum.
  3. Well not everyone has a 100 kids running around all day
  4. So sorry to hear Frosty, thoprawishes to you and your family.
  5. Really sorry to hear Frosty. All the positive thoprawishes heading your way.
  6. Pretty much echos my thoughts when I first saw one in person.
  7. Depends on which models you're looking at. The QN90 maybe, the QN85 maybe not. Why moving away from OLED?
  8. It's what they are calling their mini LED backlit TVs.
  9. Well at least you didn't mention smoking at 150 for 2 hours and then sous vide till finished.........
  10. Not a terrorist in the people's eyes. Don't forget that the people there see them as heroes.
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