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  1. None that I've found, doubtful it'll ever work for me as the cards I use regularly are metal so I just gave up trying.
  2. Aren't you the guy that is planning on becoming homeless in less than 30 days? How are you going to run a non-profit out of a sleeping bag?
  3. Hope you recover quickly Joe! RIP Mike, that just really sucks.
  4. Just looking for Sony exclusives, have played all the the ACs, Witchers, ES, FO, types.
  5. Since getting the PS5 I have finished both Spider-man and Miles Morales. Just finished up God of War. Just 3 incredible games, sucks they are exclusive since they are just so awesome. Next up is Uncharted and then I think Horizon Zero Down. Anything else from the PS4 era that are must play exclusives? I am really just a fan of single player RPG, action or otherwise. Not a fan online / multiplayer.
  6. If you still haven't snagged a PS5 and are ok with bundles Gamestop is where it's at. Sub to their Pro thing for 15 bucks and then you'll get an email the next time they are releasing and people with Pro get first crack. I was able to get one the first time they released after I signed up. I know a ton of other folks who have been able to get one that way as well.
  7. My wife and I are about halfway through Season 3. Netflix says ST will return in 2022. Pretty sure that filming has wrapped already.
  8. Perfectly acceptable, my comment was more about the locked and no reason given. A simple way too much XYZ, have to lock it up would have been helpful. But that's just me, I tend to lean more toward transparency than man behind the curtain
  9. Without explanation. Arbitrary and final. Y'all new around here or summpin'?
  10. Agree with you Shuke, not great but decent enough to keep me watching.
  11. I am pretty sure it was always marketed as a limited series, like Watchmen was. Left it so they could have a season 2 but it likely was a 1 and done.
  12. I would think, while they are technically canon in MCU, will be like the comics just one off stand alone stories.
  13. From the article: There will a verification from the state and it's not just a picture in your photos. It's added into the Apple Wallet which would then likely use passcode or FaceID to actually use, just like any of the cards that are in your wallet.
  14. It's all click bait BS IMO. Because of Sony, side things like this, become a bit more complicated. Holland's last contracted solo Spider-Man movie is No Way Home. Going forward it's not clear what role he'll have in Phase 4 of the MCU, but he's certainly not out of them, at least based on what I've read.
  15. What a horrible and terrifying experience for everyone, very glad that he's safe. Ideas for the meeting: Accountability - how will they take accountability for what happened. How will they take accountability for his safety going forward, will there be a single person that owns making sure he gets from A -> B? How/Why - Why/how did this happen? They knew he was special needs so how on earth did they let this occur? Communication - Obviously communication was terrible in this situation. What structure will they put in place going forward.
  16. This stuff is amazing...have used it multiple times for nests that have been inside siding corner pieces and even one that got into an overhang where the bees were able to get into the house.
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