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  1. Definitely not all inclusive but gives a decent breakdown of the large regional BBQ. Link.
  2. Coming from Chicago, most cities will be a downgrade with food options/quality.
  3. I've watched most of his Chef show cooking show. He certainly seems like a genuine guy.
  4. This, if true will be amazing for the whole Star Wars universe going forward. Favreau and Filoni forever! What he's done for the MCU and now for Star Wars, I'm not sure there is a more impactful director/producer currently working.
  5. End credits show her name is Sylvie. Lady Loki in the comics is dark haired but in the show she's blonde. Sylvie in the comics becomes the enchantress, who uses green magic to well, enchant people. Very much what she is doing in series. She's also blonde.🤔 Well better buckle up because this is where it's going. Dr Strange will be 100% multiverse related and it seems like Ant-man will have something to do with it as well.
  6. Glad you made it through, hope that you're able to continue to kick cancers ###!
  7. I actually like it, it's good senseless zombie insanity.
  8. Hopefully everything goes amazing tomorrow GB.
  9. The way I viewed it was that Tony and Steve had to go back to the 70s because Loki caused the timeline event. Tony and Steve were already time traveling to get the stones, and when Loki took it they had to audible.
  10. We test drove the GV80, but for roughly the same price I prefer Mercedes GLC/GLE.
  11. HDMI eARC just plain sucks. I turn it off on everything. For places where I have a soundbar I can use the cable remote to control power/volume of the TV/Soundbar/Cable. For my main just use my craptastic Harmony.
  12. All of Paul's followers will buy it...Floyd said it was legal bank robbery.
  13. Still think he hits the mat if Floyd doesn't hold him up
  14. It was the short one but it didn't look like a grapple to me, one arm over his Floyd's shoulder and hanging on.
  15. I don't think he looked fine at all in that clip, he was almost on the canvas if Floyd didn't hold him.
  16. What do you want to spend? Denon is typically my go to for most budgets.
  17. Buddy that is big into cryptocurrency, the only real way to have seized it was at an exchange. Per him "if they mixed it then used a blind converter to a privacy coin like monero it would be 100% untraceable"
  18. Best of restaurants based on TripAdvisor ratings is rather ridiculous...like using Yelp reviews but worse
  19. With two really big differences, the first being that it allows other xfinity subscribers to use your internet gateway, at no additional cost to youo and not bandwidth counted against you. Secondly, the guest network for xfinity subscribers was run off of their wifi routers and was a segmented network via firewall. The Amazon has no segmentation and is not firewalled off. A ring camera doesn't have the horsepower to run any type of edge services for security....and neither do most alexa devices.
  20. Nope, not even close. This is giving your network access to devices that aren't on your network and using your internet. Apple Tag uses bluetooth and is tied to your Apple ID and doesn't give any network access of any kind.
  21. What sucked the most was they had no plans to really resolve any story lines in S1, so 8 episodes and for no payoff. Awful. I figured since they called it a limited series that they would tie up the main threads.
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