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  1. Conferences like the SEC, B12 or B1G that value football musn't rely on only two schools to validate their football worth. Florida and Auburn were "mediocre" last year but the SEC was still the best conference in the country and put two other teams in the MNC. Texas and OU were "mediocre" and OSU won a BCS bowl. And FSU has won 19 games the last two seasons, beating the SEC runner up and Notre Dame in those bowl games. I hate FSU's "mediocrity" as much as anyone. Trust me. That's on Bowden since '01. But the ACC's issues are much deeper than that and are directly caused by its subpar leadership.
  2. The problem with the ACC is that its leadership is the least visionary and proactive of the six...oh, wait, now it's four and they're not one of them...major conferences. They are content to be a basketball conference. Now they can be happy. Yesterday delivered their wish. I don't think even ND saves them now after they lose FSU, GT, Clemson, VT and maybe more.
  3. The writing is on the wall. Four major conferences going forward. One only has ten current members. The best remaining football programs from the ACC and Big East will move to the SEC and Big XII (and B1G). Those who remain will be content to be basketball schools. Bye, ACC. Thanks for everything and best of luck. Hello, Big XII. :-)
  4. We'll see how they do. I'm just hoping they keep it close.
  5. Tim Tebow at the world's jorts epicenter. Photoshoped But Still Good
  6. Rome is more out of the way than Munich, especially for such an aggressive schedule. However, if you're determined to do one of them, I've been to both and if it isn't during Oktoberfest, you will probably be more impressed by Rome. I'd also suggest adding a day or so each to London and Paris while saving GER/ITA for another trip.
  7. Finishing up an interesting read titled The Puppet Masters: A Secret History by John Hughes-Wilson. It's a record of intelligence agencies and gathering throughout world history and how it influenced world events. My mom got it for me in Paris at Shakespeare & Company, but it's actually entertaining, too, and despite the corny title. Amazon link and synopsis below. The Puppet Masters John Hughes-Wilson is a former intelligence officer and is ideally placed to reveal the secret history of military intelligence. He takes us 'behind the scenes' of military and political events from Elizabeth I to Osama bin Laden and the crisis in the Middle East. The book is divided into three parts. The first investigates some famous disasters when lack of intelligence was the decisive factor, e.g. Gallipoli and Dieppe. The second examines some equally famous examples of good intelligence being overlooked or ignored, e.g. the 'bridge too far' battle of Arnhem. The last part goes behind the scenes of some famous successes, from the capture of Slobodan Milosevic to the defeat of IRA bombing campaigns and the arrest of a spy ring at the heart of NATO.
  8. Good stuff. Ever since reading it about six years back, the words 'lebensraum' and 'anschluss' have worked their way into my regular vocabulary.
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