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  1. I think Ravens want to see how their backfield does after first few games.
  2. The addition of 17th game made a new FF schedule to be much easier particularly with the elimination of double-header.
  3. My league (12 teams PPR dynasty w/ salary cap and contract) started the rookie draft last Saturday. https://www73.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=37126&O=17
  4. Thanks, Biabreakable for setting up the poll. It was interesting to see the consensus on top 2 picks. In 12-teams PPR dynasty league rookie draft, I was agonizing on who to pick at 1.02 (the owner who had 1.01 took Najee Harris due to clear need for RB) on either WR Chase or TE Pitts only to realize that I was overthinking and over-analyzing too much. So I took Chase.
  5. The analytic side of equation backed up Aaron Rodgers' 2020 as MVP year... https://touchdownwire.usatoday.com/lists/aaron-rodgers-tom-brady-justin-herbert-patrick-mahomes-best-quarterbacks/ And you can see why Green Bay Packers are doing the damnest not to trade him this year. Whomever in the business side of the Packers organization need to be quieted down (looking at you, CEO Mark Murphy).
  6. Dont forget that Bateman has exceptional release. Every time I watch his release, it often reminds Keenan Allen. The way he toys with DB for last few years was pure clinic.
  7. Man, I hope he goes to Packers. I def could see how Rodgers effectively utilize him... AND quickly.
  8. I still think it's mistake to give up Darnold too soon but I can understand Jets' thinking process to have five years of cost-control and cap-friendly contract. Hopefully, Darnold would end up on one of stable organization (say Steelers). This guy is still capable of making same pass as Zach Wilson.
  9. I'm curious... What everyone's take on Etienne's slightly weird running gait? Granted, he has great acceleration and speed but sometime he displays duck footed running gait.
  10. This is probably a shot in the dark but what if he signs with Cardinals? Coach KK can never get enough WRs to unleash his Air-Raid offense.
  11. I think Miami Dolphins will be heavily-active to A-Rob him as #1 WR for Tua. A-Rob is superb in route-running and contest catch. Parker is bit injury prone and is bit more jump-ball specialist.
  12. Stafford gonna open rushing lanes for Akers and add vertical dimension to Rams. IMHO, Stafford is highly underrated and will maximize McVay's offensive play-calling.
  13. I hope Lions would do square on Stafford by trading him one of the contending teams (i.e. Indianapolis Colts). This guy literally bleed sweats and tears with Lions in past years.
  14. Damn, can't wait to see Dillon when he gets more touches in his sophomore year. Did you see how he carried one or two Buccs defensive players?
  15. Man, Akers looked good today vs. Packers particularly with his stiff-arm to DE/LB Zacharais Smith. Can't wait to see his sophomore year in NFL.
  16. For dynasty PPR league, which RB would you take at 1.01 in rookie draft? Harris or Etienne (without knowing what team he goes to)?
  17. The rumor out there indicating Urban Meyers putting his coaching staff altogether in preparation of being hired as Jaguars' next HC. What does this mean for RB James Robinson?
  18. Agreed and I think that's why Packers went ahead and took Dillon earlier than originally projected because of their concern with Jones' durability. Packers know they need sustained success wth their rushing especially going deep in the playoff. Beside, Dillon's college experience at BC and playing in NE region with frigid climate give him an edge. One more thing, I think Packers will draft another RB... possibly in late draft picks as change of pace. I'm still dubious on Packers' chance to resign Jamaal Williams. (Disclaimer: I'm owner of Dillon and Jamaal in dynasty PPR league.)
  19. Give Dillon a time to learn, after all, he's only rookie who didnt partake any OTA with Packers. Jones didnt catch much during first two years and he broke out last year. He did mention that he dedicated his offseason in catching prior to last year's season. Agreed... Packers are aiming for seeded #1 throughout the playoff, which means more playing time for Jones, Jamaal, and Dillon. I think last night's game is good indicator how Packers want to run their offense. Build up a scoring lead with Rodgers' passing then control the game by rushing while bleeding the clock.
  20. I dont care the fact that Chargers are winning three consecutive games. And on whether is it saving HC Anthony Lynn from the firing squad. I still think Chargers completely overhaul their coaching staff especially the one who is competent to handle all three phases (offense, defense, AND special teams) AND situational football as well. Also, Chargers def need to overhaul their medical and training staff to preserve their players' health. We simply cannot afford to lose Herbert.
  21. Agreed, Goff doesn't cut it. But I also faulted McVay for lack of preparation vs. Jets, whom he should not had taken for granted.
  22. For dynasty PPR league, how do you value James Robinson during offseason? Is there any concern that Jaguars would draft RB?
  23. I friggin' hate HC Lynn's and his OC's offensive play-calling for being conservative. They should had been aggressive especially with 4th and short.
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