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  1. Non existent? I am the commish, I was in Vegas for a week. I am quite existent. I don't think it is so bad that free is warranted - can change it to a 10 person league instead. I am offering a discount, free equity.
  2. While there are some good building blocks here, we recognize it could be better and are low on time. So we are offering these 2 teams for $30 for Year 1 (everyone else paid $55). I just ask you make a $25 deposit towards next year. This league has been going since 2008 and we need 2 new owners. There will be a dispersal draft from those rosters (including rookie picks), followed by the league wide rookie draft. Please PM me if you are interested and we can get it started as soon as new owners are paid. This group is active but not hyper-active; so if you expect a dozen trade offers and daily chat/trash talk, this may not be the league for you. On a positive note, very few sharks. Don't tell them I said that 🙂 Some of the top things that will be available in the dispersal draft include: Rookie picks 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 3.2 QB: Russ Wilson, Lamar Jackson, Jalen Hurts RB: JK Dobbins, Ronald Jones, David Montgomery WR: TY Hilton, Jerry Jeudy, Tyler Boyd, Emmanuel Sanders, AJ Green, TE: Darren Waller, Robert Tonyan League site: https://www69.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/18834#0 Rules / Settings page: https://www69.myfantasyleague.com/2021/options?L=18834&O=26
  3. Neglectful owner with decent team but couldn't properly set lineups needs to go! We have fairly deep rosters for an offense only league 30 + 3 IR, but we do have kickers and defense. Has draft picks 1.02 3.02 4.02 and 5.02 as well as Cam, Baker, James Conner, Gurley, Mack, and AJG so you shouldn't have a problem being competitive. Roster: http://www51.myfantasyleague.com/2019/options?L=37334&O=07&F=0005
  4. 3 Dynasty Owners Needed - Dispersal - $57 PPR Had some turnover after commissioner left and I am getting us back going with a good ole fashioned dispersal draft! 24+2 Taxi and IR Roster. $57 buyin (Cost of MFL is included in that). And I am using Leaguesafe of course. Pretty good set of available players and picks! PM me or E-mail me for spot LeoR2D2@yahoo.com http://www69.myfantasyleague.com/2018/home/18834#0 Dispersal Pool: QB Brees, Drew NOS QB Cutler, Jay FA QB Flacco, Joe BAL QB Gabbert, Blaine TEN QB Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB Luck, Andrew IND QB Rivers, Philip LAC QB Roethlisberger, Ben PIT QB Wilson, Russell SEA QB RB Allen, Javorius BAL RB Anderson, C.J. CAR RB Barber, Peyton TBB RB Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB Burkhead, Rex NEP RB Carson, Chris SEA RB Charles, Jamaal FA RB Coleman, Tevin ATL RB Conner, James PIT RB Cook, Dalvin MIN RB Dixon, Kenneth BAL RB Gallman, Wayne NYG RB Gordon, Melvin LAC RB Henderson, De'Angelo DEN RB Henry, Derrick TEN RB Hunt, Kareem KCC RB Jones, Matt PHI RB McNichols, Jeremy SFO RB Murray, Latavius MIN RB Riddick, Theo DET RB Rodgers, Jacquizz TBB RB Vereen, Shane FA RB Ware, Spencer KCC RB West, Terrance NOS RB White, James NEP RB WR Allison, Geronimo GBP WR Amendola, Danny MIA WR Anderson, Robby NYJ WR Benjamin, Kelvin BUF WR Boyd, Tyler CIN WR Britt, Kenny NEP WR Carroo, Leonte MIA WR Cobb, Randall GBP WR Crabtree, Michael BAL WR Crowder, Jamison WAS WR Darboh, Amara SEA WR Decker, Eric FA WR Edelman, Julian NEP WR Ellington, Bruce HOU WR Fowler, Bennie CHI WR Garcon, Pierre SFO WR Ginn Jr., Ted NOS WR Golladay, Kenny DET WR Gordon, Josh CLE WR Grant, Ryan IND WR Green, A.J. CIN WR Hollins, Mack PHI WR Humphries, Adam TBB WR Janis, Jeff CLE WR Jeffery, Alshon PHI WR Latimer, Cody NYG WR Lee, Marqise JAC WR Lewis, Roger NYG WR Matthews, Rishard TEN WR Moncrief, Donte JAC WR Parker, DeVante MIA WR Patterson, Cordarrelle NEP WR Perriman, Breshad BAL WR Reynolds, Josh LAR WR Samuel, Curtis CAR WR Thielen, Adam MIN WR White, Kevin CHI WR Williams, Mike LAC WR TE Brate, Cameron TBB TE Gronkowski, Rob NEP TE Heuerman, Jeff DEN TE Kelce, Travis KCC TE Roberts, Michael DET TE Smith, Jonnu TEN TE Thomas, Julius FA TE Witten, Jason FA TE Picks 1.06 1.08 2.06 2.08 3.06 3.09 4.06 4.08
  5. Definitely worth a 1st? Not the top half of this years 1sts...maybe a future first if you don't think it's gonna be a high one.
  6. Has anybody made the call yet this year or is it too early still? Time to get me my free ticket and get my bill AT LEAST $20-30/month cheaper. Just don't wanna waste my time if they don't have NFL Ticket to give out yet.
  7. Except there is no way anybody is going to get a Torrey/Fitz for him so...yeah...
  8. NFL teams have a lot of incentive to keep their game breakers fresh and let another back help absorb the dirty work. I expect him to continue sharing carries moving forward, personally. I do think he's efficient enough to produce on limited carries, however. Agree with this. IMO he's a 1000 - 1200 YFS, 4-6 TD guy in all likelihood. There are people out there that think he's a likely future stud -- find those people and unload him for a tidy return on your initial cheap investment. Agreed - I was offered Marshall for Ellington and a 3rd and was like, woah, someone likes him. *accept*
  9. Just made my annual call and got a very nice and helpful lady. I was looking to break my previous best and get not only a good NFL deal but a new DVR box and whole home DVR service. Said 'cancel service' on the automated thingy. Got the lady. Said I was thinking of switching to Dish cause they are offering $20/mo service for 2 years and have "The Hopper" and Redzone channel. She was like whaaaaat, you don't want the hopper! You ain't switching to dish! I can get you NFL for free! We'll get you DVR! You just hold right there you ain't switching! She was literally excited to give me everything in her power. She proceeded to give me the most disgustingly good offer i've ever gotten. $200 whole home DVR installation for free. $200 HD DVR box she couldn't get for free, said it would be $100. I agreed. But then she offered to offset the $100 charge by giving me $20 discount for 6 months. Completely free NFL ticket. (Not sure if I got Max, she said there was only one option she could select that said 1 year free NFL ticket). I am guessing it's not Max and I might have to call later if I want to change that. She also threw in 2 months of all premium movie channels free (HBO Showtime Starz). So all in all I got paid $20 to upgrade receiver, get whole home DVR, NFL package, and 2 free months of movie channels. Pretty amazing. P.S. All this and I was actually under contract for 1 more year still. I did have to extend my existing contract by an additional year which I had no problems with considering the offer.
  10. What did you say to get that? Seems strange for them to give it away knowing that is likely going to cost them sunday ticket purchases. Didn't even know it was possible. (When I asked last year they told me it wasn't).
  11. http://www.rotoworld.com/articles/nfl/38169/59/draft-fallout-dynasty-winners?pg=1 soooo, pretty much all the QB's in the league gained? That's all we can get for dynasty winners? zzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. And people wonder why the top dogs don't come around this thread anymore
  13. I think your calculation is penalizing touches too much if guys like ADP and Chris Johnson take a hit due to touches in their careers.Agreed
  14. I see one name quite far down the list that I think is worthy of a bump up. Braylon Edwards. He has been putting up fairly consistent good numbers on a run first offense with a 2nd year QB (even after Santonio came back). He is still young in WR years. He could also potentially be on a new team next year that throws a bunch more. Even if he sticks with the Jets after this year he seems better than a bottom of tier 7 guy (below players like Emmanuel Sanders and Arrelious Benn??In my PPR league he is 18th among WR right now...in non-PPR I suspect he might be even higher due to his longer YPC average and strong TD numbers.
  15. It's a dev league. 2010 1.07, 2011 dev pick.Okay, so if we go with his current rookie rankings he ends up with Crabtree, Bradford and a player who may never play a down in the NFL. I'd happily give that for CJ.You don't get Bradford because he's already rostered from a dev pick from last year. In fact, all of the top 7 are rostered already except Mathews. Benn and Gilyard are also rostered to round out his top 15.Ah, so rookie picks are even less valuable. He essentially traded CJ for Crabtree and fluff.Agree & ::puke::
  16. Is anyone else seeing only the latest RB/WR rankings on the blog/site? All of a sudden I can't see any of the older rankings, no QB no TE... http://dynastyrankings.blogspot.com/search...onal%20Rankings
  17. Once upon a time, I was a big believer in the "mileage determines decline more than age" viewpoint. Over time, I've changed my opinion. I now believe that age is more important than workload in predicting decline. As a result, I'm not a huge fan of Chester Taylor. He might have some use if he gets a starting job as a 1-year expiring asset while you're developing younger players like JStew or Donald Brown... but beyond that, I wouldn't count on much from him.That seems like an interesting talking point. What made you transition your opinion on that? I assume you did a disgustingly in depth statistical study and I won't ask you to write one of your infamously long/awesome dissections of this (but if you already have, feel free to put it here haha). Are you seeing that peak physical conditioning simply can't keep up past 30 regardless of mileage(in most cases, obv not all of them)?
  18. If I had more time, i'd photoshop Robert Meachem's face on a milk carton...but seriously. A lotttttt of people were pimping him out in this thread. Where has he been hiding? To call his playoff numbers pathetic is an understatement.
  19. I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for TJ to get hurt. Anything is possible, but he has been remarkably durable and consistent for several straight seasons. Assuming he comes back for another year...when he is healthy, Greene will be limited. But the longer term upside is certainly there.
  20. I'd make a trade like Breaston + 1st for Stewart in a heartbeat. Stewart is one of the 5-6 best backs to own in dynasty. You are putting too much emphasis on short term opportunity. He's 22 years old. His time will come. I also wouldn't assume that he won't be a starter next season. Things can change quickly in the NFL. The Panthers could opt to move Williams or Stewart this offseason. They certainly aren't going to re-sign DeAngelo, so now might be good time to cash him in for a 1st round pick.The only thing that worries me about Stewart is the chronic heel/ankle problems. Those could become a problem down the road. Assuming he stays healthy, there are very few RBs I'd rather have over the next 5-6 years.Stewart is young. If his owner in your league will sell him for anything less than top 10 RB value then buy immediately. In most of my leagues he is pretty much untouchable for anything under RB5 value.Since we're on the trade value of Stew topic, I traded JStew + Mike Walker for Ray Rice down the stretch...hopefully Rice has a lot of staying power
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