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  1. https://www.bleedinggreennation.com/2021/5/10/22428370/eagles-news-peter-king-philadelphia-top-list-deshaun-watson-trade-rumors-likely-next-football-team
  2. I think you are absolutely crazy if you don't think Watson is ever playing again. There is likely not enough evidence to support a criminal charge and the lawsuits will most likely be settled. Even if the Eagles don't trade for him, someone will be willing to take him on for his talent.
  3. I didn't even say whether I wanted it to happen, just that I think it is possibility based on the draft capital the Eagle's have, the potential need for a franchise QB should Hurts struggle, and I will also add Howie's apparent interest in Watson. The difference between Watson and a top 3 Rookie QB besides salary, is Watson is a known franchise QB while the rookie is only a potential franchise QB. All of this is predicated on the lawsuits being settled, no criminal charges being filed, and the league doling out whatever suspension they are going to dole out. Since it is in Watson's best i
  4. I don't think it is a coincidence that if the Hurts doesn't work this year and Wentz meets the contingencies in his trade, the Eagles will have 3 first round picks next year and be in very good position to acquire Deshaun Watson. The Eagles pick will likely be fairly high, with the Dolphin Pick and Colts pick likely in the back half of the first round. The Eagles are in the NFC which makes them a more likely trade partner for the Texans. I think by early 2022, Deshaun will have settled his lawsuits and hopefully have served whatever suspension the league may give him.
  5. Lance is a radio show host in Houston, is very knowledgeable football wise, and has pretty good sources. I would put some stock in this if this is what he thinks is going to happen.
  6. I don't know if this is the same story you relate above, but if not, then it appears Cal loves himself some video games: https://larrybrownsports.com/football/sage-rosenfels-shares-incredible-story-about-texans-ceo-cal-mcnair/574470
  7. I think different owners tolerate different behavior from their players. The McNairs are pretty conservative as owners go. Part of the reason they drafted David Carr in 2002 was because he was a young family man who shared similar morals and could be the face of the franchise. Do you really think someone like Robert Kraft would have a problem with Deshaun on his team? How about Daniel Snyder? I think owners are willing to ignore a multitude of flaws from a player IF they have the talent to bring the owner a championship. If you surround Deshaun with enough good players, I think he is one of th
  8. There is no way the Texans are cutting Deshaun which this article cites as a possibility. First, they would be giving up a major asset with nothing in return, and second, the salary cap hit would be ridiculous. So that leaves them trying to get him to play for them or trading him. I think the ship has sailed on Deshaun playing in Houston as he stated he would never play for them again before the lawsuits came out, and now that the lawsuits are out, the Texans may not want Deshaun to be the face of the franchise anymore. So that leaves trading him. Until the lawsuits are resolved, nobody is goi
  9. 12/29: 268.6 4/27: 217.8 5/4: 213.8 So 18 weeks in and down 54.8 pounds. After going 3 weeks and gaining 3.4 pounds (making little cheats almost everyday and then going completely off plan for 3 days), I have stuck to plan the last two weeks and lost 7.4 pounds. I have 4 more weeks on the program and we will see how close I get to the 75-80 pounds which was my goal at the start. It is definitely a marathon and not a sprint. I had my first workout with a personal trainer last Friday, which let me know just how out of shape I am. Just getting your body to do an exercise the right
  10. If this doesn't get you excited about going back to the movie theatre, you are dead inside: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdpxoFcdORI
  11. As of a few years ago, there are now legal (sort of) poker rooms in Houston. The Poker rooms basically charge dues and seat rental fees to get around the State law that a poker room can not profit from the playing of poker by taking a percentage of the pots. Local officials have made attempts to close some of these rooms in parts of the State based on local statues, but for the most part, the State is letting them operate. These poker rooms are popular and because they are not underground, the owners are actually able to invest some money in them. Thus there are now much nice poker rooms, espe
  12. I actually play in Houston with James Duke, the white haired gentleman who folded QJ before the flop. Fun guy to play with.
  13. I agree, but the offseason was so mismanaged, I believe him when he said he was going to sit out this season. A franchise QB is not worth a whole lot if he won't play for your team.
  14. Based on what? The Texans saying they weren't? My guess is they were playing hard to get to try to drive the price up. The fact is you had two teams in the same division with multiple first round picks, one who desperately needs a franchise QB, and one who went 10-6 with a Fitzpatrick/rookie Tua combo at QB which Deshaun would be a significant upgrade over. Plus other teams (The Panthers, Broncos, and Bears) who appeared ready to give away the store to get Watson. Without the sexual harrassment lawsuits, the Texans would have been offered the biggest package for a franchise QB ever. If you ass
  15. It's not 50 million of cap space the Texans would save but 30 million. Trading him now takes this years cap hit from about $15 million to $20 million (due to the Texans being on the hook for his signing bonus). So it costs the Texans $5 million this year, and then they save the $35 million next year for a net savings of $30 million
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