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  1. 2/16: 235.4 2/23: 235.4 I live in Houston and was without power and water for 4 days. As a result, I was off my diet for 4 days. Weighed myself on Saturday morning and was up 6 pounds (mostly water weight I am sure). After 3 days back on the diet, the 6 pounds was gone. So 33.2 pounds in 8 weeks. Looking forward to getting in the 220's.
  2. Somebody at some point needs to write a book on Jack Easterby and the affect he can have on people.
  3. One caveat about Jones though. He is an owner willing to take talented players with questionable character/background, which other teams have passed on, which is why he can get them. That has definitely blown up in his face a few times. So a GM not only has to get talented players, but talented players who work within the team framework rather than their own personal framework.
  4. Good points. My overall point though was it is still too early to write off Belichick as an elite coach, which many people are doing, just because of a 7-9 season after Tom Brady left.
  5. Yes, they have drafted poorly. But they also have had the disadvantage of always drafting at or near the bottom of every round for 20 years. Even if they drafted well, the number of stud players they had would be less than a team that is consistently drafting in the top ten.
  6. Living in Houston, I think Rootes has done a great job on the business side of things for the Texans. They have been well promoted, have a good presence in the community and have been sold out since their inception. One of the great problems for sports franchises because of the panademic is that fans got to see there is other things to do than go to sporting events and most of those are probably at a far cheaper cost than sporting events. The question is will those fans come back when it is safe to watch games again. I think that most will, but it will depend on that teams current situat
  7. Yes, they had a good game in the Super Bowl and a nice run in the playoffs, but they were 8th in points allowed and 6th in yards allowed in the regular season. Tom Brady and the offensive talent on the Bucs is more of the reason they won the Super Bowl than the defense. Most defenses with a good pass rush would look outstanding when the other team doesn't have both their starting tackles.
  8. 12/29: 268.6 2/9: 239.6 Down 3.4 pounds this week, and 29 pounds total after 6 weeks. Started some intermittent running this week. Was able to do a little over a quarter mile at a time. Hoping to get that up to a half mile this week. Baby steps. Still feeling good and like that my fat pants are getting pretty loose, and will soon be able to jump down to a smaller size.
  9. First of all, throw Brunner and Rutledge out of there, they didn't start any games during the Super Bowl Seasons. Second, Parcells had LT and a dominant defense, back in an era when defenses could win championships. And who was running that defense? Bill Belichick. But I agree that Parcells was a great coach.
  10. I also don't think a Brady/Belichick comparison after one season is fair to the coach. Brady got to pick the situation he was going into, knowing he could go to an offense with plenty of weapons. Tampa Bay also had a lot of good players on defense. Belichick, because Brady left, lost a top tier QB, and wasn't able to replace him with anything close to a franchise QB. Also, after being good for so many years due mostly to Brady, the lack of talent on the Patriots due to drafting low was somewhat masked. Finally, NE led the league in players who sat out due to covid, and many of those were good
  11. Joe Gibbs was the exception: Theismann, Schroeder/Williams, Rypien. The Washington offense in 1991 with Rypien may have been the best offense in NFL history.
  12. Totally agree about Houston. With the way they have run things while Easterby has been there, I could see them not trading Watson before the draft, waiting until opening day, realize that Deshaun is serious about sitting out the whole season, and then trading him for a lost less then they could have. That is what they did with Clowney and why they got so little for him.
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