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  1. I think the Cowboys will be favored in every game except the Chiefs game, and maybe they will be favored in the Chiefs game if KC doesn't start winning. I see them ending at 13-3. The flip side of the defensive players possibly getting better because they are so young right now is that the league will learn how to play best against all of them, so them being better as a whole over time is not necessarily a given.
  2. I think they become two tribes next week with 6 and 6 and an odd man out joining the loser of the immunity challenge after they vote someone out.
  3. It's like the mafia. As long as no one talks, everybody's good. Once someone goes down, though, people start turning on each other......
  4. Totally agree with this. My guess is based on the type of guy he is, Daniel Snyder knows a lot about skeletons in other owners closets. If he gets taken down, he would take a lot of other guys down with him. And the other owners know this. If Gruden is vindictive and for whatever reason thinks the Washington Football Team and Daniel Snyder are the reason this happened to him, it will be interesting to see what dirt he has on them since his brother coached there for 5 1/2 years.
  5. "What's that sign say?" "No bare feet"
  6. It's been a good week for dysfunctional teams: WFT: DEA investigating one of their trainers. Lose a game to the Saints where they give up a hail mary TD because they thought New Orleans was going to throw a short pass. Record falls to 2-3 Jaguars: Coach Meyer gets caught getting a lap dance at a bar when he was staying in Ohio for a "Family Situation". Record falls to 0-5 Texans: Coach Culley fails to decline a penalty with 2 minutes left which would have given the Patriots a score and given the Texans an opportunity to tie the game; because he didn't, Patriots kick FG with :15 left and win the game. Texans also inactivate their leader in QB hits (Omenihu) because Culley said Jaleel Johnson hadn't played and they wanted him to get some game action (real reason probably is Omenihu is not happy with the team and recently "liked" a tweet from Deshaun from last January). Record falls to 1-4 NY Jets: Fall to 1-4 Lions: Fall to 0-5
  7. It sounds like you were making a guess, not an educated guess. An educated guess usually has some sound logic behind it even if it may not be correct.
  8. I heard this morning that she does publicity for one of his restaurants. So yes, he knows her.
  9. Agreed that it is unlikely Deshaun plays this season. Even if he were traded by the trade deadline and his new team tried to play him, I think it would be likely that the NFL would put him on the Commissioner's exempt list with the court cases still out there.
  10. Perhaps. The fact that no criminal charges have been filed yet, leads me to believe that their is not enough evidence for a DA to convict. Not saying he didn't do it, but most of the allegations are he said/she said which makes reasonable doubt very possible depending on the testimony. Also, I think the civil lawsuits will go away if Deshaun throws enough money at them, which in the long run may be to his benefit.
  11. So last year the Texans were in a position to get an enormous return on Deshaun Watson before the sexual allegations came out. Two of the main teams interested in Deshaun were the Dolphins and Jets. They both had high 1st round picks, they both had multiple first round picks, they both were places Deshaun wanted to go, and they played in the same division so there was motivation to get Deshaun so the other team in the division wouldn't. Of course that all went away with the sexual allegations. If we look forward to next off season and assume all legal matters have been resolved (not necessarily a safe assumption but go with me on this), a similar dynamic may be occurring. The Giants and Eagles both have multiple first round picks. Both should end up below .500 so their picks will be in the top half of the first round. The Giants own the Bears 1st round pick so that could be a fairly high pick. Both teams have QB's who they may not want to continue with after this season, depending on how they play the rest of the season. They obviously play in the same division so that gives each incentive to not let the other team get him. The only snag in this (other than the legal matters not being concluded or penalties relating to the legal matters being severe) for the Texans could be that apparently per unknown sources, Deshaun would veto a trade to Philadelphia. I just found it interesting that a once in a lifetime scenario, if you have to trade your young, top 5 franchise QB, is possibly lining up to happen again.
  12. They wouldn't. Which is why Deshaun won't get traded until his legal matters/league status are settled and teams know exactly whether Deshaun will be available to play for them.
  13. Congrats on the win on Monday. I easily acknowledge that the Eagle's got their butts kicked on Monday, and I concede that Dallas will win the NFC East this year. As to the bolded, I think even a drunk Switzer would have put his hot dog down on the sideline and used his timeouts to get an extra possession at the end of the first half of Monday's game. McCarthy is not that smart.
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