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  1. "In music news, at number one on the college charts this summer, Better than Ezra. At number two, Ezra" One of my favorite weekend update lines ever.
  2. If that is not a joke, Judge will lose the locker room very quickly. I can't fathom that this is true.
  3. Great blocking. Not living in Philly and being down on the Eagles, I really haven't followed them that closely this offseason. As a result, it wasn't until last Friday, it occurred to me, wait, is Brandon Brooks back? I texted my SIL and she confirmed that he was playing. Then I am watching the game and it occurred to me, wait, Lane Johnson is playing. So we got Johnson, Brooks, Kelce (of course), Seumalo, who is a veteran, and a young stud in Mailata who has been learning the position and just got his nice new contract. That is a really good line when they are all healthy. With two good veteran TE's, two 1st round WR's, a really nice starting RB with possibly a nice rookie compliment. and a young QB who can threaten the defense with his legs and arm, this offense has some possibilities. Yes, it was the Falcons, but they played a complete game and dominated a bad team which is what good teams are supposed to do. This week will tell us more, but now I am excited for this season.
  4. 1) The Dallas D will not have to play Tom Brady every week, so using last night's game as an indication of how good their defense is is shortsighted. 2) Dallas chose to pass rather than run (only 14 RB rushing attempts) because TB's run defense is so good, not because Dallas was out of the game. So again, using last night's game to extrapolate how the Cowboys will do the rest of season, is misleading.
  5. Overreact much? It was the first game of his rookie season against the GOAT with one of the best offenses in the league. Lawrence Taylor would have looked lost in that situation. Give the guy some time to adjust to the NFL before you bury him as a bust.
  6. You are right, going back to 2013, it is mostly Rick Smith, a little Brian Gaine, and O'Brien. Here are the third round picks since 2013 (not including Nico Collins this year): Brennan Williams Sam Montgomery C.J. Fiedorowicz Louis Nix Jaelen Strong Braxton Miller D'Onta Foreman Justin Reid Martinas Rankin Jordan Akins Kahale Warring Johathan Greenard That is a whole lot of suck. Reid is really the only good pick, although Fiedorowicz was decent, he just had concussion issues.
  7. Well, the unwritten part of that deal is the the Texans are paying most of Roby's salary this year. So they basically bought a third round pick. However, since salary cap is something the Texans won't have to worry about for a while, once they trade Deshaun Watson, that was a smart move. Now, hopefully Caserio is better with 3rd round picks than O'Brien was lol.
  8. Nice Prediction. Shows you know your team. I will be very surprised if the Cowboys are not the best of a bad bunch and win the NFC east. I think the Redskins, even with their potentially good defense, will have a hard time outscoring the Cowboys.
  9. For sure bizarre. I am a little surprised Deshaun hasn't settled his civil lawsuits to try and move the process along. The NFL isn't going to do anything until the legal stuff is resolved. While Deshaun doesn't control what happens regarding criminal charges being brought against him, he can influence things by settling with the plaintiffs and giving them less incentive to cooperate with the prosecution. By settling he also gets rid of the civil lawsuits. Why is getting suspended this year vs. next year better for Deshaun? Well, his base salary is $10 million this year and $35 million next year. So if he got suspended for half a season, he would save $12.5 million if that suspension was this year rather than next year. Also, if he could get everything done this season, that means he could get back to producing on the field next season which means ancillary dollars like endorsements could start coming in again. They may be reduced based on what has happened with him, but he will still get some endorsements which is better than none. Of course the plaintiffs have to agree to a settlement. Since the initial settlement request was $100,000 by Buzbee when there was only one plaintiff and the plaintiff wasn't known by the general public, my guess is the settlement price per plaintiff is probably $500,000 at a minimum. That is a $12 million payout for 24 plaintiffs, so the cost of settling may be preventing Deshaun from doing it at this time.
  10. Lol, I don't disagree with you, it seems they are overpaying him. However, by trading away Roby, they will be freeing up about $9 million in cap space. So in the long run, they are not really hampering themselves against the cap as a lot of these one year veterans will be off the team next year, but it is not a really good look. And because unused cap dollars do roll forward, they are giving themselves a little bit less cap room in the future by overpaying some of these veterans now. I am hoping that Caserio knows what he is doing, but as of now, don't have any real proof that he does (or does not). We will just have to wait and see.
  11. Wow, don't disagree with the record, but the Eagles winning 5 games and none are in the division? Since you obviously think the Eagles are the worst team in the division (0-6), and you predict they will be 5-6 outside the division, do you see the NFC East as that much improved?
  12. Assuming he remains healthy, I think there is a great chance Tyrod starts the first half of the season. Then, depending on when the Texans feel their season is over in terms of trying to win games, they could begin to start Mills. But Mills was very bad in preseason, so they could potentially have him sit the whole season. I really don't think Watson has any chance of starting any games for the Texans this season or ever again.
  13. I hear what you are saying. I just think in this season, with the Cowboys the clear favorites in the division and Dak coming off of a season of injury, they might want someone with more experience who could actually win a few games if needed in a pinch. Of course you guys just had Dalton, and he clearly wasn't worth the premium you guys were paying for a seasoned veteran, so maybe spending the resources elsewhere is a better way to go.
  14. So what is the Cowboys plan at backup QB? The last I saw their only backup QB on the roster is Cooper Rush who has started no NFL games and completed 1 or 3 passes in his career. Are they planning to bring in a veteran backup?
  15. To the bolded: I don't think Deshaun is going to file a grievance if he getting paid to not play for the team that he does not want to play for.
  16. If he stays with the Texans, he will not play this year. If he gets traded, he will play, but since the Texans are still asking a very high price with a lot of question marks about Watson's ability to play over the next couple of years, no team is going to give the Texans what they want, so he will not get traded and consequently not play this season.
  17. So the owner McNair and his favorite lackey Easterby have moves on their resume that the fanbase holds against them: Trading away Clowney at the worst possible time so they got a poor return (plus they agreed to pay half his salary), Trading away Hopkins when they didn't have to and got pennies for the dollar in return, and releasing JJ Watt rather than try to trade him and get some minimal value. The last move really wasn't that bad but it represents another star player leaving with nothing to show for it. Now if they were to trade Watson for very little return right now, I think even they realize the fanbase may never come back. That doesn't mean it might not be the right move to make, just that they don't want that albatross around their necks. They are holding out hope that when all the legal stuff is decided, Deshaun will be cleared to play football and they can get reasonable value back for a top 5 QB under contract and relatively young. I still think there is a fairly good chance that either Deshaun isn't charged criminally or if he is charged, he is acquitted. Once the criminal stuff is decided I think he settles his civil cases and then the league will do whatever they feel they need to do. I think there is a reasonable chance that they can get reasonable value for Deshaun if they wait.
  18. Judge is also handcuffed to Gettleman right now, which hinders his capability to coach a successful team right now. Unless Gettleman is ousted after this season, Judge's time in NY could be cut short by having a bad GM.
  19. At this point, Watson is getting paid for this season and is getting no fines since he is not a holdout, so he is fine riding the bench and getting paid since he does not want to play for the Texans. Playing would also put him at injury risk which he does not want because it could limit the amount of teams interested in him if he got hurt. The Texans were going to take the cap hit anyway, so they are fine with paying him, and playing him would put him at injury risk which could kill his trade value. Also, playing him could result in the Texans doing better this year which would result in a worst draft position which ultimately hurts the Texans rebuilding process. So the Texans are fine with him riding the bench and getting paid. Deshaun is not scheduled to get deposed until February of 2022 so I don't think the legal cases get settled until the offseason or into next season. If Deshaun really wanted to settle, I think he would have done it already to get it out of the way. So yes, the likelihood at this point is Deshaun is on the roster this year but does not play.
  20. I definitely sympathize with Healthcare workers who weren't given adequate protective gear. However, knowing that they were not getting proper protective gear and choosing to remain unvaccinated knowing that they were at a high risk of exposure, seems cavalier at best. Even if they have some concerns about the vaccine, they were seeing everyday how deadly a virus Covid is if you get it while unvaccinated. Going forward during this surge, the Hospitals have to do everything they can to make sure they have enough healthy workers to treat the patients coming in. The best way they can do that is to get all personnel vaccinated. Again that doesn't excuse them from not giving proper protective gear, but it is an understandable position for them to take.
  21. The looking for impropriety by the plaintiffs is per Watson's attorney Rusty Hardin. I think it is safe to say the FBI is looking at both sides in their investigation. Hardin will spin it to look like they are going after the plaintiffs, Buzbee will spin it that they are going after Watson.
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