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  1. Solid WR2 that keeps getting ranked as a WR3 or Flex. Buy low opportunity might still exist.
  2. I'm sticking with Dallas vs NE in one league In my other league I was gonna drop Denver but they face LV at home and with all the stuff going on there they might be a good play. I can't believe they only had 1 sack vs Pit though.
  3. Yeah because I was defending myself because everyone jumped down my throat for saying he has big lips which he does and which you confirmed
  4. I said he had big lips and I had several people respond "wow" and shocked at what I said
  5. So why is it ok for you to say this but I say it and everyone jumps down my throat
  6. You're absolutely right context matters. In Grudens case he personally knew the guy and probably disliked him and made fun of his physical appearance. Mean spirited yes. Racist no.
  7. Not sure what sexual orientation has to do with physical appearance but keep digging
  8. I answered it pages ago. The guy has big lips.
  9. So a witness sees DeMaurice Smith commit a crime. Police sketch artist asks the witness to describe the suspect. The witness can't say big lips because that's racist.
  10. Does DeMaurice Smith have big lips or not? Yes or no? The fact that you can't even answer the question objectively is absolutely ridiculous.
  11. Calling a black person a monkey is certainly racist. I've never heard of big lips as a racist remark before
  12. It's mean but not racist. Several black people have defended him and he coached AFTER that email came out. So the bad look is on you for thinking all black people have big lips.
  13. He said Demaurice Smith had big lips not ALL black people. That's not different at all. It's not like all black people have big lips. So ridiculous
  14. Wow what? Saying someone has big lips is racist? So does Steven Tyler.
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