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  1. I dont see why they can't open 100% yet keep mask mandates for now.
  2. Is anybody actually making that argument?
  3. Democrats want him out just as much as Republicans because that gives them a chance in next year's election. If he stays, there is a higher chance we have a Republican governor next year.
  4. NYC schools have been doing this since September
  5. It's amazing. Kill a few thousand people and nobody bats an eye. But make a few inappropriate comments towards women well then everyone loses their minds.
  6. I Care A Lot I was getting annoyed by the direction things were going but was happy with the ending.
  7. People dont care about killing themselves with cigarettes and fast food. The death of someone trickles down to their OWN FAMILY. You think if people dont care about how their health decisions impact their OWN FAMILY they will care about how their health decisions impact the general public?
  8. Nobody ever said there was no transmission in schools. However the transmission rate in schools is MUCH lower than the transmission rate in the general population. Ie these kids are much safer in school than they are in public.
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