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  1. Also trying to grab Cincy to replace NO. That being said, is NO a drop? They didn't look like anything special until the 4th qtr but their defense is loaded.
  2. Lmao my son saw the action packed trailer with Drax, Aquaman, Mary Jane, Thanos, Poe Dameron, and Polka Dot Man and wanted to watch it. 2.5 hours later he was pissed at himself for wasting his time.
  3. She either wants to bang you or thinks you're gay. There's no middle ground here. Good luck.
  4. Well dumb me dropped Freeman to play Stevenson and someone else scooped him up so now I have no choice but to play Damien. Let's go
  5. I wouldn't have done that. Collins I a really good RB. Freeman is washed up and will likely split carries with Bell and Williams plus LJax of course. I seriously doubt Collins is going to lose many touches to a guy who's been injured for weeks. The guy just ran for 100 yards when the rest of the offense looked like crap. You think Pete doesn't realize they need him?
  6. Yeah so now my choice is Damien vs Rhamondre. Still might stick with RS as TB is a tough run def and who knows how much DW will play.
  7. I thought more The Matrix Edit: I know the book came first. I meant the two stories reminded me of each other
  8. Can't you ask company #1 to move up the interview because you have an offer but you think they are a better mutual fit? If not, I'd still wait for dream job.
  9. Well since he has covid now why would his vax status matter for the rest of the season?
  10. Simply moronic To opt out and then not get vaccinated is insanity. He cost himself a huge role on a Super Bowl contender, a big role when given the chance as a backup, and may have lost his job altogether.
  11. Yikes I think I've been finally stumped. Push comes to shove I'd say either Aiyuk or Hines
  12. I ended up dropping Freeman for Stevenson. Stevenson got 33% of the snaps last week. Same as Freeman. Sure, Murray is out but I am not sure that means Freeman now gets 67% of the snaps. Its probably still somewhere in the 33% range with Bell and Williams. On top of that, who's the goal line back? No clue? LJax for sure, then who. I feel like Freeman is pretty safe bet for 6-11 points with no ceiling. Meanwhile, Stevenson appears to be the pass catching back. They play a miserable Jets defense. If they go up big, he'll get touches. If its a competitive game, he'll get touches as a third down back. Harris tends to get hurt or fumble. I think Stevenson has a lower floor 2-4 points but there is a 20 point ceiling possibility as well (although the odds are pretty low still more than Freeman IMO). That's what I decided. I'm a 16 point underdog and thats even AFTER Javonte scored 14pts for me so perhaps your decision is different.
  13. Sorry I misunderstood. Id definitely drop any of Singletary, Williams, or Stevenson for Ruggs. Your choice. Neither of them are must own.
  14. Id say no but hes probably out 6 weeks. You absolutely have nobody else you can drop?
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