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  1. Anybody rolling with Felton over D'Ernest this week? I'm in PPR and think I may do it.
  2. 14 team dynasty Team A Gets: Saquon Barkley, Tevin Coleman, Desean Jackson Team B Gets Jerry Jeudy, Sterling Shepard, Zack Moss, (2) 2022 2nds- mid round, 2022 3rd
  3. It would have taken the Texans all of .0002 seconds to accept that deal if it were really offered.
  4. That sucks. Any chance they sign Gurley? Maybe a good time to grab him off waivers just in case?
  5. 14 Team Dynasty Team A Gives: Javonte Williams, Robert Woods Team B Gives: Michael Thomas, Robby Anderson, 2022 2nd round pick
  6. Or at least trade for Earnest Byner in the offseason
  7. Are you referring to the part where it explains that the security guard is asking Lewis what's in the bottle? It just strengthens my point that the security guard was being over the top, hence my Barney Fife reference. Lewis was just sitting there, not being obnoxious. There was no real need to grill him about his gatorade bottle. I still think OBJ was completely wrong to slap him, but I kinda wanted to slap him too after watching this.
  8. Good ol' Barney Fife did seem to be giving the guy a hard time for no reason. Still OBJ is a #####. Looked like he was ready to fight the guy after he turned around.
  9. I agree. And I'm sure most younger cops/guards would have just let them have their fun as long as it didn't get out of hand. But you still treat the guy with respect, even if you don't agree with his request. Common sense should also be used by the 27 year old hanging out with 21 year olds. You can laugh about it, call him old school, even ignore him. Just don't make a mockery of the guy.
  10. I was surprised at this as well. It reminds me of the King of Queens episode where Doug starts hanging out at his old high school again with the football team. OBJ is 27. It's not like he just graduated last year. Let the kids have their moment without you trying to steal the spotlight.
  11. Who cares if it's a security guard or a cop? It's a person whose job it was to enforce rules, and those rules were being broken. The chances of someone dropping the cigar into a trash can and lighting the stadium on fire were slim to zero, but it was still his responsibility to tell them they can't smoke. For OBJ to slap him in the butt, is basically OBJ saying, "who are you to tell me what to do?" I don't know OBJ personally, but I can imagine him having a sense of entitlement and a lack of respect for people. You have to press charges just to knock his ego down. It's the principle of it. Not about being soft.
  12. Well they’ve official lost the fans on that last drop. This is a ginormous uphill climb
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