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  2. bunch of whiny libs/deep staters is all Trump supporters will see. nothing matters anymore
  3. I don't see Michigan Man of the Year on that list of accomplishments
  4. really like this signing. we probably have the best interior dline in the nfl. don't sleep on Okwara at DE, he had a nice year last year and should only get better. I expect our defense to be bordering on top 10. I have a hard time seeing us better than 8-8 maybe 9-7 but stranger things have happened.
  5. I think I remember reading that something like 80% of Americans own just 8% of the stock market. are those 80% going to line up for Trump because the market is doing well (while running trillion dollar deficits, btw)? some of them will but it won't have anything to do with their pocket books
  6. they were definitely interested in Bush and I believe he was our 2nd choice at 8. They talked to him about playing MLB, which apparently is what this Tavai guy is going to be pegged for and move Davis to OLB where he's been more effective. I have a buddy who follows this stuff very closely and the Tavai pick is his favorite of the draft so far for us. who knows? I'm going to hope for the best. everyone we've drafted have been high character 'culture' guys who have versatility. I have zero problem with the Harris pick, just wished we could've traded back and grabbed Tavai like we did when
  7. wasn't a big fan of greedy but there were quite a few other defensive players that I preferred
  8. before the Lions pick, I was browsing their best available by position. this guy was the highest rated ILB on their board. lets hope he doesn't suck eta: their=ESPN
  9. my top 3 at their pick were Oliver, Hock, and Burns. Oliver might've been in a logjam with Hand/AShawn/Snacks but he was BPA imo. Hock is a complete prospect who can do everything exceptionally well. the comparisons to Ebron/Donald are obvious but Hock is a far far superior prospect. Ebron at 8 was a joke. TJ can actually catch the ball, is a good route runner who knows how to create space, and has more than adequate playing speed and athleticism. he seems like a safe pick and a guy who can impact both of the running and passing games. its really a question of if Stafford will use
  10. if we can trade down. I hope he wouldn't be in the convo at 8. I also think White will be BPA when we're on the clock. I like him better than Sweat, Gary, and Ferrell.
  11. big fan of the Flowers signing. it would be nice if Coleman can play but I know next to nothing about him. how much was he projected to get? 9M seems like a lot.
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