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  1. The basic meal plan is the way to go. You get one counter service meal, one sit down meal, and one snack per person per day. The counter service meal usually includes a sandwich or salad, dessert, and a drink. The sit down includes main course, dessert, and non alcoholic drinks. It used to include appetizer & tip, but no more. Even so, it is a tremendous bargain if you are staying at a Disney Resort and plan on eating most of your meals there. Some tricks:* For sit down meals, 9 & under must order off kids menu* For counter service, kids are supposed to order off kids menu, but Disney does not differentiate between kids & adult meals on the meal allotment they put on your card. You could order just adult meals if you want* The counter service meals are pretty big. If you have 4 people eating, you could potnetially spread out the value of your counter service credits by using two for breakfast & two for lunch. One breakfast was more than enough for me to share with my wife or one of my kids.* At the better restaurants, smoothies are included with the dining plan. At the steakhouse in Canada at Epcot and the Coral Reef, my kids got smoothies. Some of the cheaper restaurants did not include them. Don't ask me why.* The snacks now include things like smoothies, ice cream floats, and pretzels. Before, these were not part of the dining plan. Save your snakcs for this stuff and pay cash for things like soda & bottled water. * The plan can be used at many of the restaurants at Downtown Disney.Some of my favorite food* The steakhouse in Canada. The best restaurant that requires only 1 sit down credit. Artisan's Point at Wildness Lodge is better, but you have to use two sit down credits to eat there* If you're into buffet, the Clam Bake at the Yacht Club is good. The buffet at Hollywood & Vine at Hollywood Studios sucks. Stay away from that one.* The quick service restaurant between Liberty Square & Fantasy Land is good. Decent tuna sandwich, fried fish, not just nasty burgers. Same thing for restaurant between Pirates of the Caribbean & Splash Mountain* The Pineapple floats across from The Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse are awesome. Great use of a snack credit. Pineapple Juice and Pineapple soft serve. * Earl of Sandwich in Downtown Disney. Great Holiday Sandwich. Hot turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy in a grilled sandwich. A lilttle light on the amount of turkey, but still really good.
  2. What would that tell you? Seriously? No one runs on the Vikings. Green Bay had a good 1st half against them. Since then, opponents have combined for abotu 100 yards. Last year, teams rarely were effective running against them as well. If Johnson flops against the Vikings, he'll just do what most other backs have done. If he excels, then the bandwagon gets bigger. Either way, it's a no win for a Johnson detractor.
  3. Could it be that defenses actually have some film on him and have learned how to negate some of his speed? I'm just curious as to why he's declined in stats each of the first three weeks....I still think he has the ability to be a playmaker, but he's definitely not on pace to live up to all the LBJ hypers hype. Why?Not looking for a flame war... rather, I'm interested in viewpoints on the subject...I wouldn't base any conclusions on 3 data points. He had big runs in each of the first two games. That's not going to happen in every game. You need to base decisions on more data, which could be more game stats or actually watching him play in a couple of games. I've watched some of the last couple of games and it is obvious the kid has very good skills and lightning speed. Right now the split is 50/50. Worst case for Johnson is that it stays this way the rest of the season. Considering he is a rookie, has better speed than White, and is a better pass catcher, you would think his role will likely increase over the course of they year.
  4. I took my 9-year old to the UConn-Baylor football game on Friday. The crowd got really riled up over a bad call against the home team. My son is equally irate and wants to yell at the refs, too. Him: "Dad, How bad of a word can I use? Can I say, 'Suck?' Can I say the refs suck?" Me: "No, don't use that word." Him: "But Dad, they really do suck. Can i say it just once? Can I say the refs suck? They really suck Dad. Me: "No" This goes on for about 2 minutes while the replay booth reviews and refuses to overrule the bad call.
  5. Me neither. I have both White and Johnson and I've started the wrong one each week. It's time to get off this hype train. It seems like he either gets stuff when he runs (which happened quite a few times against a crappy Houston and crappy Bengal defense) or he breaks a long one. There is no in between. If you look at the Bengal game, without him busting out on that 51 yard run, he pretty much got stuffed all day long.(8:03) 28-C.Johnson right guard to HOU 11 for no gain (98-A.Weaver) (1:20) 28-C.Johnson up the middle to HOU 28 for 3 yards (47-W.Demps). (:08) 28-C.Johnson left end to HOU 9 for 8 yards (56-M.Greenwood). (2:08) 28-C.Johnson left guard to TEN 22 for 14 yards (24-CC.Brown). (1:29) 28-C.Johnson left tackle to TEN 35 for 5 yards (94-N.Kalu, 51-C.Thompson). (1:04) (Shotgun) 28-C.Johnson up the middle to TEN 40 for 5 yards (51-C.Thompson). (13:10) 28-C.Johnson left guard to TEN 48 for 3 yards (47-W.Demps, 90-M.Williams). (11:46) 28-C.Johnson up the middle to 50 for 1 yard (59-D.Ryans, 54-Z.Diles). (7:19) 28-C.Johnson left end pushed ob at HOU 26 for 2 yards (24-CC.Brown). (1:49) 28-C.Johnson left tackle to TEN 30 for 14 yards (56-M.Greenwood). (1:08) 28-C.Johnson left tackle to TEN 30 for no gain (90-M.Williams, 66-Deljuan.Robinson). (4:20) 28-C.Johnson left guard to TEN 26 for 2 yards (59-D.Ryans). (3:37) 28-C.Johnson left tackle to TEN 27 for 1 yard (59-D.Ryans, 92-J.Zgonina). (3:31) 28-C.Johnson right end to TEN 27 for no gain (59-D.Ryans). So as you can see, aside from a couple of 14 yards runs, he was pretty much stuffed throughout the game, especially the 2nd half. I agree with others in that he just doesn't have the frame to be a non-change of pace style back in the NFL. The Warrick Dunn comparisons are warranted. That's just about the dumbest thing you can say about a RB. "If you takeaway" this or that. If people did that with Barry Sanders, he would rank somewhere between Bobby Hunmphries and Edgar Bennett. If you're going to use stats, then use all the stats. Don't cherrypick to prove you're point. If anyone here actually watched the last couple of games, you can see the talent this guy has. A couple of times, he nearly broke a long one but got tripped up or ot stopped because of blown blocking on the OL. If he had broken one of those......Oh wait, caught myself.
  6. One of my thoughts was that the recent string of events would drive Tony to merge his two families. AJ is getting involved with Carmine and will eventually have his own club. Great opportunity for Tony to use the club as a front. Or possibly, if Sylvio is out of commission, maybve AJ runs the Bing. Meadow is becoming a lawyer. With her connection to Patrick Parisi, she could be very valuable to Tony, especially as indictments come down.
  7. I'm thinking that the whole series of events will allow Tony to merge his two families. He is getting AJ involved through the movie gig and he will eventually run a nightclub. Christopher did the same thing for Adrianna and Tony used the club as a front. Meadow is becoming a lawyer and marrying Patsy's son, who is also an attorney. Tony is in need of a consigliere, especially if Silvio is out of commission. Between the law background and their connections within the legal circle, Meadow and/or Patrick could be very valuable to Tony. All the while, Carmella is clueless as to Tony's real intentions.
  8. Tony reaches out to Grosso, turns on NY, and goes into the program. The show ends with Tony flipping johnnycakes in New Hampshire. Anyone else notice in the credits that Dominic Chianese's son was in the episode? He played the role of Dominic. I can't figure out who that character was. One of the hitmen????
  9. He also talked about the alteration Tony had with Coco
  10. Quite a possibility. You saw what Tony did to Coco. Meadow also made the comment to AJ about being the boy. Something along the lines of, "We're Italian. They'll always love you more." If AJ gets a hangnail because of Phil, Tony will go on an all-out rampage.
  11. "what now? No f##### ziti?" "The difference between you and me is that you're going to hell." "Isn't ###### your friend?" My all time favorite: "Cunnilingus and psychiatry brought us to this."
  12. Just before the crash, Christopher is talking with Tony about Phil & NY. He then says that the stereo in the Escalade has no balls. The look on Tony's face seems to change at that moment. Does Tony feel Chris is really saying that Tony has no balls to stand up to Phil. Was all that talk about smelling the roses really Chris testing Tony to see if he has softened? Or at least Tony interpreted it that way? did anyone else get the chills when Carmella gasped at hearing of Christopher's death? I watched that 1st 20 minutes twice, and got chills both times. That may have been Edie Falco's best job ever on the show. Well, except for the 1st episode. "The difference between you and me is that you're going to hell when you die" as Tony is going for the CAT scan. Someone mentioned the sound of ducks as the trash was being dumped in the water. There were ducks quacking when Tony woke up the morning after the crash as well. Who was the guy by Tony's bed that kept listening for Carlo?
  13. I don't think the boat scene was about creating tension with the viewer. It was about what is going on inside Tony's mind. When it came time to get rid of Big Pu##y, Tony wanted to be absolutely sure he was a rat before doing the deed. Now, he is at least thinking about getting rid of another close Capo for a less serious "offense."Talking too much & letting John know about the joke about Ginny. What "offense" are you referring to?
  14. I don't think the boat scene was about creating tension with the viewer. It was about what is going on inside Tony's mind. When it came time to get rid of Big Pu##y, Tony wanted to be absolutely sure he was a rat before doing the deed. Now, he is at least thinking about getting rid of another close Capo for a less serious "offense."
  15. I think it was Larry, the guy who was taken out of the Clever after party by the Marshals.I thought they were refering to Lawrence "Larry Boy" Barese the former Cappo that went rat a while backLarry Boy is the guy who was taken from the party for violating the terms of his house arrest. Not sure who you are referring to.He might be thinking of Raymond Curto. he was the old guy that died while talking to an FBI agent in a car. At his funeral, everyone was talking about how he was such a standup guy, not knowing he was a snitch. How could Curto be talking to anyone? I was referring to the comment about a Capo that went rat a while back. As far as I know, the only Capos that went rat were Curto and Big Pu##y. Eugene Pontecorvo was also a rat, but I don't think he was a Capo.And Jimmy. But the point is that this came up as part of an ongoing investigation in which someone is currently talking to the Feds, so I'm not sure where Kraft's confusion came from.There was ever any proof that Jimmy was a rat. He & Big Pu##y were arrested together. Makazian told Tony that Big Pu##y was an informant. After Jimmy started asking Tony questions in Tony's basement, Tony figured Makazian got mixed up & it was actually Jimmy that was the rat. Tony had Jimmy killed before finding out that Big Pu##y was indeed the rat.
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