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  1. I hope he gets traded to the Cowboys and runs for 3k yards. Not because I'm a Cowboys fan, but just so you get to eat all the weirdo venom you've been spewing for the past 6 months. Somebody on a laptop please post the individual posts count for this thread. I posted them, I'm only in 4th place. I just can't stand Adrian or anything about how he's handled himself. First he goes along with the victim card when his son was killed. But he had no relationship with that kid. Just accepted the condolences and acting like he gave a ####, which he didn't. Then he gets in trouble for beating his kid so bad that the words switch and genitals come into play. And he then plays the victim card again. He's a gutless piece of ####. He's super religious and believes his form of Child Rea is out of the Bible (regardless of what most other Christians think). He also believes the child who died is in heaven. running up the score ^^
  2. I don't really see a guy getting paid 1m/wk holding out I don't think he'll hold out either, but players don't get paid during training camp. yeah but they get fined --- it's not impossible, but usually they risk the fines in order to gain more money.
  3. I don't really see a guy getting paid 1m/wk holding out
  4. I was wondering about that. How do contracts work with rookies? Isn't the 1st round slotted by what pick you were or something ? yeah, they're pretty much slotted
  5. haha...was looking up those 50 yd td stats and saw this article
  6. well, coleman busted off a 90 yd td and a 50 yd td, along with another 86/1 on the other 25 carries. gordon only managed 76 yds on his 26 carries -- his team getting blown out 59-0 gordon one upped him with a few other common opponents, though, where maybe coleman didn't bust off the crazy long td if I have this stat right, I believe chris johnson popped off a total 11 50 yd td --- his first 6 yrs and he's pretty fast jamaal charles had 6 over that same period
  7. I'd imagine coleman buyers are hoping for more than 2 long runs and 144 yards in a season
  8. the problem with that is I think the long runs get weighted too heavily. once he gets past the linebacker level, whether due to talent or giant hole, he's usually then running away from college kids in the open field. yeah, it's better to be fast than slow, but once you get maybe 10 yds I'd put less emphasis on the rest, as I don't think he gets the opportunities at the pro level, and running away in the open field probably won't translate as well. but the problem is that the last 30 yds get weighted more than the first 10. if he can't get as far as the second level in the nfl he obviously won't be in line to bust off all those long td.
  9. lotta salty 'haters' thinkin' about tom brady all day --- maybe it's why they run in all their movies
  10. I don't have a crystal ball, of course, but I wouldn't be banking on much in the way of ppr -- in year one, anyway
  11. I'm surprised teams don't just look for guys 6'1" 215 in the draft
  12. that was supergood --- didn't know he had those vids on his site I liked that guest he had on there, too edit: who was the transcendent talent that torched hargreaves -- amari cooper?
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