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  1. Thanks man, we are pretty stoked. Getting another tour, which will be my first since they put in the pitch, next week. Our podcast also got picked up by a Texas-based soccer media website. https://www.thestrikertexas.com
  2. Austin finally got our big money South American DP. https://www.austinfc.com/post/2021/02/11/austin-fc-signs-argentine-attacking-midfielder-tom-s-pochettino-designated-player
  3. Stejskal coming in hot. https://twitter.com/samstejskal/status/1354162196159324165?s=20
  4. I used “cynical” when describing the league approach on our podcast. I think they are trying to take advantage of the situation beyond the owners’ financial harm out of the pandemic. Most MLS owners are richer now than they were before.
  5. Well, there's that minor detail. What do you think about the league releasing a schedule yesterday? Seems like it was specifically intended to squeeze the players.
  6. Yep. It's super fun. Almost a full roster. MLS announced plans to start in early April. Just need this little pandemic thing to blow over.
  7. Welcome to Q2 Stadium in Austin. Local financial services company.
  8. My wife, too. Alexi talking hair metal is the only thing she’s listened to from the 50ish shows we’ve done. That and when I let my 11 YO do my mic check and he made fun of me the whole time so the editor put it in the show.
  9. I was speaking more in general terms. The most controversial thing he said in our interview was that the Columbus Twitter trolls who insist on responding to every post form Austin FC should get a life and move on. That and we had a discussion about his love of 80s hair metal.
  10. Interviewed Alexi Lalas for the podcast that came out today. He’s an interesting case. Says a lot of controversial stuff seemingly just for the sake of it, but he was also super laid back and fun to work with despite the fact that there’s nothing in it for him to do our little show.
  11. I have this fear that if I push too hard into the middle of my belly button that I’ll touch my guts, so only very superficially.
  12. This is so very MLS. https://twitter.com/tombogert/status/1341454487626670080?s=21
  13. If you’ve got a spare hour, you can listen to us go into detail on all nine acquisitions. https://podfollow.com/capcitysoccer Currently sitting #32 on the Apple soccer podcasts chart just ahead of the Premier League on NBC podcast.
  14. That is so true. I’m pretty sure the monitors in my office are bigger than the “big” TV we had when we got married. And way cheaper.
  15. That TV I bought back then is still going. Watched countless hours of election coverage on it this very month. Also saw Liverpool win the Premier League for the first time on it. What a great value.
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