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  1. With 2 goals for FCD when they played here and 2 tonight, Pepi is tied with Diego Fagundez and Cecilio Dominguez as the all time leading goal scorer in the history of Q2 stadium.
  2. That was fun as ####. Was in the supporters section tonight and got to see both goals in our end.
  3. Austin was terrible in Houston yesterday. I think Josh Wolff may not know what he’s doing.
  4. American Outlaws sent out a code for members for a free month. Man, Paramount+ has some #### content. Definitely need to remember to cancel.
  5. This Allocation Disorder recap of the Canada game could be us talking about Austin FC if you just changed the player/coach names. :barf:
  6. Agreed. It was a great 8-9 book series stretched out to 14. Sanderson’s stuff only suffers from the fact that he had so much to wrap up. Jordan and Martin both suffer from creating an expansive world without much of a notion of how to tidily wrap it up.
  7. Well yeah. But there was that one book that spent 800 pages covering a single day so there’s plenty of fluff to cut out.
  8. It happened. He was fun to have a beer with. And he played for a bit. Pretty fun watching Sunday leaguers get big eyes and go at Martino thinking they were going to have a chance to get anything over on him when he was actually trying.
  9. Supposed to hang w Kyle Martino tomorrow. He’s a founder of a hardcourt soccer league called Street FC. He’s coming to Austin tomorrow and setting up a pickup game at our pregame spot. I want to touch his hair.
  10. TBF, MLS isn’t great on TV. And I watch a lot of it because soccer>not soccer. I think it’s because the stands aren’t always full and the regular season doesn’t mean a lot. Plus the forced parity and some games on turf. There’s always a narrative of some sort in European leagues. That said, the supporters section at Q2 stadium is literally the happiest place on earth.
  11. You'll Never Walk Alone, friends. VVD is healthy and we're ready to be insufferable again.
  12. Sí. Hoping to catch them this week and at WCQ here in October.
  13. It’s like they are playing choose your own adventure and always pick wrong. Pass when they should shoot and shoot when they should pass. Josh was as heated as I’ve seen him in the postgame presser and apparently Ring was chewing out everyone within earshot.
  14. Hahaha. Had to miss my first game last night because of a work trip. Missed being with my friends in the South End. Didn’t miss the results.
  15. It looks like a jackhammer in only the loosest sense of the word. Also, are the concrete sections pre-cut? Nashville should appreciate no longer having the goofiest MLS ritual.
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