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  1. I got my second dose at the end of April and we went to Vegas in June. Ended up with a "cold" upon returning but now of course I'm wondering if it was delta. Is there a way to test still to find out?
  2. I didn't think we'd see bitcoin back under $40k though. This is going to be interesting...
  3. Yes, most merchants that accept bitcoin have it immediately converted to dollars or whatever currency by the processing service they use.
  4. Pretty sure he was saying top shot has minted 10m total, not 10m*35k. Panini does keep a pretty tight lid on how many cards they've printed. You can really only tell that they're increasing print runs by looking at the additional parallels and inserts they keep adding. Waaaaaaaay more this year than before.
  5. Lol now Tesla banning bitcoin causes a 20% drop. Great buying opportunity imo.
  6. 🤣🤣 I ALMOST ended with "It's like beauty and the beast"(instead of its a tale as old as time) to see if anyone would get it.
  7. Bitcoin stalls while alt coins pump and then once everyone has dumped their doggycoin bags on the noobs they jump back into BTC with their profits and it goes up. It's a tale as old as time...
  8. I decided to roll the dice... Kawhi Throwdown 1046/1800 LeBron block 29550/35000 Herro /35000 Cody Martin /12000 Jeremy Lamb /12000 Davis Bertrans /35000
  9. It was created as a joke and is literally a copy of bitcoin (like litecoin) with a dumb name. These meme stocks and coins are going to end badly. That's not saying you can't make money on them but don't be greedy and tread lightly. This feels like buying GME at $400. It'll probably go up a little more but the drop will be quick and hard.
  10. Holy crap. Yeah she better take those profits and move them into a legitimate coin quickly.
  11. Hopefully she did it already. The thing just keeps going...
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