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  1. Ah yes, self medication. My attempts were typically illegal and addictive, not a great combination with my personality lol. Meditation, yoga and exercise each day help me find balance and start my day in the right frame of mind though. We try to get our daughter to participate, some days more successfully than others. I’ve been thinking about paying her to do meditation but can’t decide if that’s evil or not haha. I think starting these routines at a young age would really help as she gets older.
  2. Same here. Had one for several years after reading about them on the buy it for life subreddit.
  3. Ya'll are some wonderful people ❤️ I feel what a lot of you are writing but from a different perspective. I struggled with "anger problems" growing up, even seeing a therapist/counselor at various times. It was never resolved but I was able to get a little better at controlling it. But that just meant suppressing those emotions which resulted in larger blow ups. This continued until very recently. My mom passed a few months ago and it wasn't until after that and trying to process those emotions that I discovered I have actually been living with depression most of my life. I guess wit
  4. Well at least with more interest they might actually be scarce. It's crazy watching some of the how to videos on YouTube from last month when you could just go in and buy them lol.
  5. Nope not an idiot, it’s just the market taking a dump today so GBTC didn’t track the price of Bitcoin like it’s supposed to.
  6. So he was correct that the daily percentage changes on bitcoin vs GBTC won't line up because of the fact that crypto trades 24/7. But part of what you're seeing is it going from a premium to a discount. I bought more today and already have 1/3 of my net worth in crypto.
  7. It's still trading at a discount when it normally trades at a premium. Each share of GBTC is 1/1030th of a bitcoin. Should be closer to $47.70 right now and that's just the equal price point.
  8. I got in line last night but missed out on a pack. Maybe those of us in it should keep in touch and let others so know when they go live so we can try to snag some packs?
  9. People still wear underwear? I guess my quarantine has been more exciting than most.
  10. Doesn't seem like they're trying to crush it... https://www.rollcall.com/2021/02/23/sec-decision-is-first-step-to-brokers-mainstream-cryptocurrency-use/ Also. We now have people with crypto backgrounds taking positions all over the government and federal reserve.
  11. IIRC, that revenue sharing model was actually terrible for them. It was a tiny slice (and only on consoles they sold) but they agreed to buy a bunch of hardware and services from Microsoft to even get it. I remember reading it was going to be profitable for Microsoft, not GameStop.
  12. So what's funny is I still like having physical games yet I believe I'll be in the minority here soon. Console manufacturers need to start including realistic storage though. My wife's iPhone has more than half the storage as my ps5. WTF is that?
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