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  1. The move of dropping Price really surprised me. There has to be more to the story because it's not like the Bucs are loaded at DT.
  2. I'll hold judgement until after the first few games of the 2012 season. He's a rookie who didn't have an offseason.
  3. Pretty sure the author of this TechCrunch article read this thread.
  4. Excellent thread, Addai's Adidas. What does OTA mean?
  5. It's hard to answer that question, but the news on Jared Cook isn't all too favorable. He has tons of potential, but that doesn't put up stats. I'm in 'wait and see' mode w/ both of these players.
  6. Big difference between "dog" and "my dog". I'd save my dog over any stranger out there.
  7. I checked and Norton's rankings and it looks like there was an error on the date. Brandon Jacobs at 12, LT at 14, no way. Zero chance he put in those rankings last month.
  8. With all due respect, but because you're a stranger, my dogs are literally a trillion times more important to me than you. It would be immoral for me to save you over them.
  9. That'll show 'em! We should change the name to Amanda Knox Ices.I don't care about showing 'em. I'm too scared to go there.
  10. Italy joins Iraq and all the 'stans on the list of countries I'll never visit. They would probably throw me in prison for 5 years for jay walking.
  11. Russell is so inaccurate that even his opponents can't position themselves to catch the ball. Anderson didn't start until Week 3, so give him time.
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