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  1. Seems like there have been some other posts clarifying, but to answer the questions: The backdoor Roth IRA is extremely easy. It only matters if you make over the contribution limit for a Roth IRA. Otherwise you could just do a normal one. If you want to do one, any and all IRA funds you have in a traditional account are converted pro rata. You cannot choose which ones to convert. Which means you may be putting after tax dollars in there to do a backdoor, but then paying taxes on the pre-tax dollars in there from the 401(k) you rolled over. The best two options are
  2. This more or less closes off your backdoor Roth option. Because you have to move all IRA funds "pro rata" so you'll start to incur taxes on the backdoor conversion.
  3. Harden postgame interview was hilarious. Some guy asked if he felt like he'd be able to perform or something and Harden's response was "Look I don't mean to brag about it, but I'm like really really good at this game."
  4. Trying to put together a tasting slate for some friends tonight, thought I'd see if the pros in here have any thoughts, @[icon]@Ron Swanson @AAABatteries et al. My options on hand are a little limited compared to home (we're at our Chicago apt right now): Angel's Envy High West American Prairie High West Rendezvous Rye Booker's Bulleit 95 Rye Heaven Hill Old Style (Green label) Johnnie Walker Black Label Ardbeg An Oa Macallan Edition No 3 (my all time favorite whiskey of all whiskeys) Bulleit 10-yr Basil Hayden's Knob
  5. This is at least a little amusing to me because pre-COVID I would want people, even with just a cold, to just stay home for a day or two and not risk getting me and others sick. I hate colds. they suck. Pretty understandable in today's environment.
  6. I love Cattleack. It's our go-to first Saturday of the month. I think the best beef ribs I've ever had.
  7. Where are you? My wife and I go to Willamette every Memorial Day weekend for our anniversary. With 20 friends. ETA: jumped the gun saw your post later in thread. If you'd do a tasting for a large group like ours, I would love to get our tour leaders (We go with Mark and Helen at Cellar Door every year) to put you down on the list. We usually do 3 wineries over the course of one day so we can relax, ask questions, and learn about the wine. Our crew is usually ~50% super interested and ~50% politely along for the ride and the environment. May be a struggle on size, right now H
  8. Plus Brooklyn has a winning record so Dallas should play like the best team in the NBA. When they visit Cleveland this weekend, however, expect two Cavs wins.
  9. Lukaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa In the driver's seat for the 5-seed now. 4-seed out of reach. Rooting HARD for the Clippers or for us to fall to 6 if Denver stays up there at 3.
  10. As someone who has lived in Dallas and Chicago for a while now, I can't wait to be full-time in Dallas. 50 days to go.
  11. It's one of those weird situations where both teams probably want the outcome. Like I imagine Denver would prefer to play Dallas than the Lakers, and Dallas would rather play Denver than the Clips or Suns
  12. I don't understand why they haven't eliminated the jump sideways into people for fouls thing yet. It's just the worst. They kind of did when they made the "basketball move" or whatever rule but then they never enforced it. Should not be hard to take 10 clips of that bull####, send it around the league to all teams, and say "This will not be called a foul on the defender." It's one thing when you're at the rim and it makes sense that you're jumping towards the basket. Nobody intentionally jumps sideways into you to shoot a jumper well. That said, at least Luka doesn't do any of the
  13. You and me both. We're coming for that 5 seed. Denver is definitely the most favorable opponent in the top 4 without Murray.
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