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  1. A solid effort given the OU haha. But if nobody else is claiming them I'll snag my hometown Mavs
  2. I kind of hate the Thunder but you can bet your ### Derek Harper will be on my team.
  3. So no doubling up I mean? Like if I take Kareem, I have to choose, I can't put him on two of my squads is what I'm getting at. Or Vince Carter.
  4. I think I'm in, but will need to give some sort of comms ability (e.g., phone number) to the people on either side probably if we plan to move fast. Questions: Is there a "2000s LeBron" and a "1980s Kareem" and the like, or is it ALL of Kareem and you can put him on whichever decade teams you want?
  5. I think I gotta try the jigger especially after jb's post above. I was pouring from a measuring cup because that's where i made the tea LOL.
  6. I use the one Binging with Babish has to great success, sometimes muddling things in it before shaking for additional flavors like jalapeno.
  7. We don't have water. Street torn up. Should be back soon though. One day job.
  8. Kev where are you? We could try to help if you're Dallas. Just PM me if so.
  9. Just going in circles now, so I'll step out. I hope you take a look at the personal attacks and think through whether it makes you feel good. Enjoy your week. Hope y'all have water and power back for good now down there.
  10. I ripped out the drywall in garage this weekend to let the studs air out, and to create a spout with which I could divert the leaking water heater from this past week's insane TX weather away from the wall and onto the garage floor. So my project now will be to hope the compromised part actually ships from any of the many places it is backordered at, so I can fix the water heater, and then figure out how to drywall the wall back up (assuming I don't have to replace the studs or whatever that flat board on the bottom of the wall atop the slab is called). Then I need to insulate the
  11. Thanks! That's cool - I spent basically all of 2019 in generation across the country, but never got that much of the history. Context helps with everything!
  12. This is one of the most relevant reasons, IMO, as to why an event like this happens. If you don't incentivize excess capacity, you won't have it when you need it. That's the whole point. Plants in those other ISOs (and CA ISO if memory serves) get paid to be available (not as much as actually generating, but enough that it was worth it to help plants increase their available capacity even with some costs).
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