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  1. That's kinda funny - I think that going for it there was the only correct 4th down choice all game.
  2. Loving this team more every week. Hating the coaching more every week. Also, i think penalties are a result of coaching, generally, which more or less allowed that game to be close.
  3. Alrighty, go time Offenses used: LAR, SEA, DEN, BUF, KCC Defenses used: NEP, CLE, BUF, IND, TBB Week 6: Offense: WAS Defense: DAL
  4. Stafford/Wilson ended up being my downfall even with guys like James Rob, Andrews, Kupp, etc. Every year this feels more brutal. I love it.
  5. I gotta wonder on some of these games: how does a guy who has been destroying everyone for four weeks as wide freakin open as he is on the 2nd TD today? I've seen more totally blown coverages this year than in a long time it feels like.
  6. It did though. I bought in all leagues (redraft) I wasnt already the owner during this past week. Yessssssssssssssssssss
  7. Used: Offenses: LAR, SEA, DEN, BUF Defenses: NEP, CLE, BUF, IND Week 5: TBB defense, KCC offense
  8. I have a team with Cooper Kupp and Amari Cooper called "Two Coopers One Kupp".
  9. Yeah, maybe. Remember there's editing. For all we know that's what Brad did, and had to shoehorn it in there last second before the challenge starts. I'm not sure we do understand each other though: you have to say it at each immunity challenge. So if you're the only one who has found it, you HAVE to repeat it at the next one every time until the other two are said. I don't think it's optional. Now - with one of the holders voted out - is Xander just screwed?
  10. You have to say it. The thing says "You must say this phrase at the next challenge" (or I misheard it)
  11. Lost at least 1 in the Arizona game to a bad throw, and a couple more open ones with big yardage. Two games in a row, making me wonder if Stafford is hurt.
  12. A) sure they would. They matched up way better with MKE in season, and they could have beat the teams PHX did. LAC with Kawhi was the worst possible outcome, and they only lost when Kawhi had one of the best playoff games of all time to keep the Clippers alive. If the Maloofs ever had one of the 3-5 best players in the NBA and he didn't like Adelman, maybe. Seems different to me. But I see Giannis giving Kidd a lot of credit for the player he is today, and Kidd's incredible way of seeing the game could actually translate to Luka somewhat...we'll see.
  13. If you swap Dallas with Phoenix in the bracket last year, they win the NBA championship. So that's reason A. Reason B - they've significantly upgraded the backcourt around Luka. And while I have loved Carlisle as one of the best tactical minds, the last few years have had me wondering if he's too rigid in some things. I'm kind of excited for Kidd.
  14. Spend gets you there too. I was hoping in a down year you wouldn't need the ~$50k to be considered. A lot of our Asc partners and Partners have it from taking 3-4 flights a week pre-COVID.
  15. I am at 87 Hyatt and 88 Marriott (probably means like 60 each of actual stays) and only 92k miles. Was really hoping this might be the year that I manage to sneak into Concierge Key since I have been flying since January but I feel like I will not be so lucky.
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