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  1. It's hard to say excluding work-related activities, because in non-COVID time, and now that we are getting back to it, I leave Sunday night or Monday morning and come back Th evening. She does the same.
  2. I think there's plenty of possibility he can get some of it back. Like major knee surgery right at the start of this season, unexpectedly, never really time to recover...I'm hoping a full offseason and back to peak form and suddenly Dallas is a force to truly be reckoned with. That said...five games later he'll be hurt and the dream will end. I actually really liked his activity in the gaps on D and as a cutter. We really just needed one more guy to step up in game 7 and hit some shots. Like Marcus Morris, Reggie Jackson, Luke Kennard, and Terrance Mann all randomly had big time ga
  3. OMG I'd love that. I've been to 2 in CHI area and one in Portland area since they changed policy so definitely not an exhaustive sample
  4. Actually, as of roughly the day after the CDC's most recent announcement on vaccine efficacy findings (Tl;dr vaccines work), Costco's posted signs (ETA: in Chicago area) state that masks are no longer required for anyone vaccinated, and they will not be requiring proof. So I'm sure a bunch of unvaccinated jackasses are going maskless now...but I'm fully vaxxed and have been for months so it's a super welcome change.
  5. Luka: Yeah man at the end I played terrible but we got Timmy and we trust him so coach speak coachspeak WE DID IT LFG
  6. Pretty sure when we revote the post 10s after this playoffs, my team will leapfrog to the top of them and 1 or 2 in best in show, leaving me the winner.
  7. He's looking worse than I think he has all year...but he hasn't looked good all year either for more than a game or two. I like to play as a starter on a great team: Hardaway, Kleber I like on the bench on a great team: Finney-Smith, Brunson, could maybe sell me on Powell I like the idea of Josh Richardson and the idea of Porzingis, as a guard stopper who can shoot and a big man who protects the rim and can shoot, but neither has actualized the shooting or the defense enough this season to believe. Imagine this team with Myles Turner instead of Porzingis and Jrue Holiday
  8. VIBES ARE IMMACULATE. Also love that multiple guys on the Mavs have subtly been like "we all got vaccinated as soon as we could and that's a big part of how well we've gelled" and throw shade at the morons turning it down.
  9. The Clippers are so dislikable. It's kind of astounding. This Mavs team is so reminiscent of 2011: One key star fantastic role players who know their job a SG who isn't afraid to just let it fly Size at every position a super calm PG to run things when needed multiple wing stoppers on D Unfortunately no key defensive rim protector, which I think is the likeliest thing to keep them from a title. But since this squad got everyone back from COVID, they've been top 10 in offense and defense, quietly carving up every good opponent and sleepwalking against the
  10. Tonight's juice? Knob Creek Single Barrel Kentucky Straight Bourbon.
  11. Leonard never tried to nickname himself Playoff P and then throw it up off the side of the backboard while blowing a 3-1 lead.
  12. Also hyped to bring up the 2010s all time draft over and over as Middleton and Holiday look fantastic the entire playoffs. God I love them both. They play exactly how I want to play all the time.
  13. gosh darn I love this team. I have a decent little sum on it too if things turn out right. Here are your key bullets from someone who watched like 60-ish of their games this year: Luka is a god and after the awful COVID-period for Dallas he's been lighting people up from three. Brunson gets nowhere near enough respect as one of the best 6th men in the NBA. It's absolutely ridiculous that Jordan ####### Clarkson is a finalist and Brunson isn't. The guy lives for pressure. All he does is know how to win. Dude is one of the best closers in the league. Never makes mistakes, ice i
  14. Glad you liked it! I think of it kind of like the Japanese version of Weller SR or Buffalo Trace. Good, solid, inexpensive, representative of the genre.
  15. Same with Dillon Brooks. I can't believe some of the guys who fall sometimes. Like - has NBA size, has NBA skill, works his ### off, and extremely competitive. Very high basketball IQ. I know a couple teams would have taken him sooner, but only a couple.
  16. The way Evan got them to set it up is genius. We got 2 mediocre games, 3 really compelling games, and one pretty good game. Plus the lack of almost all stupid end of season ####ty basketball EVEN with the compressed 72 game schedule. It feels like a rousing success to me. I think they'll try to promote him. Hopefully. Not really much room to promote him to anything.
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