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  1. Thats solid. I am assuming you are one of the better teams at this point.
  2. Hill side. In my league with return yardage Hill was WR #6. That is too much to give for for a possibly good TE.
  3. 12 Team dynasty ppr league- Team A gave Kelvin Benjamin, Cameron Meredith, Ty Montgomery, Cameron Brate and a high 3rd round pick Team B gave Donte Moncrief, Sterling Shephard and Golden Tate.
  4. That is a fair trade. Especially if Team B is rebuilding. It also helps them get the #1 draft spot and add talent for next year. That is a big plus.
  5. These trades just went down in a ppr 12 team league. Team A gave up- Smallwood, Jalen Richard, a high 2nd round pick and 25 bb. Team B gave up- Michael Floyd and Kevin White Then follow up trade team A gave up- Floyd, Blount, Tyrell Williams and a low first (9-12) Team C gave up- Deandre Hopkins
  6. I think it is close and position scarcity at Rb makes it closer. But when I did my projections I favored the Benjamin side. If you don't mind sharing what are your projections for Miller and benjamin? Thanks
  7. 12 team PPR Dynasty Team A trades Theo Riddick, Buck Allen and the 1.3 pick Team B trades Lamar Miller Team A then trades Miller Team C trades Kelvin Benjamin
  8. Just got this one. Ryan Fitzpatrick for the 1.3 rookie pick. 12 team ppr dynasty. Start one QB. I was looking for a note that said what do you want for the 1.3. But this was actually the offer.
  9. Those are both good trades. The first one is at worse even for you even if Watkins plays good this year. Robinson will be good still. The 2nd trade is really good for you. Having 2 extra 1sts in 17 will be huge for trades or rebuilding. Thomas is a top 15 Wr even with the Qb changes but probably not a huge game changer like in the past. Martin and Charles are a wash. Martin being younger helps. Smallwood has the potential to make this a huge win for you.
  10. 12 team Dynasty- half ppr. Team 1 gave Keenan Allen and a 17 4th round pick and 18 4th round pick. Team 2 gave Moncrief, ASJ, 17 2nd round pick and 18 1st round pick. (Picks are middle of the road)
  11. Just got this one- 12 team ppr Dynasty league I give Keenan Allen I graciously get Jay Cutler, Terence Williams and a 5th rounder this year.
  12. 12 team dynasty ppr 1.5 and Kamar Aiken for 2017 1st. (Probably 4-6) The team getting the 1st in 17 now has 7 1sts in 17.
  13. 12 Team ppr Team 1 gave- 1.1 and Dwayne Allen Team 2 gave 1.5,1.6 and 1st in 17. (probably 4-6 even with Elliot)
  14. 12 team ppr Team A- Gave Keenan Allen Team B- Gave rookie pick 1.6 and Brandon Coleman.
  15. The team getting the multiple pieces is definitely rebuilding. Elliot is probably the target also.
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