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  1. With Hinton listed as WR at cbs, our scoring awards a half point per rush attempt. I am temprted to start him as a flex.
  2. Just saw report he is working out and practicing with Whole Lotta Money Mr. Big Chest.
  3. So the Steelers moved up in the third round to draft Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph. Ben Roethlisberger is reportedly interested in playing another 2 to 3 years, so did the Steelers draft him to be the heir apparent and under study? After their drafting Joshua Dobbs in the fourth round last year it would appear that Landry Jones may be the odd man out and the Steelers backup pecking order. Randy Fitchner and Ben Roethlisberger both tend to agree that competition in the quarterbacks room makes everybody better. Some prognosticators thought that Mason Rud
  4. Bryant and Roethlisberger talked this out in training camp and put it behind them well before start of regular season.
  5. Bryant is poised for great year. I am really looking forward to seeing him play.
  6. Didn't see a thread for this guy. Penn State wide receiver seems to be having a very good camp turning heads. They drafted him in the third round... some prognosticators had him ranked higher as a second-round prospect. By all accounts he might not make much in the way of noise this year but ihe is a solid dynasty stash for next.
  7. With him in the league's discipline program he is such a risky proposition. If he was not one infraction away from being permanently disbarred I would gladly trade 1.01 for him if I was not planning on taking Corey Davis. With his baggage I would maybe trade 1.07 or higher to get him. I think those who have him and held him all along aren't going to trade him for a rookie pick this year unless they're given a top three pick. The issue is the person with the top three pick isn't going to trade for him because of the risk of him screwing up and being out of the league. So I think a lot of pe
  8. OMG! Check out @Steel_Curtain4's Tweet: https://twitter.com/Steel_Curtain4/status/858522823979143169?s=09
  9. You've heard of him. Check out his smart bit of self promotion. Good move on his part. Hail to Pitt! https://www.theplayerstribune.com/james-conner-pitt-letter-to-nfl-gms/ Good guy and great football player.
  10. I am really hoping for the best for him, but I suspect he still has some work to do in getting his off the field habits straight. He is out clubbing late at night. Maybe he's just there and not partaking of the weed or drinking too much. But he's still out there hanging around the party scene. I do wish him well. He is a great talent. But his off the field issues could possibly derail his career....whether you agree with nfl conduct rules or not.
  11. My thoughts exactly. That is the absolute worst place he should be spending his time if he truly wants to overcome the bad habits that led to his year long suspension. My take is that he does not yet fully appreciate nor understand the depth and seriousness of his situation.
  12. Martavis Bryant shared Snap Chat clips of himself last night at a pretty bumpin' looking night club. Hopefully he is avoiding the weed & nit drinking to excess.
  13. Just drafted him at 3.10 in 12 team ppr rookie draft. The converted WR from Western Kentucky is a bit of a project on the newly made over Rams offense. He seems like a good boom prospect who could blossom into a to a top 10 fantasy starter in ppr leagues. He does first need to clear a legal hurdle for 2nd degree felony assault (or something similar) that occurred just a couple of weeks prior to the draft. At the cost of 3.10, I am more than glad to roll the dice and give him a shot. Only Lance Kendricks is in front of him. Higbee's natural receiving skills and size/spe
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