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  1. Rewind to your draft: You pulled tbe trigger and selected johnson as a starter when he fell a bit to you in the early third round of your PPR draft and as insurance with your last pick in the 16th you grabbed his handcuff Chase Edmonds.

    Fast forward to the present and it's week 6 & Johnson is questionable with a back injury but expected to play today with wr Christian Kirk out. 

    Always start your studs.  Rolling with David Johnson today as the handcuff rides tbe bench.

  2. 6 hours ago, kittenmittens said:

    This is an excellent take IMO. 

    Hodges flashed and looked better than Rudolph has looked in my opinion. I'm pretty down on Rudolph based on what I've seen of his play and on how the coaches have babied him and his pocket obliviousness

    That said, the coaches have seen a lot of both of these players.  There was zero chance that Hodges would be kept over Rudolph even if he outplayed him in camp, and the Steelers probably knew that nobody else would sign him and he'd be an easy practice squad add.  

    We have seen a tiny sample size.  Way too little to know if Hodges is a Luke Falk (most likely) or a Gardner Minshew (we wish), but in that sample Hodges looked like he has the poise to do something with his opportunity.  Reality Hodges will likely come crashing down next time we see him, but he's worth rostering in SF to see.  How many of us are kicking ourselves for not getting Kyle Allen and Minshew in every league? 

    If you go back and look at every unexpected breakout QB thread, many people (rightfully) think there is no chance.  The Russell Wilson one is my favorite because of its close paralells to the Jacksonville situation.  No way Wilson gets the job, they are paying Flynn all that money and we think Flynn will be good :).  Major survivorship bias involved when doing that, but it's still really interesting to see how the community slowly processes an unexpected breakout.


    Excellent post. Who ever would predict that Kurt Warner would do what he did when Trent Green went down?

  3. From FCS Samford where he broke Steve McNair's Alcorn State all-time FCS college career passing yards record to becoming an undrafted, last to be signed free-agent training camp try-out to improbable 3rd stringer and then back-up, and now starter of the Pittsburgh Steelers this week is the start of the Duck Dynasty run as Hodges is slated to start week 6 at the L.A. Chargers.

    Who's looking to get on board? Would obviously be thrilled to see a second coming of a Kurt Warner or Tony Romo story.


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  4. I cut him without any regrets. He's so far from playing anytime soon. No willing traders in my league. He'll be 31 or 32 if (big if) he does play soon and he's escalating his off putting behavior that eill get him suspended.  He takes up a roster spot that can be used to find the next diamond in the rough.  All of it was my clear sign that his run is over and it's time to move on. 

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