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  1. Excellent post. Who ever would predict that Kurt Warner would do what he did when Trent Green went down?
  2. From FCS Samford where he broke Steve McNair's Alcorn State all-time FCS college career passing yards record to becoming an undrafted, last to be signed free-agent training camp try-out to improbable 3rd stringer and then back-up, and now starter of the Pittsburgh Steelers this week is the start of the Duck Dynasty run as Hodges is slated to start week 6 at the L.A. Chargers. Who's looking to get on board? Would obviously be thrilled to see a second coming of a Kurt Warner or Tony Romo story.
  3. I cut him without any regrets. He's so far from playing anytime soon. No willing traders in my league. He'll be 31 or 32 if (big if) he does play soon and he's escalating his off putting behavior that eill get him suspended. He takes up a roster spot that can be used to find the next diamond in the rough. All of it was my clear sign that his run is over and it's time to move on.
  4. I am a proud new owner of him in my ppr, 25 roster spot dynasty league.
  5. It was surprising but comes with a caveat. Here's how the 1st rd went. Frankly, I got lucky. Pick 7 essentially passed. Wonder if a player should have been assigned rather than he be skipped. This dynasty league has been in effect for 15 years now and interest is waning a bit for some of us, and obviously team #7. 2019 Rookie Draft 1) Shady Time - Josh Jacobs ,RB 2) You Kapernick the Futrue - Kyler Murray, QB 3) The Oracle - David Montgomery 4) Wine Her, Dine Her, 49er - Dwayne Haskins, QB 5) Aka Titans - Miles Sanders 6) Midnight Express - Darrell Henderson 7) Mad Dog - skipped after 5 days and no reply 😎 Fin Nasty- K'Neal Harry 9) Drugs Don't Ruin Your Career, Drug Tests Do! - Hockenson 10) The Corporation - Darwin Thomspon 11) Warrior Nation - Devin Singletary 12) Iron City - DK Metcalf
  6. I just selected him at 1.12 in dynasty ppr rookie draft. Concerns are he is too lean and needs to get his body fat to 3 or 4 %. He'll do it. This is the NFL. Pro sports physiologic science and nutrition is capable. Seahawks kmow what they are doing. Steelers safety Trey Edmunds is also worrisomely lean with 2% body fat. Mo freaking out there. https://www.foxsports.com/nfl/story/fat-chance-steelers-safety-edmunds-embracing-the-grind-073119
  7. Don't mess with my fantasy here, please. I have visions of a clean and sober and happy and well Josh Gordon playing catch with a still hungry Tom Brady adding to his ridiculous legacy and racking up crazy statistics, eclipsing the Brady/Moss season of lore. It's my fantasy. Let it be. Thank you very much.
  8. Count me in. I took him as a boom pick at 7.02 in 12 team ppr. I am gambling my season on him being at his floor, a wr2..
  9. All kinds of options at 66. Hakeem Butler or Myles Boykin or Chase Winovich or Love.
  10. https://www.fanduel.com/theduel/posts/6311951-oshane-ximines-nfl-scouting-report-draft-profile-and-projection
  11. I sort of view the top cb prospects as all fairly even. I'd be happy if the Steelers waited until rd 2 or 3 for a cb and they go bpa in rds 1 and 2.
  12. Still no sign of them formally meeting with Iowa TE Hockenson. Here are their documented interviews/contacts so far across all predraft events/activities. http://a.msn.com/02/en-us/BBSm1Fe?ocid=se
  13. Barron is thought to be an upgrade over Bostic in the Steelers scheme where as an ILB at the dime spot he can more effectively drop into pass coverage. Filling a position of need also gives them flexibility in the upcoming draft in terms of options.
  14. Inspired by the great writing of Gene Collier. https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/gene-collier/2019/03/16/Antonio-Brown-Le-Veon-Bell-Steelers-NFL-Collier/stories/201903170077
  15. The NFL New Year came last week. Yinz wanna start the new 2019 Steelers thread? It will be nice to shed the vestiges of all the recent drama that surrounded the team last year.
  16. Tomlin benching AB was the right move. From his year end presser on Wed he was careful to state he decided not to dress AB due to uncertainty of his availability even after agent Drew Rosenhouse called him and said AB's knee was feeling better. That decision appears it was not based on discipline but more so that he wasn't going to allow AB to play with an uncertain physical ability. His lack of communication with the team and coaching staff in the lead-up prompted Tomlin to go with the players that were there and ready to go. Whether that's the truth or just Tomlin's shaping the optics I'll let you decide. Tomlin did indicate discipline is needed and will be delivered soon which is good enough for me. OF course since all of that transpired we see AB standing next to James Harrison in an Instagram post while Tomlin is running his Presser and they are indicating that Antonio's going to do an interview of his own that's going to be a real show stopper. Tomlin indicated what amounts to him needing to look in the mirror to conduct personal assessment of his shortcomings as HC which is reasonable response.
  17. Would that type of conduct be in violation of a personal conduct clause that could be within the contract and if so does that offer cap remief if they cut him? what do we think they can get for him in terms of a trade? Would there be other NFL teams willing to trade for a head case?
  18. Brown skipped walkthrough, leaves game early - NFL.com http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001006628/article/antonio-brown-skipped-walkthrough-left-game-early
  19. If the AB84 report is true Tomlin really does look like needs to go. No discipline and dishonest about reason a player is not available. https://www.post-gazette.com/sports/steelers/2018/12/31/antonio-brown-dispute-steelers-news-nfl/stories/201812310108
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