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  1. They need to determine how Mike Tomlin's performance and overall contributions as a head coach impacts their profitability and growth set against what they believe the path forward is to profitability and growth. In a nutshell they need to evaluate Mike Tomlin's value against their annual operating plan and their strategic plan and overall organizational mission and adjust as necessary relative to making changes with him or making changes without him. And there's a process to doing that and again I have no doubt that the Steelers ownership will do just that. Speculating as to how it all plays out is what keeps message boards like this an interesting place to visit and interact.
  2. If I were the owner and I want to win Super Bowls I would put Tomlin on the hot seat. I would simultaneously go out and begin evaluating who the possible replacements are and I would go as far as to tell Tomlin that I'm looking at his possible successor. Tomlin is a smart man and nobody's fool. He knows the environment and has some decisions to make as well. From this exercise that is the critical review the path forward will emerge. Based on all of this looking at what I think is prudent and looking at how I know the Steelers to operate, I see no way that they let Tomlin go after this season. But it's clear things can't continue to be managed as it has been. Time to disrupt the status quo.
  3. The Steeler way is a pragmatic approach and I have no doubt that's how they'll go about addressing their performance under Tomlin and his head coaching.
  4. if as Tomlin says the standard is the standard, then they'll get the opportunity to reexamine just what the standard is and how they comply with meeting it.
  5. The Steelers brass needs to re-examine their Charter and decide whether or not they are existing as an organization in fulfillment of what they value and want to accomplish in consideration of the expected contributions of their head coach. That in and of itself may require them to reconsider what they value and aim for in terms of whether or not they need to reset what their aim is or reset at the head coaching level if their aim remains the same.
  6. I would expect them to be such. Prudence dictates as much. If they can look at all aspects in an objective manner then that paves the way for them to get to the root causes of their failures so that they can begin to make the necessary changes. Mot only do they need to be authentic looking at the brutal facts of their reality they need to have the skill set along the entire improvement process. That all has to play out against what their long-term goals and objectives are. If they want to be competitive year in and year out but not win a Superbowl then that would be different than if they have an expectation of competing for a championship every year. So what they seek to accomplish and what they expect their team to be dictates the path that they'll need to take.
  7. Such a review just needs to be done authentically and honestly. They need to embrace the brutal facts of their reality and then make adjustments accordingly.
  8. At the very least the Steelers front office and ownership should sit Tomlin down and conduct a comprehensive review of his performance and then enact an improvement plan to address that identifies shortcomings in his performance. The comprehensive review will look at all aspects of the team performance that falls under the accountability and responsibility of the head coach.
  9. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/11/01/stefon-diggs-says-hes-going-to-play-on-sunday/
  10. I drafted Bell at 1.02 and last night drafted Conner a tad bit early at 9.02.
  11. Is there some other Josh Gordon page besides this one that I found via the pinned players thread?
  12. 12 team, 25 roster dynasty ppr, all td=6 Q-R-R-W-W-T-F-DST-K Team B posted that he needs a starting rb and willing to trade Luck or Wentz. Team A gets Wentz and team B's 2019 first round rookie pick. Team B gets Devonte Freeman
  13. So the Steelers moved up in the third round to draft Oklahoma State quarterback Mason Rudolph. Ben Roethlisberger is reportedly interested in playing another 2 to 3 years, so did the Steelers draft him to be the heir apparent and under study? After their drafting Joshua Dobbs in the fourth round last year it would appear that Landry Jones may be the odd man out and the Steelers backup pecking order. Randy Fitchner and Ben Roethlisberger both tend to agree that competition in the quarterbacks room makes everybody better. Some prognosticators thought that Mason Rudolph could be a late first-round pick, but carried risk as a quarterback who played in a spread offense. Rudolph has all the measurables as well as extensive game tape and success at a power 5 school. He presented a great value to the Steelers in the third round. To those folks who wanted the Steelers to draft players who can help them win the Super Bowl now that pick could represent a disappointment. For those who are happy to see the Steelers be competitive over the long-haul, however it's a good strategic move. What are your thoughts regarding Mason Rudolph's long-term prospects?
  14. http://www.walterfootball.com/nflhotpress/article/Some Teams Have Medically Flunked Vander Esch
  15. Maybe Tomlin and Colbert knew this would happen and they expect Deebo to do a brain dump and all along Butler, Porter, and Tomlin have something up their sleeves. That would be like them goin Belichik on Belichik.
  16. Bryant and Roethlisberger talked this out in training camp and put it behind them well before start of regular season.
  17. Anything to see here in ppr formats with Powell out against Pats defense that gives up points to rb's? Is Elijah McGuire going to split the rb load with Forte?
  18. Thx. I am considering them in ppr. No reason to think Collins can't be a ppr asset.
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