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  1. Good call on DFS value. Everyone will have him.
  2. If Bradford misses the game today v. Pittsburgh, will Keenum be able to keep Diggs and Thielen fantasy relevant?
  3. Any trades of late to report on this GOAT / MVP / HOFer?
  4. I too was going to mention how Reid properly handled Hunt's first fumble.
  5. Who picked up Buck Allen this week on waivers and why? Who did you drop to add him? I added him since I had Woodhead. It's a ppr league. I expect similar performance from Allen that was expected from Woodhead. ETA I got him for $7 on cbs blind bid. Have $100 for entire season. I added him Wef night after no takers on Tuesday night. Perhaps could have had him cheaper but felt I need to get him, so bid a bit higher than I thought necessary.
  6. Okay dear and fellow members of our Steelers Nation: today marks the first step towards our beloved team's 2017 journey towards the stairway to seven. Enjoy this season! Here we go Steelers, here we go!
  7. Great to have Tuitt locked up in his prime.
  8. Stafford $13, Goff $6 Stafford offering good value at $13. Goff just cheap insurance. David Johnson $39 , D. Freeman $30, K. Hunt $10, D. Henry $13, C. West $3, DeAndre Washington $5 Was going to try Bell and Freeman with Powell and other top wrs but had bye week issues and perceived lack of depth. Decided to drop Powell, ultimately felt DJ was worth the splurge. Mike Evans $29, Demaryius Thomas $24, S. Diggs $17, J. Matthews $10, Hogan $5, T. Boyd $3 Went back and forth with AB84, Julio, and A.J. Green on earlier versions then decided to add depth with Diggs, and save money with Evans and Thomas while reducing common bye week problems. Boyd was carry over from Green. Graham $18, McDonald $4, Maxx Williams $3 Graham due for bounce back. Other two good for spurts, with Maxx offering high upside in receptions. Crosby $5, Santos $4 Steelers $5, Raiders $4
  9. Good post. Hunt mania will be super high. But if you need a RB to win now, you gotta hold him and play him.
  10. A big & hearty thank you @Steeler for your efforts and sharing. THANK YOU.
  11. Yes the other guys said no good. Trade was vetoed with comments like #NoTradeRapists allowed.
  12. Guy giving up Thomas is a long time Shanahan Zone blocking scheme running back owner. I was happy to get Thomas for such a low price!
  13. 12 team, 25 man rosters PPR Q,R,R,W,W,T,F,DST,K Team A gets John Ross and Matt Breita Team B gets Michael Thomas
  14. If by some chance the Steelers are fortunate to win the Superbowl this year, it would seem not unlikely that Ben would come back for an opportunity to try and win the 4th of his career. And if he does that then I suspecte he would come back and try and win a fifth. The odds of the Steelers 3-peating in the next three seasons are slim to none. Guess that means Ben's future in terms of playing out this contract is about as clear as mud.
  15. Lotta money. Hope he can resurrect the strong performance from his glory days.
  16. Essentially what you are describing supports the adage that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."
  17. Good post. He is more than a one trick pony that a good many average fans might unknowingly think based on all the hoopla from his record break 40 at the combine. My first thought of him before digging deeper was he be another Mike Wallace. I think he is more advanced than Wallace ever was.
  18. Great post. Thx for the reply. With Kelce on my team, if he is healthy and playing, then I've got him penciled in as my weekly starter this season. I don't have much behind Kelce however with Higbee and Maxx Williams. I was actually tempted to maybe take Gerald Everett from the Rams and hold the higher-rated of the two between he and Higbee. But I tend to prefer the upside this year with Jenkins on a somewhat receiving depleted Jets offense that will be playing catch-up most of this year.
  19. I am thinking about taking a dynasty rookie draft pick flyer on either ASJ or Rico Gathers. All of the reports coming out of the Jets training camp and preseason is that ASJ is the most dominating player on their offense right now. Low-risk high-reward if you ask me. The Jets offense will be playing catch-up all season so he probably gets a lot of garbage time stats ala Blake Bortles.
  20. The picks went as follows: 2.8 James Conner (he has L. Bell already) and 3.8 JuJu Smith-Schuster. Huge surprise that JuJu fell all that way down. This league tends to covet rb and qb for some reason.
  21. 12 team ppr, 25 man roster Start: q,r,r,w,w,t,f,k,d/st Team A trades: Jonathan Stewart, Leonte Carroo, and Eli Rogers Team B trades: 2017 rookie picks 2.8 (20) and 3.8 (32).
  22. The Mike Tomlin coached Steelers will FINALLY not have a season where they lose a game to an inferior opponent whom the odds makers had the Steelers as heavy favorites.
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