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  1. Bryant is poised for great year. I am really looking forward to seeing him play.
  2. Broncos homers, you have any perspectives that you are willing to share following hus thumb surgery? @Cecil Lammey you got anything since this source cited you? https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/broncos-carlos-henderson-improves-once-pads-come-on/
  3. If you're interested in him, then you wait longer. If you're tired of waiting, you cut bait. Hamstring problems in training camp can lead to impatience. If you picked up Perriman from the waiver wire as a reclamation project, just sit tight and see what comes of it all. You likely have better fantasy starters on your roster. He's the long shot lottery ticket.
  4. https://twitter.com/PirateLifeFF/status/897473819593461762
  5. The Steelers and Bell are both looking at the contract situation strictly in business terms, both trying to maximize value and minimize risk. They simply failed to negotiate on the compromised contract that would have removed the need for them to settle him playing this year on the franchise tag amount. When the time is right Bell will report for duty and he'll play his ### off. It won't be early enough for the Steelers because as a team they want to get as much practice in as possible. But it's all playing out exactly as the business rules are drawn up. To his credit Bell has worked very hard during the offseason and continues to work out at this time as evidenced by his daily Snapchat workout videos. So while coach Tomlin and the team might regret that he's not there in training camp with them right now , the reality is is that when it's all said and done everybody will be peachy keen happy.
  6. Check out @NittanyNation38's Tweet: https://twitter.com/NittanyNation38/status/895076770717872128?s=09
  7. Anybody see the play that JuJu got concussed?
  8. With Evans and DeSean on outside, Goodwin and Brate and Howard battle for the rest. I like the future of this offense. https://www.cbssports.com/fantasy/football/news/buccaneers-chris-godwin-impressing-with-maturity-play-in-early-practices/
  9. Didn't see a thread for this guy. Penn State wide receiver seems to be having a very good camp turning heads. They drafted him in the third round... some prognosticators had him ranked higher as a second-round prospect. By all accounts he might not make much in the way of noise this year but ihe is a solid dynasty stash for next.
  10. Rams giving Goff every chance to develop and blossom into quality NFL qb. What a difference a year makes in terms of a supporting cast. Revamped coaching staff and system and new and improved group of receivers gives Goff great chance to validate his number one overall pick status.
  11. They have certainly invested draft stock into the skill positions the past couple of years to give Newton some weapons. @DexterDew you have a point that this year, Samuel shouldn't expect much. He's got amazing talent but likely needs to develop into a full-time NFL wide receiver. Gadget players sometimes have a hard time fitting in.
  12. Is Cam Newton the kind of quarterback they can feed all those mouths? Kelvin Benjamin, Greg Olsen, Christian McCaffrey, Devin Funchess. Is that offensive scheme able to support Samuel as a fantasy contributor even in PPR?
  13. My other big question at wide receiver is who's the better between Eli Rogers and JuJu Schuster Smith? I have to think Eli's better for 2017 redraft but JuJu's dynasty future is much much brighter. With Ben RRoethlisberger making a retirement decision at the end of every season with every year left on his contract obviously every dynasty asset on the Steelers offense all takes big step back if Big Ben hangs up his cleats. If the Steelers can win the Superbowl this year I'm half tempted to think Roethlisberger would play another year to see if he can get back to back championships and solidify his legacy as one of the best in his position.
  14. Recognizing we're still not even having played the first preseason game yet what's your predictions for the Steelers wide receiver corps this year? I'm assuming they keep 6. What a nice problem to have so many potentially good players at one position. In many ways their predicament at wide receiver must feel how it feels when we have to get our ffb dynasty rosters down to the limit. 1. AB84 2. Bryant 3. JuJu slot/tight end ala h-back. 4. Rogers slot 5. Hunter 6. Coates Ayers & Hamilton & DHB & Tucker & Canaan miss cut. I really like Ayers and think he'll likely get snatched off of our practice squad . Big if here, but if Coates can get healthy and just make some plays without all those drops he'll beat out DHB based on age. I get a sense the Steelers would like Coates to overcome his setbacks from last year because of his age and flashed potential from early 2016, but if he can't then they'll keep DHB.
  15. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000825034/article/tom-savage-driven-by-lost-opportunity-in-battle-to-be-texans-qb
  16. Duhh...Here I thought it was Peter, Paul, and Mary.
  17. For ppr, John Ross rookie ADP seems 4-5 slots lower than the avg/consensus rankings with the FBG experts. Looking over the posted Dynasty rookie drafts thread, it looks like he's going in the range of 1.12 to 2.2. Experts have him right around an average of 6 just barely higher than Mike Williams.
  18. In rookie drafts, how far is it to be considered a reach if you know you're going to draft a guy early(who you want) when there are no takers in terms of a trade to move back, because you know not taking him at your pick ( when you know it's still too early relative to other people's rankings and or ADP of that player) will result in him not being there when you come back? Sometimes I think if you want and believe that a guy is poised for something good then you just got to go get that player when you think you need to and disregard what other people think of his value. For me I think that guy is Cooper Kupp at pick 1.12. I just don't think he'll last till 2.12. I'm only up to pick number 7 at this point in our draft so there still some other guys on the board who if they're there at 12 will make it really hard for me to pass on them in favor of kupp. Maybe I pick 12 at the right value and then see if I can trade up earlier into the second to get Kupp.
  19. I've read the Cooper Kupp thread and have been researching camp notes and reports on him thus far. I am seriously thinking of drafting him at 1.12 if I can't find a trade partner to move down. It's a 12 team ppr q,r,r,w,w,t,f,k,d.
  20. Eli should continue to see improvement this year working primarily from the slot. If all of Big Ben, the line, AB, Bryant, Bell, Rogers, JuJu, and Jesse are able to stay healthy and out of trouble, this offense will post historically prolific stats and points.
  21. http://jacksonville.com/sports/jaguars/2017-06-30/jaguars-insider-fournette-s-targets-should-be-275120011
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