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  1. I road a tank and held a general's rank...
  2. For ppr, John Ross rookie ADP seems 4-5 slots lower than the avg/consensus rankings with the FBG experts. Looking over the posted Dynasty rookie drafts thread, it looks like he's going in the range of 1.12 to 2.2. Experts have him right around an average of 6 just barely higher than Mike Williams.
  3. In rookie drafts, how far is it to be considered a reach if you know you're going to draft a guy early(who you want) when there are no takers in terms of a trade to move back, because you know not taking him at your pick ( when you know it's still too early relative to other people's rankings and or ADP of that player) will result in him not being there when you come back? Sometimes I think if you want and believe that a guy is poised for something good then you just got to go get that player when you think you need to and disregard what other people think of his value. For me I think that guy is Cooper Kupp at pick 1.12. I just don't think he'll last till 2.12. I'm only up to pick number 7 at this point in our draft so there still some other guys on the board who if they're there at 12 will make it really hard for me to pass on them in favor of kupp. Maybe I pick 12 at the right value and then see if I can trade up earlier into the second to get Kupp.
  4. I've read the Cooper Kupp thread and have been researching camp notes and reports on him thus far. I am seriously thinking of drafting him at 1.12 if I can't find a trade partner to move down. It's a 12 team ppr q,r,r,w,w,t,f,k,d.
  5. Eli should continue to see improvement this year working primarily from the slot. If all of Big Ben, the line, AB, Bryant, Bell, Rogers, JuJu, and Jesse are able to stay healthy and out of trouble, this offense will post historically prolific stats and points.
  6. http://jacksonville.com/sports/jaguars/2017-06-30/jaguars-insider-fournette-s-targets-should-be-275120011
  7. https://www.rotoballer.com/trade-away-your-dynasty-rookie-picks-before-its-too-late/376554
  8. FWIW, The team who traded for the picks is a Titans homer. His first round pick in our 2017 rookie draft is at 1.09.
  9. 12 team ppr. 25 man roster. Q,R,R,W,W,T,F(RWT),K,D/ST Team A gets 2017 rookie picks 1.01 & 1.12 & 2018 rookie 1st (likely 10 -12). Team B gets Melvin Gordon & DeAndre Hopkins
  10. If Perriman is flashing in shorts and showing signs of growing into his 1st round pick and pedigree, then there is no reason to think he can't ascend to be the top receiver for the Ravens. The addition of Maclin with Wallace and Perriman could give Perriman more 1 on 1 coverages which should offer opportunity to excel....assuming he is an ascendant talent whose skills and health/physical tools are improving. He is one of my breakout of the year star predictions.
  11. That's assumed to be the Steelers' thinking according to PG writer Ray Fitipaldo. http://www.post-gazette.com/sports/steelers/2017/05/19/Ladarius-Green-released-JuJu-Smith-Schuster-Jesse-James-tight-ends/stories/201705200019
  12. Thanks EG. I was trying to chase that down. You are too fast for me. I just found this. I really enjoy the www.steelersdepot.com site. http://www.steelersdepot.com/2017/05/steelers-salary-cap-implications-following-ladarius-greens-release/
  13. Tough loss that he didn't work out. Great potential just lacked good health. What is cap hit if any for 2017 & beyond?
  14. PFF analysis shows Tom Brady keyed in on Steelers ILBs in 2016. http://www.steelersdepot.com/2017/05/tom-brady-went-steelers-ilbs-last-season-according-pff/
  15. With him in the league's discipline program he is such a risky proposition. If he was not one infraction away from being permanently disbarred I would gladly trade 1.01 for him if I was not planning on taking Corey Davis. With his baggage I would maybe trade 1.07 or higher to get him. I think those who have him and held him all along aren't going to trade him for a rookie pick this year unless they're given a top three pick. The issue is the person with the top three pick isn't going to trade for him because of the risk of him screwing up and being out of the league. So I think a lot of people aren't really going to want to mess around with Bryant if they don't already have him.
  16. OMG! Check out @Steel_Curtain4's Tweet: https://twitter.com/Steel_Curtain4/status/858522823979143169?s=09
  17. I am sitting at 1.1 12 team PPR rookie draft. He's looking pretty good to me.
  18. I didn't originally raise the point. I was replying to and agreeing with the counterpoint. And yes that was my point, simply that all untested rookies do have risk. You're right. One of the purposes of the entire process of posting here on this message board website is for us to work through & discuss the players and their impact on the game to try and work through the perceived risks to see if we could draft the right players to make our fantasy teams into winners. Maurice Clarrett is another great example. You get it. That is my point.
  19. And you'll find love for this year's crop of rookies. Time will tell which are the real deal and which are not. FWIW, I drafted Trent Richardson & RGIII at #2 & #3 their rookie years. Pretty much EVERYONE in pros & fantasy at the time viewed them as can't miss prospects. The point being that we all are prone to wrongly evaulating these blue chip rookies.
  20. If I am leaning to drafting RB, I am having a difficult time shaking the notion to draft Mixon 1.1 in 12 team ppr rookie draft. Patience with him establishing himself as a true 3 down back may reap better rewards over the long haul. Bengals offense seems more poised than Jags at this point. Not convinced that McCaffrey is that much better over time. All 3 of Fournette, Mixon, and McCaffrey look to be promising prospects. I just have hunch that Mixon's future sustained production seems more likely.
  21. Take a look at this highlight from the 2014 season before he had his knee injury and had to go through the chemo for cancer. In particular check out the breakaway speed he shows at the 11 minute 30 second mark in the game against North Carolina. After he hits the hole look at the separation that he gains on the defensive back that's closing in on him from his rear right. https://youtu.be/a1BbJU9eTmE Across this set of highlights from the 2014 season you can see the vision the shiftiness the power and the determination with which James Conner runs. When he came back in 2016 he was still recovering. There's no reason to think with more time and rehabilitation and enhanced training and energy reserves from healing that from a athletic performance standpoint he's not going to be every bit as good if not better than what he was in 2014. We saw he could dominate against division one competition in 2014. I'm excited to see what he can do with one more year of healing under his belt here in the pros under the coaching of an NFL team, behind a dominant offensive line, and practicing alongside Le'Veon Bell.
  22. Dobbs should be upgrade. Smart player who can develop behind Big Ben. Not sure he is the successor but no point in seeing if he could be since we know what Landry is at this point. He's another leader in a draft class full of upstanding good character guys.
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