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  1. Unfortunately this teams season is done; barring a miraculous run of 8-1 to finish out. 2-4-1 isn't going to get it done to start the season. It sucks going to the Thanksgiving day game when you already know the Lions season is over... but I guess that's part of the Thanksgiving tradition at this point........
  2. I think this was really a testament to Stafford's awareness and movement in the pocket this game. The Eagles were fairly consistent in applying pressure, Stafford just really did a good job of moving in the pocket. The offensive line really needs to improve on their run blocking as well. Eagles lived in the backfield all day.
  3. To be fair everyone misses and he has hit on a number of later rounds picks to date and guys trades have been spot on. I'll give him and Patricia this year at least before making any judgements.
  4. Thank goodness we're not going to lose Ragnow for any extended amount of time. Even if he's held out of week 1 to get fully healthy I'm 100% okay with that. The injury looked much worse than the diagnosis. Usually when a lineman's leg gets rolled up like that we're looking a long term loss.
  5. http://sports.yahoo.com/ole-miss-wide-receiver-d-k-metcalf-declare-nfl-draft-201116150.html
  6. Probably the most impressive thing about their record, is that they've been dealing with injuries to many of their starters and still winning regardless. Has a team been hit harder than the Lions has with injuries this year? Tulloch starting MLB out for season Fairley, if true, has a serious injury and is likely out for the season Calvin Johnson, been playing without, and/or as a decoy so basically without, for the majority of the year Eric Ebron, Brandon Pettigrew, Joseph Fauria all injured Reggie Bush, injured for majority of the season up until now Joique Bell missed time due to concussions
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