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  1. There are rules in place to prevent this type of thing, or at least make it financially non-viable. https://www.sportingnews.com/us/nfl/news/nfl-franchise-tag-meaning-deadlines-values-rules/1o185fk9ywga31hax6m1ahgn3q#:~:text=Players can be tagged in,of the player's previous salary. Players can be tagged in consecutive years, but the team must pay the player more each year he is tagged. (Kirk Cousins can tell you all about it.) For a player to be franchise tagged two straight years, the team must pay 120 percent of the player's previous salary. If it's three straight years, the team would need to pay the player 144 percent of his previous salary. From the CBA: Any club that designates a player as a franchise player for the third time shall, on the date the third such designation is made, be deemed to have tendered the player a one-year NFL player contract for the greater of ... — (A) the average of the five largest prior year salaries for players at the position with the highest such average — (B) 120 percent of the average of the five largest prior year salaries for players at the position at which the player participated in the most plays during the prior league year — or (C) 144 percent of his prior year salary. If the club designates the player as a franchise player for the third time, the designating club shall be the only club with which the player may negotiate or sign a player contract.
  2. Not to mention... teams ARE putting multiple defenders on him.. it's still not stopping the Hock. And then when teams put multiple defenders on or near him, other receivers are getting opportunities to get open and Detroits oline is giving Goff time.
  3. It's only the first few days of Training Camp but he's absolutely lighting it up and looks phenomenal. He doesn't look like a rookie out there and he's everything that they've expected him to be as per beat writers.
  4. Price check on Antonio Gibson?
  5. Trevor has wheels and he's very capable of performing some designed QB runs. He will navigate a collapsing pocket and if he sees space to run, he's not afraid to take off and make a play. As far as redraft goes, all three QB's - TLaw, Lance Fields -> they will all have similar ceilings of what they could achieve on a weekly scoring basis, the only difference is that you are getting a safer floor from a week to week with TLaw and you're guaranteed to have a week 1 starter in TLaw.
  6. Episode 524 - 14:51 mins into the podcast episode
  7. Did JJ indicate when his ADP data was from? I listened to his podcast regarding this but I don't think he indicated. Ambiguous backfields in June / July from an ADP perspective are much different from Ambiguous backfields in late August. This is a situation that JJ indicated he was watching (San Fran) in the podcast and stated there that he had Sermon as the back to draft.
  8. If we are specifically talking about things other than size, arm, accuracy; #1 HS QB Recruit Immediate freshman standout at Clemson Wins the college FB Championship his freshman year.. only lost 2 games his entire college career, both of which came in the CFB playoffs. He has "it" as a player on the field and as a leader of men. He improved every single year in CFB from a statistical standpoint (Freshman -> Sophomore -> Junior) in metrics that indicate NFL success as a QB; completion percentage, passing yards per game, QB rating, passing yards per attempt. He improved his statistical numbers from his sophomore year to his Junior year despite losing his best offensive receiving weapons; Tee Higgins and Justyn Ross, as well as only 1 returning starter on the offensive line. He has fantastic field vision; he progresses quickly through his reads, he's not a first read QB, and often moves to his second/third reads. He knows when a play is breaking down, when a pocket is collapsing, and has the capability of using his legs to pick up yards or escape the pocket. He played, performed and starred at the highest levels of CFB, in the biggest games. What is it that you don't like about him?
  9. I definitely gave it thought. I had 4 and 6 at the time, and based on the 5th picks needs I figured Chase would be there. I just couldn't pass up Trey Lance's value, and potential future value, at the #4 pick. He really shouldn't have been there (#2 player in my opinion and based on ADP) and I figured I could move Wentz to a guy that was interested afterwards. That trade was made when I was OTC at pick 6.
  10. Superflex and I had Wentz and Dak going in. I flipped the 1.06, 2.03 and Wentz for 1.08, 2.01 and Aiyuk.
  11. I read somewhere that the sheer number of broken tackles isn't quite indicative, but broken tackles rate can be. From that perspective, Javonte was still best in college football with a 47% broken tackles rate. So every time a guy went to tackle this dude, there was a 50/50 shot of succeeding lol
  12. https://sleeper.app/draft/nfl/649959941020434433 I had picks 1.01, 1.04, 1.08, 2.01, 2.10 & 2.11
  13. On top of this positive outlook, there has also been a strong correlation towards running backs drafted that were traded up for by the team to acquire. JJ Zachariason has a reference in his rookie rankings on number fire. https://www.numberfire.com/nfl/news/37804/zachariason-post-draft-fantasy-football-rookie-rankings
  14. ETN over Chase is due to RB scarcity vs. depth at the WR position. ETN I think was always seen as 1B to Harris (Javonte 1C); The reason being the recent discussion points surrounding Najee's age, the reality of the offensive line in Pittsburgh, the uncertainty with respect to the future at QB in Pitt vs. ETN being a year younger, on an up and coming offense with an all time prospect at QB
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