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  1. Biden should enjoy his golden years with his grandkids, whom he adores. 2024 is Harris vs Trump.
  2. Cruz is terrible, but you get what you vote for. Texas is very red outside the cities. And it’s also gerrymandered to hell to keep republicans in control. I really hate the blame game politics. People are freezing to death, the focus should be on restoring power and water and seeing what can be done to prevent this from happening again. Who cares who’s fault it is?!? So frustrating. But I doubt anybody will learn their lesson from this and this will happen again.
  3. Last halftime show I legit enjoyed was Bruno Mars. Usher and Black Eyed Peas were the worst I’ve ever seen.
  4. Weeknd was much better before he became popular. House of Balloons> literally anything he has put out since
  5. Our court system is fine. It sucks that they blocked so many of Obama’s nominees so they felt the need to invoke the nuclear option which gave way for Trump (McConnell really) to flood the courts with right wing hacks. Both parties should look at this as an example of why hyper partisanship is toxic. I suspect there will be some very controversial decisions handed down by our conservative SCOTUS. Mississippi banned abortions at 15 weeks, I think the scotus decided to hear that case after the 11th circuit upheld it and was appealed. Word on the street is that with a s
  6. Why was Henne in? Had to step out away from the game. I come back and Chad friggin Henne scrambles for 14 yards.
  7. Recently found out one of my classmates (I’m a medical student) is part of the QAnon cult. Everybody already thinks he’s a bit of a weirdo. Crazy to think he’s gonna have patients one day that depend on him. Cringe.
  8. I think presidential pardons are one of the few things the framers liked from Britain so they decided to adopt it. Governors can pardon as well.
  9. I think we should see how much gas Wentz has left in the tank. I’d prefer to see him start next season. Kafka would be my choice, but is he even looking to leave KC?
  10. Serious question would the Republican Party elect an Indian woman (Haley) to POTUS?
  11. Alabama did the same thing when Doug Jones won. They stopped special elections so now the governor chooses replacements outside election season. If they really wanted to restrict absentee ballots they should do like Texas and restrict it to those 65 and older.
  12. I’m afraid Trump will do something really crazy if they try to invoke the 25th. Like someone else said, he can just go golf the next 13 days. He’s golfed more than he’s done anything else anyway.
  13. If you don’t see a difference in how yesterday’s violence was treated vs BLM protesters then you’re being willfully obtuse. No way BLM could have stormed a federal building and sat in Nancy freakin Pelosi’s office. Get real. And the idiot who was shot and killed attempted to force her way into an area that Congress members were being held. BLM isn’t a perfect organization by any means. I’m personally not a fan. However TPTB always sends out tanks and rubber bullets whoever there’s a protest. And that is America. It’s the ugly truth.
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