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  1. Recently found out one of my classmates (I’m a medical student) is part of the QAnon cult. Everybody already thinks he’s a bit of a weirdo. Crazy to think he’s gonna have patients one day that depend on him. Cringe.
  2. I think presidential pardons are one of the few things the framers liked from Britain so they decided to adopt it. Governors can pardon as well.
  3. I think we should see how much gas Wentz has left in the tank. I’d prefer to see him start next season. Kafka would be my choice, but is he even looking to leave KC?
  4. Serious question would the Republican Party elect an Indian woman (Haley) to POTUS?
  5. Alabama did the same thing when Doug Jones won. They stopped special elections so now the governor chooses replacements outside election season. If they really wanted to restrict absentee ballots they should do like Texas and restrict it to those 65 and older.
  6. I’m afraid Trump will do something really crazy if they try to invoke the 25th. Like someone else said, he can just go golf the next 13 days. He’s golfed more than he’s done anything else anyway.
  7. If you don’t see a difference in how yesterday’s violence was treated vs BLM protesters then you’re being willfully obtuse. No way BLM could have stormed a federal building and sat in Nancy freakin Pelosi’s office. Get real. And the idiot who was shot and killed attempted to force her way into an area that Congress members were being held. BLM isn’t a perfect organization by any means. I’m personally not a fan. However TPTB always sends out tanks and rubber bullets whoever there’s a protest. And that is America. It’s the ugly truth.
  8. These people are gonna be back. Hope the capital law enforcement is better prepared. I think the inauguration should be 100% virtual.
  9. About Cruz: Texas has some of the most corrupt GOP politicians. Outside of liberal enclaves like Houston and San Antonio, Texas is very red. Ken Paxton is a crook and they keep re-electing him.
  10. How exactly does the 25th work, constitution guys?
  11. CNN just pointed out there was more security when they confirmed ACB to the SCOTUS. Something is definitely off. This whole thing was an inside job.
  12. I’m not a conspiracy theorist but it’s so weird to me how it looked like the capital law enforcement kinda allowed the rioters to storm the capital building. It was a bit too easy IMO and it’s definitely eyebrow raising to say the least. Also, I’m hearing the mayor of DC requested the national guard days ago but was denied. Stark contrast to how they handle BLM protests.
  13. Trump surely is going out with a bang isn’t he. Madness.
  14. I bet the Georgia state legislature is gonna make some election law changes. Just like Alabama did when Doug Jones won.
  15. Reagan was a trash human being but a good politician. Reagan, Clinton & Obama are the best politicians that became POTUS of the last 50 years.
  16. A country built off the genocide of indigenous people and the enslavement of another is divided? You don’t say.
  17. I’m pleasantly surprised. In races like this it really becomes evident how important the black voting block is for the Democratic Party.
  18. What America needs within the next decade: Investment in clean energy jobs (this is already happening in the private sector but govt could speed it up). Path to citizenship for those brought over as children. Public option or Medicare buy-in on ACA marketplace Thomas and Alito to retire and replaced with moderates (wishful thinking I know) Restoration of voting rights act Allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices
  19. That was before Harry Reid (stupidly) invoked the nuclear option because they kept blocking Obama’s nominees. I understand why he did it, but it was very short sighted.
  20. Harris literally grew wings and flew over the defender.
  21. My anti-Trump conservative buddy really likes Tom Cotton. The next 4 years is gonna be interesting. The GOP has to accept or reject Trumpism. Currently trumpism is the GOP and I’m not sure there’s enough “never trump” conservatives for the entire party to reject him.
  22. I’m sure it’s been mentioned, but I just finished both seasons of “The Boys” on Amazon Prime and omg it’s freaking awesome. Easily one of my favorite shows on a streaming platform. I like to focus on one show at a time rather than streaming multiple shows. Trying to decide which of these to start next: Jordan Peele’s Lovecraft Country Snowfall (FX) Defending Jacob Your Honor
  23. Hey guys how long until you got your senses back? I got exposed exactly a week ago and lost my taste and smell on Tuesday. From what I hear this could potentially be permanent, which would be awful. So far the loss of taste and smell have been the most significant symptoms. I’ve had some congestion, a little coughing and sneezing plus a slight sore throat. I’m in my late 20s and reasonably healthy. I don’t think this thing is gonna get any worse for me. But I realize people of all ages can die from it. I just really miss the taste of bacon, hash browns & eggs.
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