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  1. It's been a long time since I've checked in with the FFA. Heading back Wednesday afternoon for a 5-night stay. YWIA.
  2. Very few would consider Ozark the best in Arkansas. In the central part of the state, Lost 40, Flyway, and even Stone's Throw are better overall breweries. And like you, I prefer Core to Ozark.
  3. Noob question: I have money sitting in an account that is not yet invested....just rolled over. Should I go ahead and invest now with market down or should I wait for it to drop further?
  4. Need some advice. I know very little about investing. I have about 50k that I'm rolling over into a Fidelity IRA from an old employer 401k. I'm 42 and have about 25 more years of active work years left. If I continue on the path I'm on, I'll have a government "pension" of sorts that will be my primary retirement income. I'm ok with some risk and don't want to have to monitor things everyday. I'm not looking for total "autopilot," but I don't want to worry about it all the time. How should I invest that 50k in Fidelity funds? TIA.
  5. Good recall. Get a net...and a pink softball helmet.
  6. Barred in Arkansas...have never done online CLE. My first 12 years of practice was spent trying to leverage my firm's CLE stipend into a mini-vacation...I went to Chicago, Philly, NYC, San Francisco, and Puerto Vallarta.
  7. Negative...a little shoot she did a few weeks before as a gift for me.
  8. I added a little Saturday Night Special in the photobucket album for those up and paying attention at this hour.
  9. Don't think it's a swingers place at all.
  10. I think I've been a little lucky. Also, this place isn't that cheap. I also think obese, gross people aren't that motivated to go somewhere and be naked in front of strangers. And don't get me wrong...there have been no 9s or 10s...mostly 7s...a few 8s.
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