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  1. 41 minutes ago, Dedfin said:

    Ozark is okay imo and I have nothing negative to say about it. I expected Core to make the list for Arkansas though. I really like Core Brewery's Heisenberg (hefeweisen) and the Behemouth Pilsner the best, even though I'm an IPA guy. I also suggest as far as brewpubs, Fossil Cove in Fayetteville but it's in a wonky place that unless you live in a particular area requires driving. I wish they would have set up near Dickson but they didn't.

    Very few would consider Ozark the best in Arkansas. In the central part of the state, Lost 40, Flyway, and even Stone's Throw are better overall breweries. And like you, I prefer Core to Ozark.

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  2. Need some advice. I know very little about investing. I have about 50k that I'm rolling over into a Fidelity IRA from an old employer 401k.

    I'm 42 and have about 25 more years of active work years left. If I continue on the path I'm on, I'll have a government "pension" of sorts that will be my primary retirement income.

    I'm ok with some risk and don't want to have to monitor things everyday. I'm not looking for total "autopilot," but I don't want to worry about it all the time.

    How should I invest that 50k in Fidelity funds?


  3. On 10/23/2017 at 1:35 AM, The Indestructible said:

    Is anybody here barred in any of the following states, and if so, do you ever use online CLEs (not webinars) to fulfill your CLE requirements?








    New Hampshire



    Barred in Arkansas...have never done online CLE. My first 12 years of practice was spent trying to leverage my firm's CLE stipend into a mini-vacation...I went to Chicago, Philly, NYC, San Francisco, and Puerto Vallarta. :)

  4. 2 hours ago, culdeus said:

    I spent some time reading reviews of this place. Doesn't sound like a swingers deal so much. That being said I had no idea this type of deal was in no la let alone that there were like half a dozen places like it. 

    Don't think it's a swingers place at all.

  5. 1 hour ago, James Daulton said:

    If you took this general age population (say 35-55) and threw them naked in a hot tub, 80% would make you want to barf.  OP seems to have a lot of luck with gals (and dudes I guess) who defy these odds.  So the question is, are the people who make up the population who'd visit this kind of joint simply more attractive as a norm, or is OP just amazingly lucky?

    I think I've been a little lucky. Also, this place isn't that cheap. I also think obese, gross people aren't that motivated to go somewhere and be naked in front of strangers. 

    And don't get me wrong...there have been no 9s or 10s...mostly 7s...a few 8s.

  6. Day 2: Epilogue

    Sometime around 3:00 am, I woke up dying of thirst. I hardly knew where I was, but I got my bearings and rolled out of the bed. I was naked, sleeping on top of the comforter, the door was still open to the outside, Mrs. K was still naked...also on top of the comforter. :confused:

    I went into the bathroom, drank from the faucet, and realized I still had my contacts in. I took them out, shut the door and went back to bed.

    Around 7:30 am, I finally woke up still feeling like a$$. Mrs. K was still asleep, so I went into the bathroom and shut the door, trying to remember how the night ended. I honest to goodness could not remember getting out of the hot tub, returning to the room, etc.

    As I sat on the toilet, I noticed my robe from the night before laying on the floor...completely soaking wet. :confused:. As I sit here two weeks later, I don't know whether I got in the pool on my way back to the room, if I dropped it in the pool at some point...just no idea.

    Here's where it gets comical. I'm sitting there looking at my phone on the head, and I realize there are pics from the night before. Most are crazy blurry, out of focus, pointed at the floor...just unrecognizable. As I keep scrolling, I find a video I took upon returning to the room. :)  

    So I apparently came back to the room, and Mrs. K already was passed back out on the bed. In my drunken idiocy, I thought I had a shot to do the deed before going to sleep, so I staggered over to the corner of the room, put my cell phone up on the dresser, and hit "record." We don't record our sexual activities...like ever...never. Mrs. K might murder me if I did that. So, of course, that's exactly what I did that night. :lol:

    The video starts with me standing in front of the camera and then walking back over to the bed. Mrs. K is tantalizingly lying on the bed naked and asleep, so I cozy up next to her and indiscernibly whisper something into her ear. You can hear her mumble back to me, "I don't feel good....I feel sick."  At which point she gets up and goes to the bathroom. The last life from Mrs. K on day 2 is the distant sounds of wretching into the porcelain bowl. :X

    On the video, I apparently was aware enough to know it was over, so I quickly got up and shut the camera off. 

    In trying to piece together the timeline of what happened and when...I looked at the details on the video file on my phone. I was thinking I probably came back to the room around 11 pm.

    Um, no. The details showed that video was taken at 8:04 pm. 

    FML...we drank ourselves out of what could have been a night to top all nights. :wall:

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  7. I'm starting to lose track of time at this point. Mrs. K left, and it was a long time until I realized she didn't immediately come back.

    Eventually the handsome wife and girlfriend of portly guy come poolside. Girlfriend is dressed and stays in a lawn chair near the hot tub. Handsome wife drops the robe and slides into the tub...fully bare...between me and handsome husband. We all small talk, and I honestly don't remember a lot of specific details. Handsome wife was fun, a little flirtatious, and tipsy. I'm not sure I ever understood why she wasn't down at the pool earlier, but it was clear, wherever she was, she had had a few drinks.

    "Where's your wife?" The question snapped me back to reality to some degree, and I thought that was actually a pretty good question.

    "I better check," I said. I "swam" across the tub, enabling me to exit the tub with my backside (which admittedly...and unfortunately... is my better side) to the handsome wife. I grabbed my robe and Yeti and declared I would return.

    Upon my return to the room, I remember the following: screen door closed/main door open, Mrs. K "asleep" on the bed fully nude...dead to the world, getting down on the floor and trying to bang out a few pushups :lol:,taking a few pics of Mrs. K with my phone :pics:, and refilling my Yeti. 

    When I came back out, to my surprise, the handsome wife was in the pool. I had stuck my foot in at various times during our stay, and I could attest, the water was really cold. As I approached, she yelled out, "you should get in!" That seemed like a compelling invitation, so I ambled to the edge of the pool, stuck my feet in...and nearly had a heart attack. No way that was happening. So I sat on the edge of the pool for awhile, taking in the sounds, chatting with these naked people, and trying not to appear stupid inebriated.

    About that time, the door from the main house opened, and the two late-arriving couples emerged wearing those beautiful white robes. Hot tub party...commence! :pickle:

    There was a short window for me to claim my seat in the tub, so I made my way back over before the new foursome got in. 

    For the first time in four visits to his place, I was about to engage in a full-fledged, naked hot tub party....sans Mrs. K. :sadbanana:

    The foursome walked over, beers in hand, gave an awkward greeting, and took off their robes. Yoga pants had a good body...in fact, she was current leader in the clubhouse. Her husband got in sans clothes, but the other couple both kept bottoms on. So it was an almost naked hot tub party.

    "This is Ray...he's not single...his wife was here a minute ago."  Thanks, handsome wife. At that point, handsome wife, apparently wanting to join the group, rises up from the cold water a la Nicolette Scorsese in Christmas Vacation. Awesome.

    She slides back into the tub next to me, and the next ?? minutes are a blur. There was chatter about a nude resort in Mexico the handsome couple stayed at earlier this year, a discussion about Collette's - a swingers club in NOLA the foursome planned on visiting "just as kinda a joke," inquiries about Mrs. K's whereabouts from handsome husband, a roll call of all the different rooms we stayed in on previous trips, questions about whether we had witnessed couples "engaging" in the pool/hot tub, an admission that Mrs. K and I had a bit of a track record in such engagement...the banter was on the uptick.

    I had no idea where all this might be headed, but alas, it was not my night to find out.

    Out of nowhere, I see Mrs. K, in her robe, making her way to the hot tub. She comes up beside me, leans down and whispers, "I'm just checking on you...don't you think you should probably come in?" :kicksrock:

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Hawkeye21 said:

    Has it been said what B&B this is yet?  If not I believe I found it with a quick google search.

    Not hard to find I wouldn't think....just don't post the name in the thread. I don't want this thread to show up on p.4 of a Google search. I'll confirm by PM.

  9. Having had a full nights sleep, our second day started relatively early for a vacation. Mornings at this B&B can be interesting because you often run into the couples at breakfast that you were sitting around naked with the night before. We took our coffee out to the covered porch area around the pool and enjoyed the peace and quiet. 

    Our primary agenda for the first part of the day was strolling around the Quarter and then touring a historical home after lunch. I won't turn this into a travel blog, but I really do enjoy walking the 2 to 3 blocks surrounding Bourbon Street. At our age now, Bourbon Street has virtually no appeal to me, but it's amazing how quiet the streets can be just a few blocks over. 

    We did the touristy thing for most of the early part of the day. I've learned that it's important to balance out some regular activities with pool and spa time in the afternoons. Mrs. K gets her sightseeing, taking pictures, eating good food fix, and then by the afternoon she's ready to go back and relax. 

    After having a couple Pimm's Cups at the Napoleon House, we Uber'd back to the B&B about 3:30 that afternoon. We had gone to the grocery store for a little supply of snacks and drinks our first day in, so we gathered up a little plate of cheese and nuts to go with our beverages. I always overby alcohol on trips like this. This time was no exception. In addition to the tequila and margarita mix, I also bought a Black Box Pinot Grigio. As I've said, Mrs. K and I are primarily wine drinkers. Ninety percent of the time we drink red because of the lower carb/sugar count compared to white. For whatever reason, Mrs. K wanted white wine this time. This would prove to be a bad decision. 

    As we got back to our room to prepare for pool time, Mrs K announced "I think I want to drink wine this afternoon instead of margaritas." Knowing how many times I had to go back to the room to refill our drinks the previous day, I opted for Yetis.  I fixed my own Don Julio and soda and fixed Mrs. K up with white wine. Same routine as the day before, we donned our robes (Mrs. K with bottoms) and ventured out to paradise.

    When we got to the pool, there were two guys in the hot tub, so we walked to the far, opposite end of the pool area and grabbed two lounge chairs. We were the only other people out there. The couple in the hot tub were hipster, lumberjack looking guys...both overweight...not really a pretty sight. Mrs. K informed me those guys were "bears."  :)

    We gave the bears their privacy, drank a little, and talked. This went on for 30-45 minutes, at which point the bears departed, and I got up to refill. We had brunch that morning about 10:30, and so we never ate lunch (foreshadowing). I had a little buzz walking to the room, and I was a bit surprised that Mrs. K was ready for a refill. Nevertheless, per custom, I took a shot and then refilled our drinks...again using the Yetis. I toted the Black Box with me this time...in case I needed it.

    When I returned, the bears were gone, but the hot tub already had new occupants...the handsome husband and the portly computer guy from the day before. I greeted them, but returned back to our chairs. We continued to drink and talk, the conversations getting goofier, the deeper into our drinks we got. Mrs. K had some book about changing habits with her, so she was cherry-picking pages to read to me, suggesting areas I needed help in...but I digress.

    It being November, it was starting to get dark as it was probably 5:00 - 5:30 at this point. We were both getting a little sloshy...with little food and quickly going thru big drinks...it was turning into a great time.

    It's important to remember, we've rarely shared hot tub time with other people on these trips. On our first trip, we had the "rookies" invite themselves in, but I can't remember a time we've stepped into the hot tub already occupied. In the summer, the pool is always an option, so we just kinda wait our turn. I throw that out lest you forget that Mrs. K - despite a few isolated incidents - is extremely modest.

    Against that background, we had been waiting for the two guys to leave before getting into the hot tub, but they were dedicated to the cause. With the sun going down, it was getting chilly. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Mrs. K says, "I'm ready to get in." I was a little taken a back. There still were no females in the hot tub at this point, so I wasn't dying to get in with these other dudes. I told her, "they've been in awhile, I'm sure they won't be long"....to no avail.

    Mrs. K gets up from her chair and reaches down to the Black Box spout to top off her already enormous "glass" of wine. She then turns to me and says, "I'm getting in...you coming?" So in we go.

    I can't emphasize enough how awkward it is to get into this hot tub...especially with people already in there looking at you. I've said I'm pretty comfortable with how I look, but I don't particularly like wagging my balls 6 feet in front of other dudes. In any event, I went in first, trying to slide in sideways. Mrs. K had her back to the tub, took off her robe, and then quickly slid into the bubbles. I'm sure our friends were thrilled to have Mrs. K in their company. She was the best-looking woman there, she was younger and thinner than their spouses...it was a no lose for them.

    As we started to converse, I could tell Mrs. K was unusually unhinged. She was lubed up. She was drunk. She chatted these guys up for a good while. Handsome husband was a golf pro (of course), they only vacation at nude or clothing optional resorts, first time at Nakedville, met portly guy several years ago at place in Key West, so on and so on. Mrs. K held up her end of the convo and it seemed apparent she was digging the attention.

    She was sitting closest to them, and I honestly was zoning in and out of their conversation. After what seemed like 20 minutes or so, Mrs. K said she was getting really hot. It was chilly, so it was preferable to be down in the water...for awhile.

    With that, Mrs. K hoisted herself up onto the edge of the hot tub...cans blazing...and continued the conversation without missing a beat. This was not my wife. I looked back at her to try to gauge whether she realized, or cared, that this 40+ mom of three was staging her own audition for the Hustler Club. She didn't care in the least. In fact, she was leaning back with her hands behind her, shoulders back...actually jutting her breasts out. I was astonished, scared... proud...titillated...confused...drunk.

    It goes without saying, our tubmates were enjoying Mrs. K's company. I kept periodically looking back at her to get some recognition of this strange turn of events, but she was oblivious. 

    The peep show abruptly ended when Mrs. K had to go to the restroom...it seems a bottle and a half of wine was the limit for her bladder. She lifted herself up, wrestled with her robe for way too long, and then headed off to the room...not before nearly falling into the pool after tripping on the edge of the deck. 

    So it was just us dudes...

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  10. With our hot tub neighbors now wrapped in towels, I headed back to the room once again to top off our drinks. I was feeling pretty loose at this point and had a good sense of where things would be headed in the next few hours, so I took a shot of Don Julio before fixing our next round. 

    By the time I made it back out to the pool area, the group of three had left the area and returned to their rooms. About the time I got settled back into my chair, we saw the handsome wife coming down the stairs making her way towards us. She had changed back into her robe, and because it was not tied very tightly, you could nearly see the full length of her legs as she walked towards us. On closer examination, she was more attractive than I initially thought. Anyway, the point of her return was to apologize for turning the heater off on the hot tub. "I figured you guys would be getting in after we left, so I should have left the heater on." She then proceeded to give us a quick tutorial on how to operate the hot tub…if only she'd been around on that first trip!

    I thanked her and let her know that, even though we've been here before, I probably would not have remembered the details on operating the hot tub. We made formal introductions, and she let me know that they were about to head out to dinner, but perhaps would join us later that night around the pool. 

    We were now the only people at the pool, so it was hot tub time. Mrs. K still had on her swimsuit bottoms under her robe, but with nearly 3 strong drinks in her, it didn't take a lot of negotiation to get her to slide them off from under the robe. We made our way over and slid in. 

    We spent the next 30 to 45 minutes soaking, sipping, and doing what the old-timers might call "heavy petting." Toward the end of our soak, the handsome couple came down the stairs dressed for dinner, and waved to us with a "y'all behave."

    Not long after, Mrs. K looked over with lusty eyes and said "it's time to go to the room." :pickle:

    No need to go into much detail about two old married folks making relations, but vacation/tequila/hot tub/screen door is about as good as it gets in my world. It seems we always leave the outer door open, so that only the screen door is shut...you can hear the pool area, the sidewalk in front of the house, and in fact, if someone was paying attention from the sidewalk, they could see into our room. Anyway, a good time was had by all. 

    We showered, changed clothes, and went out for a very casual dinner. We were back at the B&B by 8:00.

    As we walked down the hall to our room, some late arrivals were coming in the front door with suitcases...two couples in what looked to be their late 30s. One of the wives (?) was in yoga pants (fist pump) and was a solid 8. The other was in the 6-7 range...nothing exciting, but not revolting. These looked to be very promising additions to the hot tub scene. 

    Despite my curiosity in what might possibly transpire later in the evening, we were pretty exhausted from traveling, drinking and engaging in adult activities. I knew it was a "turn in early" kind of night, so we left the screen door open and eventually drifted off to the sounds of bubbling hot tub jets, the indiscernible conversations of our likely nude neighbors, and the anticipation of what day two in Nakedville might bring.

    A little look ahead...Saturday afternoon/evening was epic...epically wonderful in some ways...epically disastrous in other ways. It will probably go down as the most memorable day of our four trips to date.

    Stay tuned.

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  11. 1 hour ago, Otis said:

    I'm with you.  Been hovering around 240 for a while now, after being as low as 216 at my recent low (last year some time?).  That said, I'm lifting 3-4 days a week and it shows.  I've put on a bunch of muscle in my chest, arms, shoulders, and legs.  So it's not really a one-to-one comparison.  I think if I could keep the muscle I have now and get down towards 220 at this point, I'll look super hero-ish.

    So, that's my new goal.  Last night was the first night in ages I didn't drink booze.  Slept harder than I have in a long time.  Had a bunch of sushi for dinner and decided I'm going Keto-ish for a while.  We'll see how long that can last.  I figure a ton of protein is the best way for me to lose fat while not losing any of the muscle I've worked so hard to build in the last 7-8 months.

    My 4 months doing keto/lifting

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