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  1. Found this article on "planning" for a clothing optional vacation... Apparently, the Nigerians are venturing into travel writing.
  2. I've heard some references to dancingbones. Cliff notes?
  3. I'm asking YOU questions...not her. Big difference.Christo, you're a p-slayer. How do I maximize this little scenario I've created?
  4. You guys are such pessimists. This place accommodates about 20, so I'm optimistically thinking there is a 7% chance of there being someone worth leering looking at.
  5. Hitting the tanning bed today and going to amp up the cardio. I think you'll be pleased.
  6. But for her it's completely not normal.That said, I'm thinking the revving by the pool could work out well. Few drinks, hot tub, nekkidness = good times.
  7. I have a work trip coming up. I decided to make a 3-night mini-trip out of it, so wife is coming along. We don't travel that often, so these little extended weekends get her jazzed up. In the course of looking for somewhere to stay, I check out some B&Bs in addition to the normal hotel fare. One B&B I came across has a great, clothing optional pool/hot tub area...really tropical, beautiful, etc. My wife is pretty conservative...mid-30s, no bikinis...never been to a nude beach, etc. As we're discussing where to stay, I mention this place I saw that has a clothing optional pool area. I'm expecting "eewwww," but her first response was "wouldn't that be great...no tan lines." I left it at that, but stored that reaction in the ol' file cabinet. Later that night we're on the computer looking at hotels, and I pull that place up so she can see the pool. She reads several reviews and says, "I say just do it...it won't be a big deal." Room was booked within 36 seconds. So, apparently Mrs. Karpis either wants to cut loose a little and expose herself to strangers or she wants gaze at a little schlong while she tans. I mentioned booking a sightseeing trip for the morning I'm doing work stuff, and she said she might just rather stay around the pool. What the hell is going on here?
  8. The mention of them only showing Ames for .8 seconds at a time is spot on. I DVR'd last night and the wife and I actually paused a screenshot of Ames to dissect the weird shape of his head. It's really square, huge forehead, eyes spaced far apart, and it looks like he has Dirk's white mouthpiece in. To have a Yale and Harvard degree, the guy just oozes "I'm a little slow." I hate that it's week 3, and I'm already losing interest. I don't like any of these guys (kinda like wine guy Ben), and I don't like Ashley. All so boring and predictable.
  9. How old are your kids? Do they like thrill rides? Are they frightened of the dark/loud noises?My daughter is a little over 2. My son is still chillin in my wife's uterus. I'm guessing I'll be doing lots of stalking Minnie, Mickey, and Cinderella around Magic Kingdom, eh?Wait 3 years.
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