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  1. Nothing fancy...just a little Fat Tire while in working out in the garage. What would I do without beer?
  2. Another condemnation jury trial for me this morning. Property owner was pro se and led us to believe she would not even show up at trial. Our statute requires a jury to assess compensation, so even if they didn't show, I had to put on my case to the jury. Lady shows at the last minute, sits at counsel table but basically declines to say anything for the entire trial. I request the jury award $4,600 based on our appraisal. They deliberate about 20 minutes and return a verdict for $4,750. Not a big deal, but juries are like 4-year-olds..."I'm not going to do this because you told me to."
  3. They don't exactly make it easy to find. Someone suggested I call a customer service, but come on...I'm a PRIME member!
  4. Had a 2-day delivery not hit on the guaranteed date. For the life of me, I can't find who/how to contact re: getting compensated for it. Link?
  5. Am I wrong in thinking Zardes was one of the worst players on the field for us? His touch is unusually awful for an offensive player.
  6. So the trip was a whirlwind 2-days. Friday we came into town and checked in at the Benjamin on E 50th/Lexington. Good location and very nice place. We walked to St. Patrick's Cathedral, Rockefeller Plaza, and then down to the Empire State Building where we went up to the observation deck. We had late reservations at Craft and it lived up to its billing. I do think it's the best meal overall I've ever had. Highlights of the meal included sauteed mushroom appetizer and the divers scallops. Just a phenomenal meal. Saturday we met for the Real New York walking tour - 6 1/2 hour walking/subway tour of Manhattan. I'll give a quick rundown of what we saw and what areas we covered, but our tour guide was terrific. - Met in front of Paramount Plaza on Broadway; - walked west to Hell's Kitchen; - walked north toward Columbus Circle/Trump Place - subway to 72nd St. entrance to Central Park; - Strawberry Fields, Bethesda Terrace,...basically made a swoop through the middle of the park where we spent about an hour; - then walked west to see the Dakota, Ansonia, etc. upper West Side; - subway south to Greenwich Village where we walked around and had a slice at Joe's; - Washington Square Park walk to Soho; - think we got on the subway to Little Italy but can't remember; - Little Italy, Chinatown; - Civic Center area, courthouses, City Hall, etc. - ended at St. Paul's near 9/11 Memorial; For someone like us who has never been to NYC, it was a great way to get an overview of the city without having to think about "where do we go next?". It was perfect for us. All along the way, tour guide provided history, sites, pop culture references, etc...never a dull moment at all. We had dinner at Forlini's in Chinatown/Little Italy before heading back to the hotel (absolutely exhaused). Sunday we walked to Times Square, had a crappy sandwich at a no-name deli because we were in a rush, then went to the Met for our last few hours before heading to the airport.
  7. Did the Real New York walking tour today...started at 10 am and finished about 5:00. Had a good dinner at Forlini's in Little Italy (actually, technically Chinatown). Absolutely wiped out. I'll update later, but my dinner at Craft last night was all-world.
  8. vibrating? Is there any other kind?
  9. Got a call from our hotel in Philly after we checked out....seems we left a "personal item" under the bed in the room and they needed a shipping address. That poor maid that found the #### ring.
  10. Craft is fantastic. Do you know where your walking tour will take you? I imagine they're split up by neighborhoods- that you're not walking all over the city? Any other plans? museums or otherwise? Central Park has the last of the fall colors as of yesterday (rains overnight might have washed some of it away) and is pretty spectacular. have fun, and... pretend our sidewalks are like your streets: - they are for two way traffic. - stay to the right - don't stop in the middle - don't take up the whole sidewalk - expect somebody to be going faster than you from behind - stay to the right - look both ways at all streets for bikes (idiots riding the wrong way) - stay to the right - don't pee or puke in my doorway if/when you go to Katz's. Great advice, thanks. Walking tour is 6.5 hour walking/subway tour that covers most of Manhattan south of Central Park. Not sure what else we're doing yet...maybe hit a site this afternoon that's not on tour. Empire State Bldg., maybe? Considering going to Brooklyn Tab on Sunday morning for 9am service. Flight is at 5:30. Any other quick hits you might recommend?
  11. Lawyers, as a group, are admittedly a bunch of obnoxious pricks. At a conference and these are my "favorite" people so far: 1) guy who goes to the mic to ask a "question" of the panel only to then give a "helpful" practice tip to the room gleaned from his years of experience; 2) lady dressed in active wear at morning session who paces back and forth along the back wall during a speaker...she was logging steps on her fitbit; 3) speaker who just argued at US Supreme Court who proceeds to give half of his introductory statement to the Court in the middle of the panel discussion because, in his words, it really was an interesting issue (no it wasn't). What a profession we have.
  12. Mrs. Karpis and I are taking the train in from Philly this afternoon. Staying at the Benjamin in Midtown, reservations at Craft tonight...doing one of those big walking tours off the city tomorrow. Will be our first time in NYC.
  13. Jose Mourhino is about to have some spare time...maybe he can replace JK.
  14. Will you get awarded attorney's fees? Why would he possibly get awarded attorney's fees for forcing a landowner to sell his property? NOTE: I'm fine with eminent domain, but holdouts looking for a bigger payday are just part of the system. It is just part of it. On this project, there were 100 tracts of land and agreements were negotiated on 96. This was the first trial for this set off landowners.On the next one, the landowner demanded $50 million at mediation. The easement we took is 0.02 acres. FMV for that little piece is less than $500.
  15. Will you get awarded attorney's fees? Why would he possibly get awarded attorney's fees for forcing a landowner to sell his property? NOTE: I'm fine with eminent domain, but holdouts looking for a bigger payday are just part of the system. I'm still trying to learn civil practice and know nothing about a condemnation case, but in my jurisdiction there is a rule that I interpret to mean that if a trial result is worse than any settlement offer, even if that result is an award, the defendant can get his attorneys fees. I was wondering if that applied here. Admittedly it's s rule/concept that I'm not well learned on.Probably an offer of judgment rule. So there'd have to be a formal - filed with court - offer of judgment? And that would be defined to not include offers at mediation?No offer of judgment rule in state court in my jurisdiction, and it's very seldom used in federal court.
  16. Condemnation case. I represent the utility. Landowner asks for $155,000. We request $11,000. Jury awards $30,000. Client happy. Win. ETA: We offered $35K in mediation.
  17. Gotta love watching this on Univision. Haven't heard a word of English in 2 hours.
  18. Really poor defending...lucky he hasn't cost a goal.
  19. Any thoughts on where cable-cutters can watch the game? I have Sling....would it be available if I added the Sports package?
  20. Can someone explain this one? Was he supposed to do that?
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