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  1. Is there a current consensus on media player preference? I have a Samsung SmartTV, but it doesn't support SlingTV right now. I plan on using Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Sling. Do I want to go Roku or Amazon Fire?
  2. Same thing, except I really did cancel. Very first offer was $5 off/month, free Sunday Ticket and free movie channels.
  3. Just cancelled DirecTV after being with them since 2004. The guy offered $5 off my bill and free Sunday Ticket without me asking. I told him, "I'm not like the guys in the other thread who are threatening to cancel to try to get free Sunday Ticket...I really do just want to cancel."
  4. So pissed off at AT&T regarding my U-Verse Internet. I'm about to take it out on them via cancellation of services. I currently have: - UVerse Pro (6.0 mbps) - $50 - DirecTV Choice Plus - $114 - Netflix - $8 and a Samsung SmartTV. Thinking about going to: - Xfinity Blast (50 mbps) - $68 - Netflix - $8 - Sling TV (for sports) - $25 Not cutting off a huge chunk of the cost, but I can drastically increase my internet speed, cut ties with AT&T, and trim away all the unnecessary bull#### I pay for with DirecTV. Do I need anything like AppleTV if my Smart TV is adequate with streaming apps? Is Roku or Hulu worth my time? The kids primarily are going to Netflix for their TV watching. If not for missing out on ESPN, I could probably avoid Sling. Any better options for watching college football? HD antenna the way to go for local programming?
  5. Could have been titled "Boob Smash". I've done considerable research and have determined that based on the upward velocity of her t1tties, she miss timed her jump by 0.21 seconds. Also notice that her glasses fly off her face when she hits the ground.
  6. That's what is half wrong with kids these days. Did that mild shot to the head really necessitate the dad sprinting over there like the kid was on fire?
  7. Here's one from my own kids from years ago. Audio is what kills me on this one. "It's Not a Race"
  8. A lot of us credit EA with the continued rise in popularity of the sport. It gives kids an impressive array of knowledge of the players and teams around the world that we did not have even 20 years ago. With the sport being so massive, it is like drinking out of a fire hose at times but EA helps make that so much easier. What part of the country do you live in (your location says Spain but I assume from your post you live in the US?) We're in the south.
  9. My 11YO just played his first soccer game this morning. He hasn't played since micro, but decided he wanted to play again. He's a very good baseball player, so he decided his best chance to get on the field was at keeper. He's playing in an academy style group, and he won the keeper job on the first team. Anyway, it's been a lot of fun for us getting into the sport. He's enjoying it, and I am to. 12 months ago we knew nothing about soccer. We bought FIFA15 for XBox at Christmas, got interested, and started watching EPL. Fall rolls around and both of my sons are itching to play soccer. An EA Sports success story.
  10. Diamond Bear Southern Blonde...local brew...from the mini fridge in my office.
  11. We have been calling him JLo in this thread but your name works too Ah, now I get that reference!
  12. My god, Chandler looks like Kim Kardashian out there.
  13. Cc that to your wife? Am I the only one that hard Laylas say that?
  14. "If you gotta pull out, you gotta pull out...when you're getting backdoored like that."
  15. Zardes is a little lacking in foot skill...is that a fair observation?
  16. Stupid, stupid....Brooks. Wondo...take the damn shot!
  17. Mrs. Karpis keeps sending me pics of her spring in a cabana drinking fruity drinks, so I'm working on 6-er of Sam Adams Light....boring, I know. But it'll do.
  18. IMO, their midfield strategy has a lot to do with it. For most the game, save for the last few minutes, they've had Bradley playing in front of Diskerud. Diskerud has never struck me as a holding midfielder, and he looks to me to be a bit out of position sitting in front of the center backs. Haiti is having a lot of success attacking right down the middle before spraying it wide in the final third. I suspect they'll have more trouble with that now with Beckerman in there. US playing with 3 center mids now.That makes sense. In the first half it looked like a lot of Haiti's good runs came from breakdowns further up field.
  19. I don't know the sport that well, but our backline looks shaky...seems we've given up lots of good opportunities that a better team would have capitalized on.
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