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  1. Tried to watch that video, pretty hard to get through it. Since the 2nd debate is in jeopardy, I propose that we instead have a nationally televised debate between Olberman and Dennis Miller. We'd judge them on the 8 categories shown below. Here is how I'd handicap it: Comedic chops/Sense of Humor - Miller by a long shot Common Sense - Miller Faux Outrage - edge to Olberman Sports Knowledge - close, but probably Miller Gratuitous cursing - Olberman easily Use of buzzwords dropped to purely to incite emotion - Olberman Use of words that 95% of the population would
  2. I wasn't even aware Olberman was back at ESPN. Where they used to be the preeminent voice for the sports enthusiast, there are way too many other good choices now. The carriage contracts with the major cable and satellite companies, and being under the big tent of Disney are the two major factors that have kept them from dying off at an even faster rate.
  3. ESPN was shrinking before the Pandemic. Soon they will be back to one desk in one studio covering tug of war and strongman events, right where they started.
  4. At this point, this is only really newsworthy if they didn't oversample Democrats.
  5. The only thing blown out of the water was America's credibility as the banner carrier for Freedom and Ideals from International viewers. The debate was a sh^#show.
  6. In 1996, Clinton had the following quotes in his Democratic convention nomination acceptance speech for re-election: Here in 2020, we have DNC VP nominee Harris saying this about the 2020 Riot Season: "They’re not gonna stop. And they should not" Completely unrecognizable party from what it was.
  7. When exactly is it that you would predict that the city will "settle down"? Here is an article from 9 years ago, describing the the Occupy Portland movement making it's last stand. I don't recommend taking out an SBA loan and opening a business in downtown Portland unless you have a relative who is a bankruptcy attorney and your only desire is to drive business to them.
  8. https://www.kgw.com/article/money/business/portland-safety-hotel-leaders-visitors-concerned/283-4fba3c51-0fc4-4a8f-af53-df896b795f88 “Make no mistake, we are in a tough spot in Portland," said Jason Brandt, president and CEO of the Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association. "We have the worst occupancy rates in the entire country for like-sized markets. We are even behind Oahu, which has a 14-day quarantine, so we have a lot of work to do to showcase what Portland is."
  9. Uh, yeah, that and they outwardly embrace communism.
  10. Local TV Station KOMO attempted to warn about the rapid decline over the last decade long before the Pandemic and the spring/summer '20 riot season. This doc is well worth the hour needed to watch it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpAi70WWBlw
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