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  1. Seems reviewing polling data wasn't enough for CNN's chief legal analyst, so he moved onto simulating election results through play acting, and apparently became a little too excited about what the simulation results were indicating. CNN Chief Legal analyst suspended after diddling on Zoom call
  2. You're right, I have been critical of polls, and the polling companies. My apologies if you work for a polling company. I'll continue to believe they regularly show they aren't very good at what it is they represent that they are experts at. Maybe they will eventually perfect their work, but I'm skeptical. In some ways, it doesn't matter. Nielsen continued to make bank off of outdated Television viewing measuring methodologies for years beyond the timeframe when their methods expired. They finally adopted technology once competition forced their hand and will end up at $1.8B+ in earnings again this year. As long as there is a market, and people are willing to purchase polling data, they'll crank the stuff out I suppose.
  3. I voted by mail last last week, I'm pretty sure my ballot is now in a trash can at 21st and Virginia.
  4. I believe what that RCP site says is that Biden will end up with 51.2% of the popular vote, yes? Seems reasonable given that Clinton came in at around 48.2% and she was despised by both R and D voters alike. Basically that would be a bet that Biden can eek out a little more than 3 points more from the populace. Given he is much less acerbic, doesn't really take a stand on much of anything (at least Clinton took firm stands on things), and is simply coasting trying not to say stupid things between now and election day, I could see him getting to 51% Not much interest on a wager about what the popular vote will be. That bet is similar to betting on which MLB team gets the most hits. Sometimes it aligns with the who wins the game, sometimes not. I'd certainly be willing to bet that regardless of the announced vote tally on election night, we'll see lowlifes out in the streets breaking windows and burning vehicles, though.
  5. They'll be back, may take time, but they will return. A recent, but pre-2020 study showed 1.3B visits by 246M moviegoers in U.S. and Canada, around 71% of the population. Average ticket price slightly over $8, and increasing at a rate lower than COL increases. Compare that (since this is a football board) to NFL attendance visits of 17M in the same year and average ticket price of $372. Studios and the Theatre chains have massive incentives to find ways to please their customers, and create an enjoyable experience, while the NFL has had to get creative to find more and more ways to piss off their customer base. As stated in this thread, the theatre R/E may change hands, but the experience will come back.
  6. Based upon polling, MSNBC see's the '16 race as a massive landslide for Clinton, compares the race to Reagan winning 49 states in '84 and Bush #1 clearing the boards with 426 Electoral College votes in '88. They put up a fancy map and show how Clinton will get at least 363 electoral college votes and Trump probably ending up with as few as 84. Ooops Some quotes: "Clinton's lead is reaching levels we just haven't seen in Presidential Contests" "This is shaping up to be a Clinton landslide"
  7. The Field was rain soaked, with poor footing. Smith was playing dump-off most of the time to McKissick in first action in 2 seasons. O-Line didn't necessarily provide a ton of time and Smith was under pressure a lot. Even given this, Smith tried to hit McLaurin twice with bombs. One 45 yarder was just barely overthrown and McLaurin couldn't get to it. The other was a 35+ yard downfield that McLaurin lost his footing and slipped on the crappy field.
  8. Meh. This Offense is productive enough to keep CEH in the low end RB1 range and Bell in the RB2 range most weeks. In 2016, DaVonta Freeman was a Top 5 RB and Coleman was Top 20, with ATL scoring at 33.8 points per game. I'd expect this kind of potential from this backfield.
  9. I voted after the Chiefs and Bell had made their announcement. Consider my ballot a mail in ballot
  10. Can't play Sunday as his new NFL team does not have a game on Sunday, either
  11. He most certainly has been dynamic, which was your original comment. He doesn't have the build to be a short yardage back, wasn't really a short yardage back in college, and wasn't drafted to be a short yardage back. Agree that having a power back in the mix would be beneficial, but pretty hard to say CEH hasn't been dynamic as a rookie.
  12. champs yet again! Anyone want to run by Starbucks with me on the way to the victory parade?
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