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  1. As far as I know school is mandatory through age 16 in most states, with varying regulations and carve-outs after that. It’s an interesting question and I would say that the funding of it should be mandatory and a diploma, or an equivalent, should be given at the end of 12 and of 14. If one wishes to stop attending, one can do so currently in a number of ways, even in states which nominally require going until 18, which is the minority of states. All should have access to publicly funded schools through grade 14, the cost for 7th grade would be the same as 14th in this construct.
  2. It’s an interesting question. K-12 was set up long ago, the world has changed, the resources required to field a competitive workforce have changed, why shouldn’t we change with it? K-14, reflecting the increased complexity of the world, makes complete sense to me, likely for the exact same reasons we decided on going to 12 in the first place, it met the needs of the workforce at the time.
  3. Forgiven my slowness in understanding. I still don’t see how recognizing greatness matters. Lessons learned, continuing what we think works, discarding what we think doesnt, that makes sense to me but recognizing greatness is simply too abstract a concept for me. No worries, sometimes people like me don’t get it.
  4. But why does it matter to you? If we had the most positive impact, leaving out the any negative impact, or if we had the second most? The third? What concrete impact would that have on future actions? We would still simply assess, formulate some kind of consensus and move forward no? But why weigh that down with an incessant need for self-congratulation?
  5. I simply wouldn’t compare it, using words like unparalleled, why do you feel the need to?
  6. It is odd to me when I see words like “greatest”, and in this quoted post, “dominant.” To me this seems like a self-affirmation exercise. America has many resources, of all type, using words like greatest and dominant to describe America or its potential seems misguided to me.
  7. Again I simply do not understand. “Greatness” is undefinable and simply, and usually only, invites debate over what it means. To me it seems like navel gazing. As a whole we’ve done a lot of great things, a lot of bad things, and a lot in-between. I definitely understand conservative versus progressive, outside of party labels and affiliations, but focusing on an undefinable word or, some might say, feeling doesn’t seem helpful to me.
  8. I don’t really understand the need to even say “America is the greatest country in the world.” Why does it matter? Number 1, number 4, number 14, how does it effect our daily lives? To me, saying things like that is often a part of blocking necessary and needed reforms, as many say things like we are the best, no need to change.
  9. Dynasty LeSean McCoy Allen Robinson and 2019 2nd (likely late) for melvin Gordon 12 team ppr.
  10. November 2001 Harper's Index included the two factoids and credited the US Selective Service as the source: --Chances that a U.S. soldier in the Vietnam War volunteered : 4 in 5 --Chance that a U.S. soldier in World War II did so : 1 in 3 of course there are some reasons for that, many more troops needed in ww2 though military was still quite large in the Vietnam era. Still an interesting narrative, goes against most of what we think about the rate of volunteerism in ww2.
  11. no, adp has 1279, mjd 1218, chris johnson 994. as mentioned above it would depend a lot on team situation as far as trading him.
  12. The logic in taking brown in the same place you'd take forsett, hardesty, etc is sound. I understand and buy all the arguments on paper. Where Brown fails me is the eyeball test, both in college and in his rookie year. I recognize the talent but something just isnt there for me. I realize thats 100% subjective and I'm usually the guy who mines sites for data to run an analysis but in this case, with all the measurables and situation I still cant get myself up for brown. I traded for addai last year, to the guy who had taken brown and was high on him and used addai for just the one year before
  13. I understand where you're coming from, but consider that in a recent ten team start-up I just did I took him at the end of the 7th as my RB3 just ahead of Hardesty, Ronnie Brown, Ben Tate, Justin Forsett and Michael Bush. From that group I don't see how you can't take a risk on a 1st round draft pick that plays for the Colts. Even as bad as Addai has been throughout his career he has value simply because of the offense he plays in.addai wasnt always bad. Brown could have some good value as explained above but I still want nothing to do with him.
  14. "My predictions of a double-dip recession have essentially nothing to do with Obama's policies. Regardless of who got elected, I think our economy would be heading down a similar path as today. Unless Palin got elected Pres. Then we would be completely hosed." Sorry, was responding to the thread in general. Why do you think there will be a double dip recession? I havent read through the whole thread or hunted down your posts in it. Please explain in any way you care to, I'm at least conversant in all things Economics (bless you academic decathlon! ha)
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