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  1. 12 team PPR SF. Total Rebuild. gave: Zeke, MT, Mike Williams got: Javonte Williams, ‘22 1st, ‘23 1st, ‘23 1st, ‘23 2nd
  2. 12 teams. No TE premium. Now I have Logan Thomas and Tonyan. I’m in a total rebuild and think Andrews is closer to the big group of low TE1 than a top option, so fine getting a 1st and someone who I think can put up similar numbers.
  3. 12 team Superflex league. Contender but in QB trouble after losing Fitz (have Watson and Tannehill). Gave: 2022 1st, 2022 2nd, Rountree Got: Carr, Antonio Brown
  4. 12 team 0.5 PPR SF. Not involved Daniel Jones for Gus Edwards, D. Booker, '22 2nd
  5. 16 team empire league. Tiered PPR. 0.2 PPC. Gave: 2 ‘22 1sts, ‘23 1st, ‘22 2nd, Ty Johnson Got: Najee Harris, Diontae Johnson I’m the heavy favorite with a win now squad so figured I may as well push all my chips in. Picks should all be late
  6. 12 team SF PPR rebuild. gave Chase Edmonds got Mike Williams/‘22 2nd
  7. 12 team PPR SF Gave: Hopkins, Ekeler, Dillon Got: Chubb, Kupp, Thielen, ‘22 1st, ‘22 2nd
  8. Yeah I was happy with it. As far as depth I came out of the startup auction with like 10 starting WR because that’s where the value fell so even after moving them (and Higgins/Robby in a deal for Stafford) I still have AJB/Ridley/Keenan/Woods/Evans/Pittman. Not quite as young but think I should be a strong contender for a few years especially now that I’ve added Cook.
  9. i gave DJ Moore, Diontae Johnson, Nyhiem Hines, and Blake Jarwin for Cook recently.
  10. 12 team 0.5 PPR SF Gave: Damien Harris Got: Adam Thielen
  11. 12 team PPR SF full IDP gave: Diontae Johnson, Nicholas Morrow got: Deebo Samuel, Jamin Davis
  12. Pretty happy with my draft through 6. 1.07- Kyler 2.06- Zeke 3.06- Diggs 4.07- Mixon 5.06- Hockenson 6.07- Carr
  13. Just got offered Harrison Bryant and Philip Lindsay for Mark Andrews with the comment "Can't see why Mark Andrews would be considered very valuable"
  14. 12 team PPR 1.5 TE premium SF IDP Gave: Mark Andrews, '23 4th Got: Diontae Johnson, Chris Carson
  15. Appreciate the thoughts. For what it’s worth this was right out of a startup auction. A few teams blew their load trying to hoard QBs so I waited and took all of the late WR value. Ended up with 8-10 startable WR and a few other teams had none. That’s why between the dalvin deal and this one I was able to move Diontae, Moore, Higgins, and Robby. I still have AJB, Ridley, Keenan, Woods, Evans, and Pittman. But my QBs were Big Ben, Winston, tyrod, and the DEN QBs, so Stafford was a big get for me. I think I’m very well positioned now for a few years with: Stafford, Ben, Winston Cook, CEH, Hunt, AJB, Ridley, Keenan, Woods, Evans, and Pittman Smith, Gesicki, Trautman. plus I added a few 2nds in this draft I should be able to use to add pieces as teams start rebuilding.
  16. 12 team 0.5 PPR SF Gave: Tee Higgins, Robby Anderson, Pollard, ‘23 3rd Got: Stafford, ‘22 2nd
  17. 12 team 0.5 PPR SF Gave: Dj Moore, Diontae Johnson, Nyhiem Hines, Blake Jarwin, ‘22 3rd got: Dalvin Cook, ‘22 2nd
  18. 12 team SF PPR IDP Gave: Michael Thomas, Derrick Barnes, '21 3rd Got: DK Metcalf
  19. Gave: Michael Carter, Lamical Perine Got: Will Fuller 12 team PPR SF
  20. 12 team PPR 1.5 TE premium. Gave: Hurst, MVS Got: Firkser, ‘22 3rd
  21. 12 team PPR SF Gave: DJ Moore, ‘23 4th Got: Ekeler
  22. 12 team PPR IDP SF TE premium. Gave: D. Parker, C. Jordan Got: T. Higgins
  23. 12 team, PPR, SF, IDP, TE Premium. Gave: 2 '22 1sts (both should be late), 2.07 Got: 1.05, '22 3rd. It's an overpay but I'm happy to get into the top 5. I think the top 3 QBs, Pitts, and Chase are worth this price and would be able to net it back if I wanted to sell.
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