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  1. Any thoughts? Not getting a ton of conversation for the 1st WR drafted in 2020 and only 22 years old. He played on a college team at Alabama that included Jeudy, Davanta Smith and Waddle, all who are getting pumped this preseason (deservedly so). Yes, he didn't show well last year, but it was a Covid year, he had just turned 21 right before the draft, no preseason, etc. Raiders had a top-10 passing offense, and Carr can throw deep. Curious what the mass thinks. Is Edwards just too much of a threat?
  2. Ha! I love the people who take the time to make stupid stuff like this
  3. The challenge is that say they give the ball to Henry 30-35 times and chew, chew, chew the clock.... As evidenced against the Texans, Mahomes can score 21 points in like 6 plays in less than 3-4 minutes..... While chewing the clock is the best strategy, they cant keep the ball away from him for literally the entire game. Mahomes will touch the ball. And he will be expected to produce with 1/3 of the clock while the Titans hold onto 2/3 of the clock. Can the Titans stop him, or at least severely slow him down, when he has his chances with 1/3 of the clock is the question? It is going to be extremely tough. The only chance the Titans have is to muck it up. Make this a half court press basketball game. If the Titans to try to run with the Chiefs, they will get dunked on, repeatedly. They have to slow EVERYTHING down... and then in the 4th quarter, be within reach to have some magic happen. They either win a close one or lose by a ton...
  4. Mahomes seems to have the demeaner that others want to join and play with. I get the opposite feeling about Jackson. It's like Lebron/Kobe vs. Jordan/Magic/Bird.... All are equally great, but if I were building a team around a player, I want the one who makes the others better, not the one who wants the spotlight and actually hurts the demeaner of the team. Jackson looked frustrated this weekend. His demeaner was horrible. His teammates noticed. He has some maturing to do. And, in actuality, this weekend could help him mature and make him better. Hopefully it does.
  5. When they played back in early November (week 10) the Titans were able to pull out a win. I think this will be a different challenge but it shows that the titans “can” win this game. Back then, this was Mahomes first game back from injury and he still threw for 440+ yards and 3 TDS, but nothing else was really working for the Chiefs. Less than 100 yards rushing. No INTs but 4 sacks. That was Tannehill’s 4th start but his first statement game where he beat a quality opponent. He only threw for 181 but 2 TDS, with his second TD coming with 23 seconds left to play to put the Titans ahead. What a moment. And that was also Derrick Henry’s first statement game for 2019 where he ran for 188 yards and 2 TDS. It was only his second 100+ yard rushing effort on the year with his first being exactly 100 yards back in week 4. Since that game he has only been held under 100 yards once and has had MONSTER games during this stretch, including two playoff games, and has rushed for 1,273 yards in those 8 games combined. Historic. But the Titans also got a fumble recovery scoop and score for a TD that game and a huge field goal block at the end of regulation to secure the win. That was a statement win for the Titans, for Tannehill, for Henry, for Vrabel, and ideally the perfect game plan for the game again this weekend vs the Chiefs. Run the ball. Control the clock. High percentage passes. Defense and special teams need to manufacture some turnovers and points. Stay calm. Weather the punches. And get a little sprinkle of magic... It’s been their formula. They’ve done it for weeks and weeks. Each week they say "The Titans have to play perfect to win..." and yet they keep winning. So, is it perfect, or just do what they do. Whatever it is, they need to do it one more time to continue on to the big game. The challenge is that that Titans loss is the last loss the Chiefs have had. They were 6-4 after that game ended with losses to the Titans, Colts, Texans and Packers in the first 10 weeks. Three AFC South teams, which is crazy, and their other potential super bowl matchup the Packers. But that loss to the Titans got under their skin. It changed them. It was a hard fought game that went down to the last play. And they came up short. Mahomes hated to lose his first game back. The team was hurt. Some of them cried. Literally. They have since won 7 straight to now sit 14-4. A great season, but the last bitterness they have felt was due to the Titans. They hated that feeling. They will remember that, definitely, just like some of them remember the Mariota led Titans beating them in 2017 in round one of the playoffs. The Titans have had their number as of late and it is clear to see. Chiefs Quotes After Blown Lead to Titans I anticipate both offenses attempting to keep the other offense off the field. Mahomes will attempt to dink and dunk and short rush to run the clock. He will put them to sleep with the short throws and hit Hill over the top once or twice for big gains. The Titans DBs are vulnerable. The titans will do what they do to attempt to keep Mahomes off the field. Henry will get his but I don’t think he can win this one alone like he basically has the last two weeks. Even if he gets 200 and 3 I don’t think it will be enough without help. Mahomes is that good. I “think” Tannehill has the magic to put up points, and even do so quickly. The chiefs defense is vulnerable too. We need AJ Brown to be our Hill, and give us some explosive over the top plays of his own. But will he? Both defenses are basically the same although the Chiefs have done better over the season of limiting points. They only gave up 52 points in their last 5 reg season games combined! That’s legit! But they did just give up 31 to the Texans and looked over matched defensively in the first quarter. And the two coaching staffs are legit as well. A hall of famer on one side and a clear up and coming mastermind (risk taker?) on the other side. The clear difference in this game will be the QBs. Mahomes is the stud kid on campus, like Ferris Bueller where everything typically just goes his way and people hate him for it, and is clearly destined for a gold jacket at this pace, and Tannehill is the nerdy cast away kid with no friends who likes Minecraft as an adult and lives in his parents basement, but recently went to JC Penny and got a makeover and is finally looking and feeling right. Girls are starting to notice him and his confidence is growing. He has a punchers chance. For the sake of fun, I say Tannehill and the Titans pull it off. Nerds rule, Jocks drool! The Titans are destined. Its going to be a great game. Hopefully. Titans 34-31
  6. The data available in this tool is really amazing. Great work. Looking at Amari Cooper, it proves the point that Dak is just throwing lights out. 21 targets to Cooper, only one inaccurate pass. And those are straight away passes, sideline passes, deep passes, short passes. Dak is throwing darts right now.... On the flip side, you look at Tampa Bay WRs Godwin and Evans and you can really see that while they are putting up decent stats, if they could a few more accurate passes from Winston then they would be lighting it up.... It's interesting to dive into this stuff... Thanks for making it available...
  7. 1. D. Johnson 2. Kerryon 3. Ingram I need to pick 2 6pt TDs, yardage bonuses
  8. Godwin in top 12? Just curious what your thoughts are there.
  9. Looking at that list all I can wonder is what could Hopkins stats look like if he is able to play as long as Fitzgerald has. He’s only 6 years in the league...
  10. All four have the potential for good story lines, but the Lions would be the least favorite for the executives making the decisions. Giants, Raiders or Skins could all set up for great episodes. Giants would do it because they still believe they got their qb, and this show “could” help them prove it (via TV magic). And peeling back the onion on Barkley could be awesome if he agreed to it. Raiders would do it just to further build up a national viewership because their own local fans may or may not show up this year for the terrible stadium they are in. And, seeing the trio of Gruden, Mayock and Carr on the screen all trying to be the smartest guy in the room would be like watching American politics. And finally, with the NFL draft in Vegas next year the build up on Hard Knocks could be something they can’t pass up, especially after what just happened in Nashville. And the Skins, well... Snyder. Plus Guice and Haskins on the screen could be awesome for their young careers. But, would they be forced to cameo something small about the team name controversy in an episode? Some young college kids (like only 3 of them) with signs out in front of the stadium. Haha. Kidding aside, it could be a small enough reason to keep them out. My vote is the Raiders.
  11. Top WR Duos I’m surprised the Tampa Tandem aren’t mentioned in this article. They would rank above a couple of the ones mentioned in my opinion.
  12. Spend as much as necessary but as little as possible - Operations 101 Creativity before capital
  13. What happens today with him considering Mariota doesn’t start? Does Indy gear up to stop the run and see if Gabbert can beat them?
  14. Derrick Henry (projected as a low scoring affair) David Johnson (will he even play in the second half after the rams are up by 20?) Jaylen Samuels (Roethlisberger and juju hurt, but that saints rush d is strong) Damien Williams (should be a high scoring game) pick two
  15. Sutton or Godwin as WR3? Sutton lost Sanders and is now the #1 but I expect a ton of rushing plays and a CB1 on him. Godwin has a much better QB throwing to him and I expect this game to be high scoring. Thoughts?
  16. This is upsetting from the league that he would get fined for this fantastic play. Hunt Video
  17. Bri - Just a suggestion that we change the title of this thread to Titans 2018 or something because a new coach means a new year. I think someone else started a Titans 2018 thread but there is no reason to lose all this back data by starting a new thread. Keep this one alive. As a Nashvillian, I love the thread.
  18. His belly looks a little pudgy in that video. Ripped everywhere else. He also states he hasn't 'trained' in 2 months in that video. You can't just fall into NFL shape, I don't care who you are. He used to have 'it' but I'm not convinced based on that video he still does.
  19. Yes! Maybe that David Johnson injury won't sting so bad now. One can hope.
  20. Not when he does stuff like this and makes it look easy... Perriman first NFL catch
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